“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Insignificant Details

I understand I have to skip certain details, certain vignettes about certain people while talking to certain people. You see, some people just can't entertain insignificant details or something that has nothing to do with them or the situation. I totally understand, some people don’t want to be involved in some irrelevant details and let it grow in their head. I understand it could be difficult to carry when they’ve got theirs to deal with.

But I like it when people share me some insignificant details like how they liked some name and decided that name for their first child. I love people telling me, how at one instance they experienced public humiliation ‘cause of a mishap like spilling coffee over someone or how they walked into a glass door making fool of themselves, I like people telling me how they miss their favorite home food, I love to know how that they love dogs and cats, I love to know how they spill something somehow every time they wear white. 

I love to know how they are crushing over someone but don't want to reveal identity, I love to know how they secretly sing songs their lungs out when they home alone, I love to know how much they love choco chips, I love it when people tell how out of the blue they saw their baby’s first walk, I love to know how much mess their pets made when they left them home alone, I love to know how their wedding dress be like –no matter they have got no idea when is it gonna happen. 

I love to know how their favorite color is blue and everything they pick is somehow blue, I love to know how they can watch a movie over and over again, I love to know people telling me how again they missed to hit gym and other excuses to support it, I love to know how they crashed in a meeting, I love to know people telling how their favorite part of day is evening. 

I love to know people telling me, how it is a task to match their socks. How it is insane to have a straight face and struggle to manage it. I love short details. I love listening how, they met someone in same flight twice while travelling. I love how a flop song is stuck in to their head and they still can’t get it out. I love how people like their coffee. I love to know how they got caught cheating in exam. I love to know how something about them, not everyone knows.

I love such insignificant details, I like the fact that people can trust me a little to share such vignettes and details. I like it when they tell, I wanna tell you a secret and then they tell it. I like them seeking comfort in me to tell how weird they are and how they can make insane moves. I love the fact how certain people share well-kept thoughts and incidents and never regret telling me about it. I love listening to people, I am a talker too once am comfortable enough to talk. 

But sometimes, I love listening. I love to see them express and see how their face changes expressions. I love how they move hands to explain things, I love how they widen their eyes as a sign of wonder or surprise. I love to witness dilated pupil, resting face, relaxed eye brows, tiny eyes when they smile, curve of their lips, face palms when they’re embarrassed, wrinkles when they’re worried. I sometimes, skip what I was gonna say and listen to them or just change topic and bring it to them and let them talk. I love little details, it’s all about it. Small things make it big. Signing out, may God bless y’all. 


  1. A beautiful read..could relate to it..life flows in these little details at corners and moments that rarely get noticed..I have been doing it for many years :)..those school days when I used to sit in the corner seat of my little school library and simply observe the the seasons of emotions and expressions passing through those reading a book..the sad thing is that there aren't reliable shoulders and ears to trust..everything has become a means to an end..I observe people trying to hide their thoughts and emotions..beautifully disguised and full of deception..yet revealing more than what they are able to hide..much more can be said..there is nothing more precious than unconditional,non-judgmental,receptive,sensitive and a patient listener..sadly they keep asking "what's up?"..so much hollow..I think I should end my sermon cum essay :).

    1. "..those school days when I used to sit in the corner seat of my little school library and simply observe the the seasons of emotions and expressions passing through those reading a book.." - this wasn't the benefit in our library.

      It is so true, it is hard to trust. World would have been a better place if trust was easy thing and respected more.


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