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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Booze & Mosh

Hey.. Peeps.. :) "Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy." -Frank Sinatra. Guess what? I had a booze session half an hour back.. yeah \m/ Well my roomies were planning to drink tonight, I had no plans about it. Till last moment I was like, I won't but I got my mind changed and joined them in the booze session. 

I personally don't like, but I don't know I just wanted to have and I had. The most embarrassing thing is to go to the alcohol shop and ask for your drink, especially when the shop is located in the center of the market surrounded with hundreds of passer by(s). When you enter the shop, guys stare like anything -I guess may be because they think they've got competitors. Lol!!

So we went to the shop, got Blenders Pride Whisky & Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka. Oops..!! Ice too.. ;) We are not chain drinkers, we can't drink neat so we got cold drink -Maaza & Sprite to mix with -as sweet adds more effect to Vodka. Yeah! So all set, first peg.. cheers!! Music, yeah.. & gossip. First peg -nothing happened to me though tasteless.. Ah.. yuck!! Second peg -I was fine and attended dad's call. 

Third peg -I was fine, nothing happened. Still I can drive at 60Km/Hr. My roomies felt sleepy, they slept. After 3 pegs I am still awake, writing blog. Completely fine and active. Seems like the drink was neutral to me, or my capacity is good. Lol!! Yeah.. I can see corner of my eyes turning red, still not sleepy. But am done, no use. Drinks can't get me good sleep -to get a good sleep was the only reason I joined this booze session.

So people must be thinking I am a bad girl, I am into drinks and all. Well, I don't care. Let them think, its completely fine with me. My mom is aware of this and she has no objection on this. (The only condition -I should have till the limit I can handle.) So I just don't give a damn what people think. No seriously, there are few people who have mindset that the people who drink are bad. Dude just buzz off! 

Drinking never worked -for happiness or sorrow or frustration.  All it has done to me was to burn a hole in my pocket and leave me penny pinching. This liquid in bottles of brown & green which seems to be the Elixir is actually Hemlock in flavor of Whisky. Music has contributed much more, always. A common thing in music & drinks is: both inspires me to write. "Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life." -George Bernard Shaw. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. Hope you are fine with no hangover:)

  2. Shreya,

    Why should a girl not drink and only boys? There is nothing wrong with it as long as one enjoy his or her drink and not let the drink enjoy him or her. I am enjoying Old Monk while saying this.

    Take care

  3. haha...well I drink when I have some grand reasons to celebrate madly..could count the those milestones of my life in finger tips and the booze associated with it with a select few friends~~off late no such reasons:(


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