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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Live Life Mike Size: Part One

Hey.. Peeps.. :) This post is a short story. Complete fiction !! I'll try to do justice with fiction writing. :)                      
                                                            PART: ONE
Scene#1(Traffic Signal @9:00 a.m: Aerial view, hustle-bustle, crowd, noise of horns, now camera zoom charge on mike -the lead of this story and a 24 years old business analyst in an MNC, music addict, tall, olive-skinned, handsome, bushy eyebrows, brown eyes, squared face, spikey hairstyle, M tattooed on the left side of his neck in cursive font. I must relate him with "Adonis- God of beauty & desire". Camera pans around Mike and finally the focus is on him.) Mike was grumbling for such a heavy traffic, if he was not going to office he must have broken the signal and drove away. He already got caught twice while breaking signal and twice his driving license got confiscated. So he has left with no other option, he has to follow rules. He checks time on his new-new Tag Heuer (which he has purchased after avoiding so many new movies) its 9:21 a.m. Shit! (he whispers). Finally signal turns green and he sets his gear and drives away.

Scene#2(Office, Parking Area): He parks his bike, and touches the sticker: "Born To Ride" which he sticked on his blue Avenger). Its 9:29 a.m. oh shit! he makes his way towards the lift, finally he is in lift wearing employee ID card and adjusting his tie.

Scene#3(Office, His department: Camera pans over glass walls, laptops, ringing phones, and machine -like employees) He reaches fifth floor, enters his cubicle removing his bluetooth headset. Now its 9:33 a.m., he plops himself on the leather chair and turns on his laptop. Mike! Mike! What's the time? Asks his manager.
Mike: Its 9:35 a.m., Phil.
Philip: My name is Philip, "snarls Philip". Is this time to reach?
Mike: I reached by 9:33 a.m.
Philip: Office starts from 9:30 a.m.
Mike: But it never gets over by 7:30 p.m. I work till 8:00 p.m. everyday (pause, they look each other.)
Philip: I would like to see you in my cabin within 5 minutes.
Mike: (gives him WTF look and bangs on his cubicle and leaves for Philip's cabin).
Philip: Sit, Mike.
Mike: No, am fine.
Philip: Why are you so stubborn? This is the wrong attitude and that's why you are standing here.
Mike: (pulls out a chair and jumps on it and stares Philip as if he is asking him: happy now?)
Philip: (rolls a paper weight and smiles and looks at him.)
Mike: (returns him a fake smile.)
Philip: Look, Mike.. umm.. you are a good employee, we don't wanna lose you.
Mike: Yea, I know that and this is because I don't ask for leaves like other employees do.
Philip: Ah.. that can be a reason, "chuckles".
Mike: (gives WTF look and stares at watch, thinking: I got late by 3 minutes and he (Philip) got mad and now he is irritating me from past 12 minutes and still he expects me to be normal?)
Philip: Okay, see you in meeting today at 3:00 p.m. You can leave now.
Mike: (thanks for doing me a favor Mr. Philip "Idiot" Watson: he hears himself saying.) Mike returns back and whispers: "crazy people are around me". Gawd! (and he gets busy with his work). (after sometime) He looks at his watch, its 12:30 p.m., shit! still an hour left for lunch, "he whispers". He pulls his chair back, stretches his legs, adjusts himself, looses his tie knot and rests his head on chair cushion.
Mike.. Mike.. ah.. there you are, "Janelle said." (Janelle: Mike's colleague, and once Mike had a big crush on her, now they are just buddies.) (Camera rolls from her feet to face, as heroines make entry in movies. Camera focus shifts to her face: charming, fair, dimpled cheeks, ginger hair color tied in french knot and hazel eyes lined with kohl.)
Mike: Hey Jane! (he calls her Jane)
Jane: Why are you sitting like you are on couch in front of telly? "You okay?" (in teasing tone)
Mike: Yea, am fine. (I am always fine whenever I find you around me: he hears his inner-self saying.)
Jane: Have you got your reports ready  for today's meeting? 
Mike: Nah! I'll make it in 3 minutes.
Jane: Oh.. okay! (after pause) "Nice tie!"
Mike: (feels like, oh yes! she likes) Thanks!
Jane: Okay, see you in lunch.
Mike: Yea. (and now he is charged enough to tolerate any kinda work pressure, he gets back to work.) (after sometime camera pans over watch. Its 1: 30 p.m. and its lunch), Mike still busy with work. (Janelle reaches his cubicle).
Jane: Mike, c'mon.. lets go for lunch.
Mike: (can avoid his own appetite but he can't avoid her order/request. He turns off his laptop and leaves for cafeteria.)

Scene#4(Cafeteria: colorful tables & chairs, employees running with their trays to get lunch, and boring news is coming on plasma T.V. hanging on the left side of the cafeteria counter.) Mike and Janelle get a tray and get their meal and they sit around a corner table. Janelle starts the convo, saying: so how is your band (Mike is a member and "lead guitarist" of local band: "Euterpe", after office he usually plays guitar with his band-members.) going on? (taking a bite of green salad).
Mike: Its going good. Next month is our performance and 21 other bands will be competing with us. 
Jane: Great!
Mike: So this time its a big challenge and opportunity for me. But I know I won't be getting leaves for my performance practice. Ah.. I guess I have to choose one: Music or MNC. "Its pathetic", he says in despair.
Jane: It will be okay.
Mike: Yea, I hope so. (shrugs raising his eyebrows.) Okay, its 2:28 p.m. lets go or Phil will be inviting me again in his cabin. (Both chuckles).
Jane: Yea. (both leave for their own cubicle.)
Mike: Turns on his laptop, checks mails and replies clients' mails. Now its 3:00 p.m.- meeting time. (Mike ready with his report).

Scene#5(Conference Room: An oval big table, surrounded with chairs and mics and one presentation screen opposite to center chair.) All employees of Philip's team reached, yes Mike is also on time (after all he wants to sit next to Jane.) Philip welcomes all employees. They submit their reports and Philip starts a presentation on current data and targets. (Mike whispers to Jane, presentation after lunch is like lullaby, we must bring pillows. Jane: Shh..!). Now presentation is going on and out of 37 employees all are sleeping except Mike (who is trying to pretend that he is awake.)
Philip: Gives tips to all the employees on how to improve their presentation. ..And always start your presentation with a "joke". It will increase interest of others to pay attention to your presentation and it will keep them awake.
Mike: Grins!
Philip: What's funny Mr. Mike? 
Mike: As you said always start presentation with a joke.
Philip: Yes!
Mike: So did you mean we should attach a copy of our payslips as our first slide? (All other 37 employees woke up from their nap and started laughing.)
Philip: Mike, this ain't funny. I would like..
Mike: (interrupting) Phil, allow me to continue.. (I would like..) to meet you in my cabin within 5 minutes.
Philip: My name is Philip! "snarls over Mike" and leaves conference room.

Scene#6(Philip's Cabin: Glass walls, a rectangle table full of bundle of files, laptop, phones, note-pads and a family photo-frame. Camera pans over his cabin and Mike is sitting in front of Philip.)
                                                                                                        .. To Be Continued


  1. Shreya,

    Painted picture of a talented employee and not so competent boss so well. Looking for next part.

    Take care

  2. Lovely... Very nice creation. :)


  3. Eagerly waiting for the story to continue.

  4. lovely Shreya..imagery nicely captured around a intriguing story line...~good to read experimental write-ups from you..

  5. This is great! I've always wondered about writing a screen play. I have a book on it...someday maybe. I've got to run...need to see what happens to Mike in Phillip's office. I think he's going to get the boot;)
    Well done Shreya!!

  6. @All: Thank you all for stopping by. :)


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