“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Friday, June 27, 2014

No Horizon

“Know there’s no horizon to the pain, pleasure and imagination. What we call the horizon, is an imaginary boundary created as a proof of human innocence and absurdity. Logical interference to psychological interface is always havoc. There are overwhelming infinite emotions yet to be explored or experienced, yet to be named –no light years away. The illusion of horizon is so misleading; it is the mirage that always attracts the wanderer. There is no unit to measure this intangible expression, yet when attempted to measure –always resulted in apocalypse of human knowledge.”  

Memories take you back in time;
offers you scars from abandon,
those unshared fears prolonged;
stands taller than your shadow in the Sun.

You tell yourself everything's fine;
but it scares you down deep,
that imaginary monster under your bed;
still knocks while you are asleep.

Promises lost in oblivion;
there's no horizon of pleasure and pain,
silence echoes as fate resign;
you repeat the same mistake again.

All your secret desires;
hidden down in your heart,
that black spot of sorrow;
often tears you apart.

Love beyond reason and chance;
incomplete being single side,
honey it’s a winter moon;
that resides deep inside.

Promises lost in oblivion;
there's no horizon of pleasure and pain,
silence echoes as fate resign;
you repeat the same mistake again.

~Shreya ♥ 

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P.P.S Work Of Fiction

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Hey.. Peeps.. :) Finally weekend –and for me weekend means nothing more than laundry, sleeping and writing blog and yes sometimes going out to buy things I need. Different moods take me to different places and different feelings. Directly or indirectly I am controlled by moods, just as everyone else is. Okay, so this time or I must say the whole past week I was in a mood that is yet to be named. I mean I was neither sad nor happy –just okay kinda and am sure many of us stay in that mood for long.

The color you wear, the way you walk and talk, the song you listen to, the movie you prefer to watch, the person you want to talk to, the food you choose to eat, the place you pick to visit, the content you read and many more such things define your mood and more or less about your personality too. Over this, the mood you start your day with usually becomes the mood of the day. It’s like that for me, if mornings are annoying to me –the whole day I find jerks around and world becomes the most inappropriate place to live in. Gawd, that sucks!

Being happy, sad, annoyed, excited, nervous, confident, lazy, emotional, crazy, erotic, patriotic etc –are all the moods we belong to. Well, here is the image of painting about mood that I like. Piece of my heart by Lionel Richie is the song on loop in my current playlist. I could listen to it all day long. It was always there in playlist but never went on loop. A beautiful track, every word, music and the pitch of voice it was sung in –everything about this song is special.

And I wonder myself how perfectly I have screwed my sleep by sleeping at odd hours; I hate it but can’t help. Yes, am totally out of routine –be it time or food. Last week I didn’t even touch my laptop –totally unaware of what’s going on with blog world. Gawd, where was I? (Scratching my head) Looks like I had a bad hangover and woke up after a week with most of the things missing. LOL Anyways, I think to come out of a mood you should have a haircut. I guess I should have too. :) Signing out.. may God bless y’all.. :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Memories, Be Damned

Hey.. Peeps.. :) J.M. Barrie quoted ―“God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.” I find this one beautiful but incomplete at same time. Won’t that December rose be the one with no fragrance? You can’t cuddle memories; they stab you without failing a single time. You may cherish for a while and once you are through –you end up longing for it. I always had a negative approach about memories; I hate ‘em from all my heart. They are a dead part of past that you still consider alive –no, it’s not legacy.

Worst thing a memory can do to you is to take you back in time where nobody lives now and leaves you wandering with no direction to go –like you have been lost in an empty hallway and no body to hear you –they are lethal. I don’t want memories, I never believed in making one. I always like to be busy in making “the now”. I don’t trust on memories to get me things I want. If I want, I want it all –fresh and real, right next to me –that can mark it’s presence to all my senses.

Memories are absence of things you want or you don’t want –either ways it offers you nothing. If something I want never to end is over, I want it to stay right there –frozen, unidentified and unsaved. I don’t look for its replacement (by memories), replacing something you want(ed) is disrespecting the desire behind it. It’s like the forbidden state and still we somehow end up landing and wandering over there. When we don’t find a way out, memory kills us – nobody suspects. Memories are no less than a black-widow spider.

I hate gifts; they are memories –handed over to you by a bunch of people who are not sure to be with you when you need them. They are uncertain if they could ever meet again, they prefer making memories and that’s how they kill the beauty of now. People often confuse memories with remembrance –its two different things, been tried to mix together to experiment the level of absurd thoughts. It’s a disorder or cognitive damage or an obsession to be confined in that time –intentionally ignoring the better chances, time again is a misleading thing.

Don’t expect me to remember you –for I have never been interested in memories, it’s a boring subject based on unproved theorems that has no chances to work, an unrewarded practice to replicate the past that somehow multiplies the complexity of a simple situation. Promise me to be around –and you shall never regret. Memories are for people who have lost faith to make what they've lost, they actually never get it –what they get is an exact replacement they've subscribed for. Think! Signing out.. may God bless y’all.. :) 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Smile Now

“I was holding a thunder in the middle of my chest –dark and deep; like cactus root. I stood alone like an unfruitful tree on which not a single leaf grew, birds refused to make nest –it never let the bud of happiness bloom. I started smiling even when the clouds were black, Zeus gave up and it rained –the bud bloomed into a beautiful flower that heals so many broken hearts. The tree is green with butterflies around and has witnessed the rainbow and birds fly over to find a place to make nest. Smile, trust me –it does miracles.” 

Your dreams didn't come true;
scared to dream something new,
when you say, nobody believes you;
and you don’t know what to do,
oh you don’t know what to do.

Something is missing or incomplete;
somebody who promised but didn't meet,
same mistake that you repeat;
all the memories that you fail to delete,
oh you fail to delete.

Here is what to do when you've doubt;
of what happiness is all about,
all your pain will pass somehow;
all you need to do is smile now.

You have been so tired to wait;
as your expected happiness is late,
confused whom to hate;
and you've lost belief in your fate,
oh you've lost belief in your fate.

Your troubles seem to multiply;
you don’t want to believe but can’t deny,
you’re lost as you see all your hopes die;
you want to but can’t cry,
oh you can’t cry.

Let me tell you, your hope will breathe;
imagine your happiness, a little greed,
all your pain will pass somehow;
all you need to do is smile now.

~Shreya ♥ 

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P.P.S. Written in insomnia. Insomnia does wonderful things sometimes. Cheers!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sweetest Poison

"We can't exist in the same world now. You've become Novocaine to me, but you won't ever fall for me –never. I want to lose my identity as individual, I don't want to be the citizen of the world you are in, I don't want to be recognized anyway, I don't want to share anything with you –be it love, emotions, time, days, the air you breathe, the sunshine that falls on you and I want to forget that despite not having you, losing you hurts. I want mutual antipathy to separate us and want to be irrevocably separated."

I have been drinking the hemlock;
in the name of love so pure,
it rains all inside me;
haven’t seen the sky so azure.

It’s dark, hard enough to see;
as I leave the world of my bliss,
dreams and all the memories;
that I am going to crucifix.

Even demons could wonder;
sweetest poison it has been,
killing me with no scar;
hidden, yet so serene.

Juliet is on deathbed;
Cupids stabbed her so deep,
flashback runs her through;
makes even angels weep.

Candles blew off, roses turned to pale;
when I sang this serenade,
violins broke and complain;
for the love that was never made. 

Even demons could wonder;
sweetest poison it has been,
such was love to me;
a weapon, unseen.

~Shreya ♥ 

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P.P.S. ..and with this, a pause to love and romantic poems.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Love Again

“I want to move on and want you to get out of my mind, soul, heart, dreams and wherever you've conquered me. I am not content with just your memories. I want to be selfish, I want all of you but more than that I want myself back –all of me. I want to be with somebody who feels exactly same for me, what I felt for you. I don't want you to be involved anyway. I want to be happy being without you –I want somebody to convince me that I will be happy and your absence won't be felt –like this phase was just a dream that I don't remember. I don't want to wake up cursing memories; I want my mornings to be as fresh as your absence is right now. I want you to realise that you've lost me, like I am taken forever. I want you to miss being so much loved. I want myself to believe that you were imaginary, and am on my way back to reality. I want to be me again.”

Ever since this heart break; 
for the love we’d never make,
I know no chance you’ll take;
to mend it for love’s sake.

As the time passes by;
when it’s time to say goodbye,
I don’t know if I could cry;
or shall pretend it as a lie.

But I’ve found the comfort in pain;
reason being, love again,
for the love in vain;
I shall never complain.

Though am not so sure;
if I’d love any one anymore,
since love remains the cure;
I’ll still choose you to adore.

Sometimes all I wish;
is I want you to miss,
my love, perpetual bliss;
that is all it is.

And I’ve found the comfort in pain;
reason being, love again,
eyes, that no more rain;
see no loss or gain.

~Shreya ♥ 

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P.P.S. Work Of Fiction