“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Concept Of Leaving

It’s not who left you, sometimes it’s who made you to leave. You may be the one to leave but, to leave when you ain't ready and to accept being called the one who left first is not as easy as people tell. People may tell you left them, but they never gonna take efforts to know what made you leave and even if they know, they may not do much to stop it or change your mind. Some people may just tell you things, they may tell you that they are never gonna leave but what’s more important is –are they ever gonna make you leave?

I believe, be it anyone –if they are not making you happy you gotta walk out of their lives. There’s no use in pretending to be happy when you are not. Let them learn your value after they lose you or if you are the other person, know what you lost and if you really know the loss and know nothing can replace it –do what should be done. We all know, what to do –we just don’t choose to do it. Some losses can’t be compensated, replaced or healed. You gotta live with the hollow spot and it is never gonna get better. You’re just gonna fool yourself, it’s getting better but it is not. It is just out of your focus. 

Don’t tell me time heals it, time is such a misleading concept. Time just increases your tolerance, makes you learn to live with the loss and that is it. Time never heals. For me healing is getting what you wanted or had. If you lost a limb –you can’t expect time to heal it. You ain’t star fish to grow body parts back in place. But with time you will adjust to live with the missing limb. That’s what we do with every loss occurred to us. Loss, such the small word and such a deep concept. Like cactus, small but deep rooted.

We naturally, tend towards easy things, short cuts and less time-consuming process. We need time, for every damn thing in this world. I so want a parallel universe where time is not among one of the dimensions. I remember how my favorite mathematical table was 11. 11x1=11, 11x2=22, and so on.. I mean, we are entitled towards things that are easy. Before we understand what’s easy we pick easy, in our sub-conscious state I guess. 

But thing is you pick easy or tough, you gotta leave. You gotta leave everything you were into, every place you have been to, everything. I don’t know what happens to us when we die, definitely we don’t become stars in the night sky (like in our Bollywood movies). But I know, they give our hospital beds to other patients after we die. But worst of the leavings are when you don't get chance to say good bye. But if you find a chance to say good buy, better find "good" in goodbye.

I really don’t know what is happening to people. I really don’t know, what is wrong. People are so mean, selfish. People tell they care, but they hurt. People befriend but misuse. People commit and still cheat. I don’t know, what happened to the world. I don’t know if God’s there, is God drunk? Probably. Remember Lady Antebellum’s song “I run to you” –“This world keeps spinning faster into a new disaster so I run to you.” I know, you either have mom and dad or don’t. There’s no ex-mom and ex-dad. I have never known ex-parents and I don’t know why all the other relationships can’t be like that. Signing out, may God bless y’all.

P.S. Am going home in May, am so happy about it. Counting days! :)

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