“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

You Are Not Alone

“We all are same –be it anger, joy, sadness, pain, pleasure, love, crush, secret, fear, dream, desire, respect. We all have an account of all these, little or more. Universe is no new place; it’s within –deep down. Lean a little low and find it right there. It conspires great incidences, prejudiced decisions. Pending thoughts lost to oblivion search a mind to convey the message. We are so one, so not agreed upon, so individual having an entity of own. We are not alone –just an illusion of not being a part of huge masses, not present where presence and absence have no account –a space un-welcomed.”

You find darkness everywhere,
scared and lost in despair;
the air that you breathe,
feels heavier bathed in greed;
and you're choke,
for the promises that were broke;
at times you wish to die,
can't tell the truth, don't want to lie;
some dreams undone,
fears that were never won;
secret desire within,
that perfect sin;
someone's pretty smile,
becomes your happiness for a while;
songs sung in whisper,
Cupid hit you even deeper;
sigh on someone's shoulder,
your idea to get older;
happiness shared with few,
when you're broke no one knew;
long sleepless hours,
time that you curse;
have been jealous at times,
lead to sweetest crimes;
tears that fall,
nobody noticed at all;
darkest corner where you hide,
when pain yawns from inside;
you give up all to chance,
choose to hide and dance;
try to cherish the solitude,
you care but act rude;
miss someone but can't call,
attitude matters after all;
your prolonged happiness,
that favourite dress;
the anger profound,
unexpressed, often around;
some decisions done on mood,
some wrong, some good;
the rare respect,
resides within, people suspect;
all those things that scare,
your stumbled dare;
memories you miss,
lost faded bliss;
some hard work unrewarded,
failure made you feel dead;
for a while shook your belief,
dumped you in grief;
your countless dreams,
those imaginary realms;
expected delayed holidays,
lazy, unplanned Sundays;
crazy funny fantasies,
midnight cakes and candies;
astound nightmares,
followed by scream and prayers;
wishes whispered in silence,
desire to turn ‘em real once;
Well you are not alone,
we all feel the same;
some unsaid,
some yet to name.

~Shreya ♥ 

P.S. My creation, please do not copy | Copyright © Protected | Image: Google

P.P.S. Hope y’all can relate well with this one. 


  1. hello .. how are you doing .. I hope you remmeber me its been ages since i last blogged .. lovely poem



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