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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dirty Scribblings

Hey.. Peeps.. :) As you can see day by day my blog posts are getting boring and boring, and the readers are moving away; in same way my English accents are going. I felt like killing myself when I heard myself pronouncing "walkin" as "walkin-nna". Here in Bangalore as per Kannada language after every word they add an extra "a". I called a candidate and he was briefing about himself and I was looking for a candidate with good communication skill, I changed my decision to process him as I heard him pronouncing "is" as "izz". I heard myself asking: "dude why are you raping the language?" 

In my 4 months (approx) of working experience I have categorized employees in 2: 

  • Who work and earn.
  • Who pretend and earn.
I am in first category and that's why people call me "machine". Even my room-mates also call me same, 'cause they find my every thing at its place, I don't leave my bed messed up no matter if I am getting late. I just hate stuff around my bed. I am organized and my sister calls me sick for being so organized, she says it is a disorder in which people are obsessed with managing and organizing things. 

I know, I know am talking bullshit but am getting bore. No, facebook is bore. Roomies are busy on call and am not feeling sleepy, so here am playing Mudvayne and blogging. Hey, one more thing: tomorrow is my room-mate's b'day and we are planning some "booze sessions", Yep! My b'day is up next and am thinking of my one bad habit to leave, yea.. on my every b'day I leave one of my bad habit.. though every year I get another new one.. Lol! I know people must be thinking of me like am a bad girl. Its okay, I have seen girls who do something on Saturdays and get outta mind and they cry Monday onwards, I never wanna be that girl. I know what am doing. Okay now.. gotta go. "Chocolate Mousse" is waiting. People.. c'mon, please criticize me or I'll babble like this. Okay, am shut up! Signing out.. May God bless y'all.. :)


  1. shreya!!you are going mad day by day..Hardwork never fails! be happy...

  2. Shreya,

    First of all please wish your roomie Happy Birthday from my side. Being organised is not a disorder but a good habit. One should be able to find what is needed even in pitch dark. It is pity when you see persons getting all worked up because they can not find what they need so badly. I have the same habit. When is your birthday? Please do tell so I can wish you in time. If you feel comfortable let me have your id so I can send e-card. My id is in my profile.

    Take care

  3. Hi Shreya! -waves- I hope you remember me (I count on that). I'm glad that you're doing alright.

    So, first off, happy birthday to your roommate. I'm just like you in the language respect. I hate myself whenever I pronounce a foreign language word incorrectly. Besides it being embarrassing, it's also saddening to me that I don't know how to pronounce a word correctly. IKR, so much in one sentence. haha

    Anyway. I'm OC (over-compulsive) too. It's only a disorder when it interferes with your life, like, when you spend more time organising things than actually doing them. Or when you try to "fix" even accurate things. That's when it's OCD. Otherwise it's just OC. So, yeah, don't feel bad.

    Take care and don't get all worked up! Best wishes.

  4. I'm still here :)

    Happy birthday to ur roommate!

    And remember, it's not always bad being super organised and neat!

  5. great u'r enjoying bangalore...but I'm quitting job and leaving back for delhi...that's where my heart lies!!missing your poem posts.....need some of those inspiration to get back to blogging ::)

  6. @Ashwini: Yea, currently u know me better ;)

    @Jack Sir: :)

    @onlinehitchhiker: :) Yea, I do.

    @PurpleMist: :D yeah!!

    @Rohit: Oh..!! :O


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