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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Social Dogma: Marriage

Apparently, I realized –people want me to get married more than I want to get married. Here’s a thing, “I don’t believe in marriages”. For me it is a concept created by humans, related as a ritual, a social dogma agreed by many. “I always believed, marriages should be an event to celebrate your relationship.” I am not against any kind of marriage, I support arrange marriage, love marriage, court marriage, LGBT marriages. Point is all sort of marriages are good, if it doesn’t involve any harm or loss.

I wish people expecting me to be married could know and understand that I am never gonna get married just ‘cause all other people of my age are getting married, or there is some dude earning good –“I am not looking for an ATM machine Sir, I make money too.” Or ‘cause, my neighbors and relatives are talking about it –well, they don’t have to be worried about it, where were they when I moved alone to a new city –jobless? So, I can take care of myself and I don’t need a man for it.

“I am asked multiple times –what kind of guys I like? I always answer, not those who ask me questions like this.” It is such a big turn off. I don’t have a type, there’s no type. What’s wrong with people? No, seriously? Why people think, there are certain parameters to be matched? Why a guy has to be tall, girl to be fair, guy to be making good money, girl to manage kitchen, guy to be strong physically, girl to have curves, guys to have biceps. Does that mean, people who don’t match these don’t get married or ain’t happy?

What pisses me off is –type. Like what the fuckity fuck! “Today, big butts are trendy. Tomorrow, flat butts will be in so what you’re gonna do –suck out all of your implants? I dislike this kind of mutation.” I want people to understand body type, every person is one of a kind. You could be tall, short, fat, thin, dark, fair, may not be symmetric, maybe missing a limb, might be victim of some unfortunate accident –still you deserve all sort of happiness. “Don’t let anyone tell you don’t deserve, ‘cause you don’t match to their notions of appearance.”

I am blessed, my parents are so cool. I know, they will support me whatever my decision is. I feel sad and pray for people, who suffer honor killing. Who don’t get to make choices, who are forced into marriages, who are killed for choosing partners from different religion or caste. Caste system, another shit –why I dislike last names is caste system. They assume –a Jaiswal, Gupta will be shopkeeper, a Pandey, Mishra will be Pandit, a Kapoor, Mehta, Tondon will be Punjabi, a Reddy will be this or Iyyer will be that. Stereotypes!

I wish, people to stop interfering in my life or simply to grow up a little. I don’t understand grown-ups sometimes, they have gone through my age too. Why they talk like a lunatic –baseless and absurd. People whom I told am going home, some of them thought I am going home ‘cause maybe my folks are arranging a guy for me and that guy is coming to see me. “What? –Am I an orange that he has to check me out or smell if am rotten or not? No, this is how it sounds like when they talk like this.” I just came home to meet my mom and dad!

I believe, generation gap is only for things like –clothing, food, job type, hair style, music taste, movies type, places. I don’t understand generation gap is the reason for people to not be able to understand marriage. “It is like, you know the alphabets and grammar but still can’t write a sentence. Either you don’t want to write or simply hate the language.” Think! Signing out, may God bless y’all.

P.S. Written on May 8, 2016 posting today. Connectivity issues. Back to Bangalore today!


  1. Interesting but surely you have a point and you have a right to live life your way:)


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