“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Against The Odds

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Am never gonna be extra nice to anyone while first meet or whenever. I don't want to create an extra nice image and then break it, obviously 'cause I can't act forever and then recreate another image leaving them confused which one actually I am. I will just be myself, I understood there is no need to be what you are not. Well, I actually am most of the times myself. If you are used to saying F words, say it. Don't omit 'cause you want them to think nice about you. It's obvious, people judge and might think that if in first meet someone's using F word, they could be criminal in real. That's okay, we gotta start to break the stereotype. We gotta be brave to let things go.

The world is already damaged, let's not pretend and make it any worse. Let's be nice to one another and let's help each other get over what they're unable to let go. Strength means different to different people. It could be getting off bed, getting dressed and showing up at work ignoring any physical or mental illness. It could be taking a cold call from someone. It could be giving all your favorite toys to others. It could be fond of stuffed animal toys in your 20s, no matter if people think you’re immature. It could be breaking down in public over a sad memory when you’re known for your brave image. It could be skipping your favorite meal 'cause other things require more attention.

It could be cancelling your trip or making a trip out of blue 'cause you care. It could be to continue being nice even when it is unnoticed. It could be being insomniac from ages and still pray good night and try. It could be having series of nightmares and still not giving up to sleep. It could be trying again even when you've broken all the records of failure. It could be anything that's small or big. Do whatever, keep your intentions nice and clear. Never doubt yourself. About revenge, do it without harming. You wanna kill, kill the thoughts they have got wrong about you. It's all about mind, it is all there.

Every time, thoughts of giving up cloud up your mind just remember this –somewhere, someone doesn’t wanna give up ‘cause they look up to you. Someone is completely crazy about you, for what you are –despite any odds. Always is a long time, let’s be reasonable. Promise and give all of you to live up to that. There’s always a way and you gotta find that.

Never give up, you wanna give up –give up the thoughts of giving up. You never actually have time, there’s no good or bad time to start. If you’ve got something, its “now”. And be blessed for that breath you just took. If you’re reading this, recall one thing that you’ve been blessed with. C’mon, don’t say you don’t have one. Yes, that one thing. Now, you gotta protect it. Why am so stubborn about giving up is, giving up feels like sickness and is an obvious symbol of incomplete actions. Fight agianst the odds, doesn't matter you won or lost. Don’t leave things in between. Have dreams, protect it and make it happen. Live! Signing out, may God bless y’all. :)


  1. some powerful thoughts .. but i totally 100% agree that be who you are always .. how long can one hide things ..

    and i loved the line fight against odds doesnot matter you won or lost.. if you lose give it another try ..

    Why so angry ? :)

  2. inspirational...........people live their entire lives trying to be good to someone..today it's one..tomorrow someone else and the chain continues...what they thought was momentary adjustment becomes their life......and very late in the day,they realize they forgot to live themselves........life is short...places,time,plans,schedules all just a speck in the cosmic order...sometimes I think how small our existence is the space-time order of the universe......or perhaps the multiverse........sometimes I feel as if I'm living a long deep dream.....people come..play their part..and move on......it's all in the mind-space....being hurt..joy...sadness...euphoria.....I hope people live the moments passing by instead of waiting for some imaginary moments that may never arrive.....a nice question at the end.......I feel blessed with being given so much time and opportunity to read so many things .....books,people,situations,nature and the beautiful facets of this beautiful life...........though u never answered the question yourself.

    1. Places,time,plans,schedules all just a speck in the cosmicorder -so true.


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