“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Once Said, Echoes Now

Sometimes, you gotta remember few things to feel better every time you feel worthless. Strange thing is, how things people say makes your day or makes it even worse. Thing is we should know whom to listen to and whom to ignore. How people telling you –you can’t do it, makes you think you really can’t or how people telling you –why can’t you, makes you try again. I have been blessed with really cool parents, they know everything about me. They’ve been telling me from the beginning of time –don’t worry. Every time I failed in any aspect, they only told me solution for it (of course after making fun of it, it is cool). I still have mails for all my job applications in which I was rejected or I declined. I still read those sometimes. Here are few things I never forgot and guess, I never will –

1. I know, you'll get a good job. Don't worry.  —2011 (said a friend, when I said I am worried about placements).
2. Don't say you're a fresher, you've 2 days experience. Every day counts. —January, 2012 (said a colleague, when I said I am a fresher I need time to learn).
3. You'll be a good manager one day. —February, 2012 (said my first Manager).
4. You have OCD. —March, 2012 (said a colleague after noticing the way I organize things, now a friend and its true).
5. Buy a guitar, I will transfer money to your account. Join classes. —September, 2012 (Dad, but I wanted to buy from my own income. I did).
6. You walk all the way to office, at least spend on food. Take care. —2013 (Mom, tell me if you need money. You don’t even have to give reason).
7. You won't get a sales job in MNC without MBA. —July, 2013 (a recruiter during my job hunt. I got).
8. You're from aeronautical background, working as HR. You won't get a sales job. —July, 2013 (few people. I have a sales job).
9. What are you doing in corporate job? You should write and publish it. —August, 2013 (Friends, when they know I write).
10. You're expecting 100% hike, which company pays this much? —December, 2013 (A recruiter during my job hunt. I did get 100%).
11. You're selected, we will get back to you soon. —February, 2014 (an MNC, never heard from them. I kinda had job crush so bad for this company that I didn’t try anywhere else for a month).
12. You're hired, welcome on board. —March, 2014 (Hiring manager, now my current manager).
13. That's a data entry job. It's just a big company with office in a glass building. Its night shift, you won't be happy. —April, 2014 (said my Manager from previous company. I am happy, I switched and I knew that day that I am never coming back here).
14. I hope you change your mind and stay, we will work things for you. —April, 2014 (said my Manager from previous company, after I resigned.)
15. So, when are you joining us back? —June, 2014 (said my Manager from previous company, few months after I joined where I am working now).
16. Come back, soon. Call me as you land. —November, 2014 (Mom, at the time of leaving home; last time I visited).
17. My sis is my ideal. —May, 2015 (Sister, after attending few interviews).
18. I'll be fine, I just want to talk to you. —2015 (a friend, when low).
19. Do something to save tax, you losing all your hard earned money. —December, 2015 (Dad, most of the times).
20. Oil your hair. Am telling you —oil your hair, otherwise you won't have left any. —Mom, Every Time 

I wish, I am the person for others who brings best in them and they remember things I said about them that inspires them or heals them in some way. I may make fun or laugh or tease all life but intentionally, I’d want best for them. I don’t give negative advice, like few people gave me. Thing about making a choice is –you gotta listen to your self and somehow you’ll know it. I still remember all of above and I wonder, how things said changed circumstances. I was watching an inspirational video by Nick Vujicic and realized –it’s true, how telling someone (who is having a bad day) “you’re looking good today” can still save their rest of the day.

 "I loved the way he said –you being mean and rude to somebody, and like you many others have been like that to that person, this person is now just a step away from committing suicide or any self destruction. You know, you could be that one person who can stop that one step from self destruction or you could be that one person who just pushed him down. Choice is yours." Think! Leaving with this quote by Carol Burnett –“Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.”


  1. A beautiful read!I have watched Nick Vujicic many times..There are still a few people who radiate unconditional empathy for others..I thank lord for giving me the intellect to comprehend that this moment in universe,I am able to read and understand..poverty,jealously,hatred,crime,inequality,status,prestige,comparison,money..the almighty never created it..we humans did..How true lord Buddha said-"Desire is the cause of all suffering."

    1. True, some people are just good in every possible way and even after suffering try to help others. Nick is one of them. Lord Buddha was indeed right -"Desire is the cause of all suffering." Second that :)


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