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Monday, October 22, 2012

Extraordinarily Common

Hey.. Peeps.. :) It was 2:17 a.m. when I checked out the time, sleepless and tired. So I woke up late in morning followed by a nightmare, back pain and cold breeze. I wanted to sleep again -as I stepped my bare feet on floor -all indicating me not to go office today, stay all day long in blanket and drink a big mug of coffee and skype my family, tell them I wanna come home on Diwali and bring them their favorite stuff, and I do miss them. But as always, the clock needle swept and poked me to get my lazy a** off the bed.

Okay, I decided to go office. I gotta wear sweater, I feel cold. Got ready, PG food sucks especially on Mondays. So my Monday breakfast is 4 biscuits and a cup of tea -which pretends to keep me alive till 1:30 p.m.. Now time to wear Office ID card and go to work. Reached office. Thought I will have a look at the holiday calender and plan something, but I forgot. At 7:00 p.m. I left office, took an auto -as today lactic acid had more effect on me I was down with back-ache, couldn't walk to my PG.

I love travelling in auto and gazing outside, I don't like sharing auto. Saw a sales man, selling some stuffed toys -aged around 70 plus in an off white shirt. Thick old black framed specs, oily hair, thin and olive skinned. So real, with no signs of regret or sorrow, so inspiring and full of life. While the driver was waiting for the signal to turn green, he came to me trying selling the toys. I refused to purchase, passed him a smile and I asked him where do you live? He couldn't understand english, neither hindi -I guess. He was trying to explain something in Kannada -which is completely Greek to me, so foreign to my vocabulary. He passed me a smile back and passed away. 

Signal turned green and auto driver drove away, I remember I tried watching him in the rear mirror till he disappeared in the crowed. I wish I could talk to him, like why is he working at this age, where is his family, how is he living.. and God knows what. I can portray him as a character of R. K. Narayan's Malgudi Days. I just love Malgudi  Days, its so real. Life is like this -unpredictable, mysterious and what not. I remember how I smiled back to myself when he disappeared, and how I gave a dirty look to the driver who was staring me smiling out of the blues. Signing out.. May God bless y'all.. :)


  1. Shreya,

    Life has all kinds of ups and downs. I admire his capacity to do sales at that age. May God be kind o him. How are you feeling now? Do look after your health.

    Take care

    1. He just inspired me. Yea, I am fine. :)

  2. certain images make us think deep..like the man under a flyover...malgudi days-me too wonderful it was..I still remember the story of a thief who stole a man's purse but later felt remorseful and decided to secretly keep it back in the man's trouser and was caught then..happy dussehra and diwali.

  3. Ture. I remember that episode too.. :) Happy Dussehra \m/

  4. :)...there is a similar story which is doing rounds of facebook....i wonder whether you met the same man....check this link out - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=294690450639264&set=a.268463893261920.57319.100002949352301&type=1&theater....he roams around in CP.....quite inspiring stuff this is!!!

  5. Yea, I came across this story also. Its about Delhi, I guess. I am in Bangalore, he was not him.


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