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Friday, June 1, 2012

Still Moving On

Hey.. Peeps.. :) As office working hours are increasing for me, my possibilities to go home is decreasing. Now its 7:30 p.m. for me almost everyday. I am kinda bored, yea! I look for somebody to take me out, I mean I wanna go to visit places in Bangalore but tragedy is who will?? FYI, somebody doesn't mean "somebody special".. lol! Yea, I am left with no friends with me here in Bangalore except few of my colleagues and they are busy with their lives. I know, I know you are tempted to ask me what about my room-mates? 

Hmm.. what to say, we never have plans to go. We are having our respective friends. Its like sharing same room and having nothing to do with each other's lives. 4 months are over in Bangalore, still I hardly know anything about it. I know the area around my office and PG, rest I have to google it. So who wants to come with me?? Put your hands down people, we are at different places so we can't meet and this is another tragedy. 

Monday is gonna be somewhat different for me, as my training is over for new role. By Monday I have to deal with all HR related things and I just hate Mondays, phew! Saturday, Sunday is off. 2 days off and what the hell I am supposed to do in these two days? Umm.. sleep? Nah..! Wash clothes? That's already done this Thursday! Skype? Uh.. that is set as default.. but how long? People, suggest me something or I'll go mad sitting two days at PG.

Cute! No?
Currently listening to Britney's "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart" and I can relate myself with few of its lines, here it is: 
Never look back, we said;
How was I to know I'd miss you so?
Loneliness up ahead, emptiness behind;
Where do I go?

Hmm.. I'll find something to do, I hope. What else? Umm.. yea, today in lunch I went out of office and there I found one kitten. It was so cute that I couldn't resist myself and I took few images. I just love kittens and pups. Here is one image, though people around gave that WTF look and I just returned that WTF look at them. Things around me are good and bad, messed up and organized, pleasant and unpleasant, in simple words its a tough combo and I've just accepted and am still moving on. Hmm.. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. i spent a good bit of time like you at bangalore at the start of my working life. i loved the warmth of the people and the coolness of the air. initially, i had nothing to do, no friends. i would sleep in on the weekends as my work hours were very long and i could hardly get any sleep during the week. gradually, i started going out to nearby places, nandi hills with tipu's summer palace, mysore, kaveri river, etc. look out for weekend getaway ideas till you build your own circle of good friends. take care and stay protected, shreya.

  2. i cant suggest any place to visit in banglore, but why not go for a stroll if the weather is pleasant...

  3. Shreya,

    I wonder what could I suggest to an intelligent girl. Only thing I can think is that I plan a visit there.

    Take care

  4. hmm ,yeah its tough to make a friend circle when one doesn't find the company of like minded people,sort of frequencies not matching with roomies etc...I'm feeling the same here..plus they keep talking telegu/tamil ,that it often puts me off!!gud luck in adapting and as the title says-keep moving on..but I'm moving on back to Delhi..even at the cost of my job.


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