“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Time Capsule

“Sadness and happiness are like sine curves –the more it goes up, the more it goes down. If you were sad, you will be happy too and vice-versa. Success and setbacks are for people who try. I am writing this as a precious reminder to myself, saved in a time capsule. Struggle has its own flavor –and if something is that easy, I don’t want it. Losing is an art and not everyone can do. Time is a misleading concept and I just don’t want to stop trying. People are gonna judge, worrying about it is an irreversible and non-productive act. If you didn’t get something, that doesn’t explain you don’t deserve it. There could be better things to look after. Slavery of mind is source of poignancy.

Get rid of the people who consume a lot of your happiness and don’t bring out the best in you. People who control you, retard your growth, compare you to others and expect things in return. Help as much as you can, it goes long way. Be a sassy bitch, rather being a fake person. Social dogmas are for those who believe in it, you could break stereotypes as much as everyone else can. Remember, there’s always exceptions and first times.

Setbacks and apologies are not social stigma, not learning from it and repeating the same ones over again is. Fight for values, human rights, anything and everything that represents you. You represent a wide range of people, be someone they look up to. Disappointment is something to accept when you expect it, if you don’t expect it –take action, do what needs to be done and plan your action. God is drunk for people who don’t try. If they say, you can’t do it –show ‘em how it’s done. 

Loss is universal and nothing can replace any loss, time is bitch you know. Worst you can do is to be average, do it good or don’t do it. If you’ve done it average, improve. There’s nothing more inspirational than achieving things hard way. Days are gonna be rough, but good news is they pass. Everything does. Be thankful, to anyone who deserves it. Few things are gift and no one can take them away, dreams for example. Being agnostic is not hating God, it is believing nothing can define the creation and idea of God. That’s not your problem to explain people, let them find a term to explain your concept.

If you’re gonna judge, judge on their intentions. You are gonna meet a lot of people everywhere you go. Some are gonna please you, some not. Some will become friends, some will just pretend. Some are gonna hit on you, some will actually love you. There’s a very thin line, understand that. Some you’re gonna be friends with. Talking about people is such a vast topic, and you’re gonna learn all your life about it. Cut the cords with people lacking moral and ethics. 

Feminism is not man hating, if they don’t understand this let them deal with it. Don’t wear clothes they wanna see you in, you’re not mannequin. But take ideas to improve. If they don’t like your dressing sense, that’s their problem –let them prick their eyes. Don’t change, you’re fine and doing okay. Watch their tone, people are cunning they mean multiple things for a single statement they say. Never let your love for sarcasm to fade away, sarcasm is for people who think and use brains. 

Rap, is for girls too. Don’t stop rapping, they are gonna adjust and they are gonnna start loving it. Well, you don’t need anyone’s approval. Say no to things you don’t like to entertain, like flirting or being hit on. Tell them, not to be out of their little minds. If you dislike people, make sure they know that. People who hurt are not gonna be the ones who can heal in any aspect. Ones who will break it, will be the ones who had it. And it is okay, there’s nothing to regret. Just lessons. 

Make sure, it is their loss to let you go. Be it anything –job, friendship, partnership, deal. Whatever. Remember why you wanted it, before you have thoughts of quitting it. Forgive, don’t hold grudges. You will have peace. Never let go the people who walked in when everyone else walked out. Be that one who walks in for someone too, not that you have to return a favor –just ‘cause that is how you grow. Not everything has a name or term for it, not everything can be defined. You can always rename it as the day and date you felt it like (April, 10’16 for example) and tell yourself, I am feeling like April, 10’16. Please do something about your hair, please!”

Note to my future self, saved in a time capsule. PS: I am gonna read it same day next year. Reminder set!

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