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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back To Rat Race

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Happy Independence Day!! :) Yesterday I was praying so hard for my return fight to be delayed so that I can just stay for some more time in home, but no wonders it was on time and I came back to Bangalore. Felt like I was dragged from the gates of my heaven and pushed towards somewhere I don't wanna go. But I had to be back so here I am, planning to continue office from tomorrow.

I can imagine the work I have to do this month, same old tight schedule. All that punching of access cards hundred times pasting fake smile and trying my best every time to fulfill the expectations of every one around against all odds without any excuses and demands. Sounds complicated, right? 

Well, I donno what I did at home. I mean, I donno how these 10 days at home passed so fast. I guess I need some time to make up my mind to get back to work, back to rat race, back to reality fortunately or unfortunately. And I know am gonna make it, as per my promise to myself and as I did earlier.

Black Forest
My luggage weighed around 8 kgs when I went home and when I came back from home it was 17.5 kgs. Mom again, she wanted me to carry some more stuff that I left at home against her will. I carried 2 apples in my hand bag as per my mom's wish, while security check the lady on duty asked what's in your handbag? Apples, I said. "Mom!!" -we both said in chorus. Lol! As per my perception I have put on extra 1 kg weight, I am 53 kgs now. Lol! 

I feel like I had a dream of going home and now am wake up to reality. Ah! -beautiful days pass so fast. I had a great time at home: outting, shopping without checking my account balance as shopping was sponsored by dad, eating without care, sleeping without alarm, photography, music and dancing with sister -I am gonna miss all that. Sister brought me black forest pastries as far as she knew about my favorites. Okay, gotta go now. Same old time to sleep, to work, to blog. This week is gonna be so boring. Signing out, may God bless y'all.. :)

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  1. Shreya,

    All good things in life seem to end fast. Relax and get cracking with your grind. And before you know you will be heading home again on leave.

    Take care


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