“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

I Will Get You Wings

“Sometimes, we find comfort in summarizing things that are not so good about us. Somethings that you find not so charming and you’re not so proud of, you often hide. But there comes a damn time when you find somebody whom you assume will understand as they possess matching wavelengths and you begin to bare your soul to them. You remove every layer of fake expressions that you wear to protect yourself from getting exposed like you’ve been hiding your real identity. Like you’ve recognized another soul you’d like to cling to and you can bleed as long as you want. How fragile we are, in search of a soul to cling to. We’re never tired of asking, it only seems enough when you lose what you had. We kind of build this vicious circle around us that has center everywhere but we have got no idea of its circumference. How we need some soul to make us feel –things are fine, good is destined to happen. How existence of another soul gives you courage to continue being a decaying organic matter and not give up. How everything else becomes secondary and we find courage again to dream and pursue it. How you’re not scared of heartbreak again. How you begin to heal and how you reflect light and energy. How you get immune to physical pain. But falling is so universal, we can’t live without it. We fall, bleed, have scars, hide ‘em, stumble as if nothing happened, stand again and continue –that’s how we live. Falling is flying for a while –get your wings and fly. Fall and bleed, live!”

Say something, you’re not alone;
honey, I know the scars you hide,
aches and scares you to the core;
tell me how bad it feels inside.

The lost desire of existence;
those failed attempts of departure,
makes you feel numb and;
I understand the agony and torture.

Believe, I will get you wings;
and one day you will fly,
let go of what pulls you down;
honey, you’re gonna own the sky.

Faded memories that stab you;
God, it makes you paralyze,
all the decisions that you regret;
you thought but weren’t wise.

You see the dark clouds;
yes you have to fly above,
there belongs your sky;
your pleasure and love.

Promise, I will get you wings;
and one day you will fly,
shed of the weight of sorrow;
honey, you’re gonna own the sky.

© Shreya ♥

P.S. My creation, please do not copy | Copyright © Protected | Image: Google

P.P.S. Work Of Fiction!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Making Memories

“We’ve been making memories like world is gonna fall apart. We nourish sadness as it is our religion. Love, is all we need. We all love to be lost where love is. But sometimes some things come in combination; love comes in a combination of pain. It is not love if it doesn’t hurt you. Madness acts as catalyst. Some things are mortal –love is fundamental of all. It is perpetual bliss, a blessing. What hurts and still feels good is a blessing. To be a part of limitless, intangible, abstract thing is to have something that will echo in eternity. To live is an art, not everyone can do it. Some people spend time making memories. To have courage to bleed for one without anything in return is like having Elixir. You can’t die. When I say you, it doesn’t mean the body –it’s the one in it. Live!”

It has been hard to hide;
honey I know it hurts like hell,
feelings shine in your eyes like illuminate;
truth is she doesn’t and you badly fell.

It sends you shiver;
and could die for a hug,
you’ve come a long way now;
she has been like a drug.

You’ve started making memories;
‘cause reality is getting tough,
you’ve cursed your heart;
for her presence is not enough.

Oh! you sang to her;
on your chest she slept,
you’ve been losing sleep in tears;
countless times you must have wept.

Her absence kills you;
‘cause feelings never grow old,
You’ve been looking for warmth;
but baby she is cold.

You’ve started making memories;
‘cause you’ve loved and love in vain,
look what she has done now;
you’ll never be the same again.

© Shreya ♥

P.S. My creation, please do not copy | Copyright © Protected | Image: Google

P.P.S. Non-Fiction. Dedicated to a friend.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

1/2 Story

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Vision, sometimes what we see is half the truth. So many times there’s half story known and we build decisions, perceptions on that. I guess it has become my habit to doubt when somebody is being nice –I question, save time and tell me what you want. I doubt till I convince myself that everything is clean. We see things and consider them as the only truth and never even attempt to look beyond. Like there could be another side of it. I like the way a kid look at things –curious and expecting surprises. 

Sometimes we know people as they have introduced themselves, and have memories with them –picture perfect kinda. Time is a misleading thing; I will never be convinced that if you had time you knew somebody better. Time has nothing to do with it. You may never know how some people wish for your well-being and secretly you mean world to them. You may never be thankful for something good happened to you because of them. They derive happiness by observing you happy. Wait, there’s a word for it –“blessing”. There is sometimes unsaid story that was not privileged with words to be explained. Sometimes explanation kills the beauty and innocence of it. When you summarize a story in few words it becomes like distilled water –it will satisfy your hunger but it will be tasteless. 

Some people will only remember you when they have to share their story, their success, their sorrow –like they are openly demanding to be your nucleus and control you. And this is not the only thing, they will cut you lose of their friend list if you don’t agree to their terms and conditions. They will click pictures with you and tag you. Share jokes with you and laugh on your tragedies and they will never be around you when you want to count on them. There’s a word for them too –“fair weather cocks”.

How great it feels like to be kid again. I kinda felt like jumping when I found Haruki Murakami’s books in Crossword. I never saw Murakami in it. I picked like 5 of his books and read like 20 pages of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and I liked the name Kumiko –I like names of his novel characters (Sumire, Naoko, Midori, Miu). Before that I kinda played with Iron Man mask. Yup –that happened. I usually feel, I knew the half story when I get to know the other part of it and it makes me think how much more did I miss.

How we have become victims of fanatic urban lifestyle. How much important phones are? Suppose a group of friends sitting in a cafĂ© and all are involved in phone. Really, you have to do that? If yes, don’t hang out with me and ask that damn phone to accompany you when you have bouts of loneliness. Ironic it is, ain’t it? You not feeling good and you message a friend and they send hugs over phone. Wow, that feels better? People addicted of reading on Kindle never understand reading a book, feeling the pages and smell of it. How many of you are happy to see 10 unread mails? How many of you run on your toes when a bell rings and you receive a letter? Virtual world looks beautiful, but you never belong there. Some things just can’t be replaced.

I gotta do more of dancing and travelling. I realized I have kinda stopped doing that, like I have never started. There are so many things to start, so many habits to quit. There is always something beyond to look for, just because you can not see doesn't mean you've explored other possible dimensions. There will always be things we will miss to explore; experience and share. There is always something you can’t tell everyone. There’s always something most favorite to you. There is always something special. To be complete is not the goal, to be content is. Don’t make judgments on incomplete information. No matter how long you’re gonna live –live like you can’t ask for more. Signing out.. may God bless y’all.. :)