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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Live Life Mike Size: Part Two

..Continue                                                  PART: TWO
Philip: Mike, whatever you did wasn't funny and I consider you mature enough to get this. You must be wondering why I am not shouting on you, right?
Mike: (stares with blank expressions)
Philip: "Right?" (repeats in louder tone)
Mike: "Yea.. and am sorry"
Philip: You should be.. (Raising his eyebrows). So what are you expecting me to do with you in this situation.
Mike: (No reply)
Philip: "C’mon.. speak up. I don’t have whole day". (Rotating a pen clockwise and anti-clockwise with his right hand.)
Mike: "Deduct 30% of my salary this month". (with proper eye-contact).
Philip: Oh.. !! "So this is how a dude like you tries to pay for his mistake?" Nah.. Not interesting. I have planned something else: "You won’t be getting any employee rank this month, so don’t come to me when your colleagues will be getting good ranks and you find yourself out of it." (Mike is on rank 2 from past 3 months, according to ranks of the month; employees get incentives.)
Mike: "Okay Phil!" (Shrugs)
Philip: "My name is Philip", from now onwards I don’t wanna hear you calling me Phil.
Mike: "Okay Phil.. Um.. I mean Philip".
Philip: Good! You can leave now.
Mike: (Comes out of Philip’s cabin, thinking my incentives gone. Jane’s birthday is coming, what will I gift her?)
Jane: "Hey.. how was it? What was going on, inside?"
Mike: Actually, we were playing football. Of course he was blasting me. "I don’t wanna work with a manager who keeps on telling me his name thrice a day". (My name is Philip, my name is Philip.. C’mon man.. Phil sounds cool.)
Jane: Why did you spoke like that in front of him?
Mike: "I donno.. Its over, and now I don’t wanna discuss about that. Puhlease!" (in rude tone)
Jane: (Pause, stares.) "Fine!" (in anger, and leaves).
Mike: (Shit!) Jane.. Jane.. (in his attempt to stop her, and runs after her). I didn’t mean that.
Jane: (Keeps on walking away, no reply).
Mike: "Removes his employee ID card, and bangs on his cubicle in despair".
Its 7:38 p.m., office is over and Mike packs his bag and takes out his keys. (After so many days he is leaving office before 8:00 p.m. and he is not happy to leave office soon.)

Scene#7(Office, Parking Area: His blue avenger standing.) He starts his bike and drives away. Speedometer needle points 80km/hr.

Scene#8(Mike’s Flat: 1 BHK, where he lives alone. Camera pans over blue walls full of music star posters: Bob Marley, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Greenday, Pink Floyd, Coldplay and many more. On left side wall his guitar is hanging, a big window covered with grey curtains where he sits and plays guitar, a partially messed up table: full of novels, music notes, incomplete lyrics which he is preparing for “Rhythms- the music competition”.) He reaches his room, switches on the light and fan and throws his bag on the bed and sits on a grey sofa lying his head back and spreading his arms. He removes his watch, takes out his shoes and tie and shirt and goes for shower.

He checks time, its 8:43 p.m., he feels hungry. He opens fridge and prepares some salad. Now his salad is ready, he turns on his laptop (taking a bite of broccoli), logs in facebook: "2 friend requests, 5 messages, and 43 notifications". He goes online: his heart skips a beat as he finds Jane online. All his hunger gone. He thinks how to start convo? “After few minutes of debate between his mind and heart he pings Jane”.
Mike: Hi!
Jane: (No reply).
Mike: (after 3 minutes) You there?
Jane: Yea, hi!
Mike: (feels like: thank God she is replying) What’s up?
Jane: (No reply).
Mike: (types) I wanna confess something today, (and then he deletes this line as he finds “Jane typing”). (and thinks, c’mon man.. hold your horses.)
Jane: Okay b’bye, gotta go. TC!!
Mike: Hey.. wait.
Jane: (Went offline, but you can still send her message. –facebook shows)
Mike: Went offline!

He calls Jane: (The person you are trying to reach is currently switched off please try after sometime. If you are airtel subscriber then leave a voice message, press * followed by ten digit mobile number.) (Nothing is okay. She is still annoyed. Shit!- he whispers)
“One good thing about music: when it hits you then you feel no pain- Bob Marley”- this is Mike’s current facebook status. "In 12 minutes: 7 likes and 19 comments. Mike logs out facebook turns off his laptop and switches off his phone". (finishes his salad).

Its 10:13 p.m., dinner time! Checks fridge, hmm.. eggs!! He somehow prepares omelette. He makes a prayer to Lord and starts his dinner holding fork in left hand and telly remote in right. Changing channels, oh.. “The Expendables” is coming. (he is a big fan of Sylvester Stallone).

Scene#9(Roof @ 1:00 a.m.: It is a starlit night, dark and beautiful. Mike is on sixth floor: around 70 feet above ground, he is having “acrophobia- fear of heights” but today he is enjoying heights. He tries Jane’s number. "Its ringing.. and Mike’s heartbeat and pulse rate goes abnormal."
Jane: Hello! (in sleepy tone) who?
Mike: Hi, this is Mike. Sorry I disturbed you.
Jane: Temme, what’s it?
Mike: Um.. nothing.. Um.. I was confirming.. ah.. is there any meeting tomorrow?
Jane: As far as I know.. no meetings.
Mike: Okay, thanks. Goodnight!
Jane: Mike, speak up what’s it? You okay?
Mike: Yea.. Um.. I really am..
Jane: Okay see you tomorrow. Goodnight, and am sorry for being rude.
Mike: Oh.. that’s fine (his heart screams: oh really?).. thanks.
Jane: Thanks? For what?
Mike: Oh.. Um.. for.. for informing me that.. that there is no meeting tomorrow. (improvising). (Gulps his breath as he finishes the sentence).
Jane: “Mike, you are not that stupid!” (chuckles)
Mike: What, should I take this as compliment?
Jane: Sleep Mike, its 1:23 a.m., we have to go office and I don’t wanna accompany you in Phil’s.. oops! “Philip’s” cabin for being late.
Mike: (Chuckles) Okay, goodnight. (feels like, oh God.. I feel perfectly fine after 23 minutes of call).

Scene#10(Mike’s Bedroom): He takes out a piece of paper and tries to compose some lyrics.. (of course the inspiration of this “going to be song” is Jane). (Jane has completely conquered Mike’s mind, and he slides few photos of Jane on his Galaxy Note, and writes lyrics.. the title is: “Favorite Mistake”). Its late and Mike slept on table, holding pen in his right hand and phone in left.

Scene#11(Next Day, Morning @8:15 a.m., Mike’s room): He wakes up and checks time. Its 8:15 a.m. F**k! F**k! F**k! Not again.. bangs on table.
                                                                                                        ..To Be Continued


  1. frst comment!!!!!! finish it soon Shreya plzzzzz eagerly waiting for your next update.

  2. phew...phil,mike,jane trio nicely woven..love life,buisness life,work pressure!! quite practically happening in today's world..

  3. shreya, Eagerly waiting for next part..keep rocking..All the best!!!

  4. Shreya,

    Curiosity highly fanned. Waiting for next part.

    Take care

  5. I thought for sure Mike was going to get fired!! He has good taste in music;) Keep on writing my dear. You're fantastic!

  6. @All: Thank you all for stopping by. :)


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