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Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Valentine?

Hey.. Peeps.. :) “The one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person.” –Chuck Palahniuk, well I guess it’s true. Okay, let me tell ya’ll why am talking ‘bout this? –its February, Valentine’s Day, remember? So what am gonna do this Valentine? As if am gonna celebrate, lol! Its Thursday on February 14th –gotta work full day in office.

So um.. What I want this Valentine? –I want my Mr. Fate to have a crush on me, at least. At least I can expect my luck to be good this year. God knows.. what’s next? I read somewhere –The harder we work, the luckier we get. Darn, this belief of mine is fading away. I am scared it will stand no more and before it happens –I want Mr. Fate to work on it and bring my belief back.

Today if I look back for my options, I find many and a fleeting thought whispers me I could be someone else. So I just don’t wanna look back now, even if I gotta look back I don’t wanna get that scary thought to pass through to temme about my missed options. I am never afraid of making mistakes, I know it happens to those who try –I am always afraid of repeating the same. Life offers us chances to correct; it’s we who fail to count.

Its been more than an year in Bangalore and I still feel myself that new, I kinda miss a group of good friends (I used to have in college) whom I can go out and have a nice time. Few of my new friends are there with their own plans, I was never been part of. One strange thing ‘bout Mr. Fate –walks in when least expected and walks out when most welcomed. Sometimes it feels sick to spend weekend without any plans.

Feels like time and options are just enemies –they just can’t stand in same room. When I have time, I look for options and when I am ready with option(s) time sweeps away. I just wish time & options to be friends this Valentine. There has been nothing so special for me about Valentine, for me it is just a day to enjoy if you have time and good friends and a day to realize that you gotta make one if you don't have any.

I always have complains that I don’t get time, so I wish Mr. Fate brings time for me this Valentine onwards. How about having two Valentines? –Not bad, when Mr. Fate and time are in combo offer. I wish to be a better person and to be grown up. Should stop bothering ‘bout past, should appreciate for what I am. Currently listening, sacrifice by Elton John -nice song. Signing out.. may God bless y’all.. :)

P.S. Mr. Fate refers to: Luck/Destiny/or whatever you name it as.


  1. Hi Shreya,

    Don't worry. Life is like this only, times go bad and then times improve as well. Remember, it's always a pursuit of Happyness as it is something we can only pursue and never achieve.
    So, try and stay happy on this Valentines eve, become your own best friend, so that you don't have to depend on someone/something else for your happiness.

    Happy blogging and happy times to you :)


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  2. Shreya,

    Right you are, no looking back except learn from mistakes not the repeat the same. Just go with the flow, don't try to plan and wast time which then slips away. Hope and pray the Mr Fate does bring you real good luck and you get swept off your feet by someone lucky to do so.

    Take care

  3. Best wishes for time and tide to be on your side, Shreya!

  4. good luck..it seems last line of your post is to be read first always..to comprehend better..those PS ones!

  5. good luck..it seems last line of your post is to be read first always..to comprehend better..those PS ones!

  6. We don't need a day to express love to our loved ones. So, cheer up and enjoy life each day. The one who has not made mistakes has not learnt anything in life.

    Best of luck.

  7. I like this post of yours as well. I can identify myself with so many things you mentioned here, especially the situations. All my cupid struck pals hang out with their respective special ones' whereas I,if it's a sunday, remain boxed up in a room with a book or watching a movie, or if it's a weekday, then keep myself busy in work. This happens every year. hehe :)


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