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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Live Life Mike Size: Part Three

..Continue                                             PART: THREE

He runs towards the washroom, takes shower, gets ready and thinks no time for breakfast, leaves for office. He rides his blue avenger and drives away.

Scene#12(Traffic signal, all that noise and hustle-bustle): “Ah.. this damn traffic!”- Mike grumbles. (Thinks: “don’t worry Phil.. Oops! Philip, I am coming straight to your cabin”). “He removes his cuffs slowly and checks time on his wrist watch, its 9:26 a.m. oh.. crap!” -Not again!! Thinks and murmurs- “Philip: Do me a favour; kick me.. am late again.”

Scene#13(Mike’s Office, camera pans over the company logo). Mike signs the employee attendance register along with a late comer register, “damn these formalities- he grumbles”. Its 9:37 a.m., he enters his department, checking time on his watch. He finds Jane coming towards him.
Mike: Hi!
Jane: “Do hell with Hi. Where the hell were you?” (folding and crossing her arms and blocking Mike’s way).
Mike: “I.. Um..”
Jane: (Interrupting) “Flush your phone; you idiot. Why were you not picking my call?”
Mike: (Puts his right hand in his pocket and checks his mobile, 4 missed calls by Jane) Um..! I.. I was driving. Yes (in his attempt to answer her).
Jane: “Oh.. as if you don’t pick calls while driving?” (Raising her eyebrows in investigation).
Mike: I didn’t know when you called, my phone was on silent. (pause) sorry!
Jane: I was worried.., yesterday only Phil.. “what am I saying?” (snarls). Yesterday only Philip rewarded you for being late and for.. (pause) you know what. I think that wasn’t enough for you, right?
Mike: (Smiles: thinks, yes! She was worried about me.. oh Jane you donno how great it feels now to come late.)
Jane: Have you lost it? You are late again, your incentives are gone, and you are smiling. You are sick! (attempts to leave)
Mike: “Jane.. I can explain”. (Don’t make me walk after you, ‘cause you know I will –he thinks).
Jane: (Moves as she finds Philip coming) Explain to him. (pointing her thumb towards Philip and raising her eyebrows as a symbol to taunt) Good luck!
Philip: “Oh.. Mike! You never fail to surprise me”. Good going!
Mike: (Gulps his breath) Am sorry.. I am late again.
Philip: You should be.. and I am not gonna call you in my cabin. (finishes his sentence before Mike says anything). Go..work, there is lot of work today.
Mike: Yea.. (moves towards his cubicle).

Turns on his laptop. Logs in his employee account and starts working. He now feels butterflies when he goes into the flashback 10 minutes back and reminds Jane’s words: “I was worried”.. and now these three words are gonna play on loop in his mind all day long.

He logs in employee chat account (which is to communicate for official purpose only). He moves his cursor to ping Jane (thinks: c’mon man you are not on facebook, okay let her ping first).

Its 10:49 a.m. “Mike is working and still waiting for Jane to ping first. His one eye is on chat box”. Meg (Mike’s colleague who is always in competition with Jane and always irritates Mike, Jane links  Mike with Meg and teases him saying M2 -Mike & Meg and Mike hates this) comes around Mike’s cubicle.

Meg: Hey Mike!
Mike: Hi! (focusing his eyes to screen)
Meg: “You are busy; I guess”.
Mike: Um.. yes, but temme how can I help you?
Meg: Um.. actually, can drop me today evening at my place? (if your bike is free, she inquires) ‘cause I lost my scooty’s key somewhere here in office.
Mike: (feels like killing himself) Oh.. Okay, I have work today.. if I’ll leave soon then.. fine.
Meg: Oh great.. I can wait.
Mike: Fakes a smile.
Meg: Thanks (leaves)
Mike: Shit!
Jane: (Pings) “Ahem..! Ahem..!”
Mike: (Jumps, yes she pinged) What??
Jane: Enjoy your evening with “Meg”. (teasing)
Mike: “Please! Before that, shoot me. Lol!”
Jane: “Oh.. c’mon! She is not that bad. Enjoy!”
Mike: “Really?”
Jane: “Yeah.. try! Bow Chicka Wow Wow!!”
Mike: “Shucks!”
Jane: Okay, back to work.. see you in lunch.
Mike: Fine!

Its 12:37 p.m., both Mike and Jane get back to work. Mike thinks today I must ask Phil for leaves regarding practice and gets busy with work. Now its 1:34 p.m., lunch time. Mike logs out employee account and turns off his laptop and leaves to call Jane for lunch.

Mike: Jane..! c’mon.. lets go for lunch.
Jane: Aha.. copying me? Not bad. (Grins, shows two fingers -as a symbol of saying: gimme two minutes).
Mike: Okay!
Jane: Yea.. am done, lets go.

Scene#14(Office Cafeteria): They decide to sit around that corner table.
Mike: (Starts the convo) Jane, how to ask Phil-ip (improving) for leaves? ..And that too after all that happened yesterday.
Jane: Yea.. but still you haven’t started improving. See.. today you were late again.
Mike: Yea.. I know.
Jane: Oh great, you know this. What the hell you were doing yesterday? Look at your eyes- red and puffy? You were drunk?
Mike: No.. no.. no..!
Jane: Then??
Mike: I.. Um.. I..
Jane: I what?
Mike: I was practicing for “Rhythms”, yes.. !!
Jane: Really?? Okay! You must talk to Philip for this.
Mike: Hmm.. I know, and I know he won’t be permitting me for leave for a week.
Jane: Try atleast. (Leaning towards him and moving her hands, as she tries to explain him).
Mike: Okay! After lunch I will.
Jane: Good.. Do what you think is right.. And this time be serious.
Mike: Yes!
Jane: Don’t worry. He will give you permission for leaves. He is a nice person.
Mike: “I don’t think so.”
Jane: “What you don’t think so? He will give you leaves or he is a nice person?”
Mike: “Both”.
Jane: “Huh!”
Mike: “What makes you think; he is a nice person?”
Jane: “I donno, I just think so”.
Mike: “What do you think, what kinda person I am?”
Jane: “You?? (raising her eyebrows as if she is taunting) Um.. you are stupid” (teasing).
Mike: “Ah.. that I know, Mike and stupidity comes together”. (Chuckles)
Jane: (Smiles)
Mike: “No, temme.. what you think I am?”
Jane: “Um.. You are are stupid, careless, dumbo..”
Mike: “Aww.. (you are smothering me- he whispers to himself)”.
Jane: (Wait lemme complete) “..still a very good friend of mine”.
Mike: (Nods his head in acceptance, smiles).
Jane: “Now its your turn, what you think I am?”
Mike: (His heart orders him: Go man!) “You.. Um.. you are a great chum of mine, I never wanna lose”.
Jane: “Oh..! (wondering, staring at him)”.
Mike: (Thinks- don’t wonder, there is something else more than this to wonder for and stares her back).
Jane: Okay.. (turns off her eyes).
Mike: (Turning his eyes off) and..??
Jane: “And.. We should leave, its 2:27 p.m. (chuckles) and ask Philip now”.
Mike: “Yea, sure. (Both leave for their respective cubicles)”.
Jane: (Turns back) “Mike..! All the best”.
Mike: (Turns back.. faster than his reflex action) “Thanks!”

Scene#15(Philip’s cabin): Philip busy with his work. (Knock! Knock!)
Philip: Come in.
Mike: (Enters)
Philip: (Drops pen) Oh.. look who is here?
Mike: (Walks towards Philip’s table).
Philip: Sit, Mike.
Mike: (Adjusts himself on a chair).
Philip: Yea.. Mike, temme.
Mike: Phil-ip (improving) I want leave for a week.
Philip: Good to see you improving to call me Philip, but that is not enough to convince me for leaves.
Mike: “I never ask for leaves, Philip”. This time I really need it.
Philip: “For what?”
Mike: I have to practice for my band performance next month. Hardly 12 days are left.
Philip: That’s not my problem.
Mike: I know, but.. I am asking for leave for 7 days. After leaves, I am ready to work on Saturdays and Sundays. I’ll try my best to complete targets. But now I need 7 days off.
Philip: Mike, I can’t give you permission to take leave for seven days. These days there is lot of work. C’mon you know how things are.. You are intelligent enough to get this.
Mike: Please..! (trying his best to convince Philip).
Philip: My decision is no.. you can leave now, and get back to work.
Mike: (Recalls words of Jane: do what you think is right) Sorry, I can’t. I would like to leave this job.
Philip: (Wondering, pouting out his lips) Well in that case, you have to serve this company for a month, remember?
Mike: (Bangs on his table, leaves Philip’s cabin and slams the door).

Mike returns to his cubicle, he packs his bag and leaves. Jane follows him.
Jane: Mike..! Mike..! What happened? What’s wrong?
Mike: I left this job.. and this time I am not kdding.
Jane: That I can see.. are you outta your mind?
Mike: No.. now I came to know what I have to do.
Jane: Don’t be so impulsive. Think Mike.
Mike: Jane, I have made my decision and am not gonna change it.
Jane: Still you have to serve this company for a month, right?
Mike: Right, but am not gonna do that. I donno what will it bring for me. I don’t wanna leave this company, but for this company I can’t leave my band.
Jane: So you ain’t gonna come from tomorrow.
Mike: Yea.. I won’t. I’ll miss you, I mean I’ll miss this company (improvises). Bye.
Jane: Stay in touch. Bye.
Mike: Yea.. (leaves)

Scene#15(Empty Streets outside his office, Its 3:36 p.m.): Mike is driving, thinking did he made a right decision? Whatever, its over. Move on man. –He whispers. Gazes the sun shining down on him. He feels, I must be happy I am out of a place where I was hired as robot. I must be happy, I am gonna be with my band- my dream, I must be happy I need not to wake up early and rush towards office. What about Jane? How will I meet her? –A fleeting thought made him numb. (Shrugs)

Scene#16(His room): He reaches, switches on the light and fan. Takes a deep breath and accepts whatever happened. He takes a shower and now he is out for haircut. (He believes: in sad times one should go for haircut, it makes feel better). He now enters a tattoo shop. He wants a J tattooed next to M on the left of his neck (I think I need not to explain why he wants J tattooed next to M).
Its 7:30 p.m. and Mike goes to meet his band members. He tells everything to them, yes about Jane also. He tells him that he is composing lyrics and rhythm for a song called: “Favorite Mistake”. They figure out, the inspiration for this song is Jane. They decide they will work for this from tomorrow and they will win this competition.

Mike, returns his room. Its 8:11 p.m. He plays “The Beatles- No Reply”. Jane calling, he sets the volume on mute and attends her call.
Jane: Hey!
Mike: Hi Jane! How are you?
Jane: A.. a.. wrong question. This should me my question.
Mike: Okay.. am fine!
Jane: Really?
Mike: Of course.
Jane: Okay.. I wanna see, how okay you are.
Mike: Okay, where can you meet me? I mean where I have to come?
Jane: Have a look outside your window.
Mike: (Runs and finds Jane standing, Goes out and calls her in.) You are here? Nice surprise. Come on in.
Jane: Oh.. so this is your room. (Looking aroung)
Mike: Yeah.. (Looking at her).
Jane: Hey you had a haircut? And a tattoo??
Mike: Yeah!
Jane: What is this J for?
Mike: Um.. its.. its for MJ.. I mean Michael Jackson. I am a huge fan of him (he improvises).
Jane: Oh.. But earlier it was M only. M for Mike only, right?
Mike: No M for music. Now its Michael Jackson. (Thinks God, she is a good observer, how to explain her M for mike and J for Jane?)
Jane: So messed up table. So many papers? What’s that?
Mike: Ah.. those are lyrics I am preparing for competition.
Jane: Cool!, Lemme see.
Mike: (Runs and stands in front of the table to hide the lyrics he has written for her).
Jane: “Oh.. what’s fishy?”
Mike: “Nothing”. (Takes away those papers)
Jane: “You are bad at lying. C’mon.. I am your friend, I can see.”
Mike: “It’s a surprise. You have to come to see my performance”.
Jane: “Um.. I..”
Mike: “If ever you considered me as your friend even for a while, you will come”.
Jane: Oh.. you first gimme those lyrics. “Okay, If ever you considered me as your friend, prove it”.
Mike: That’s cheating.
Jane: Really? Prove it.
Mike: Everything doesn’t have proof.
Jane: Its does. (They start debating no.. yes.. no.. yes..)
Mike: Okay.. lets have coffee. I can bet I can make better coffee than you do.
Jane: Ah.. really?
Mike: Wanna try? What kinda coffee you like?
Jane: Okay.. More coffee, less sugar.
Mike: I too like more coffee and less sugar, I add coffee till I can smell the rich aroma of coffee and it pinches the throat. Ah..!
Jane: Hmm..
Mike: (Prepares coffee, gives a mug to her) Your coffee.
Jane: You okay Mike?
Mike: Yea.. Jane. Don’t talk about office, it will spoil my mood.
Jane: Nice! (taking a sip of coffee)
Mike: Temme something I donno.
Jane: Confidence is good thing. (both chuckles)
Mike: So you are coming to see my performance?
Jane: Um.. Okay! I wanna see you perform. Oh.. its 8:47 p.m. I have to go.
I am late, shit!
Mike: Wait I’ll drop you.
Jane: Thanks, I can go.. and by the way that’s Meg’s place. (teasing)
Mike: Do me favour and kill me. Meg? Never! Today, I left or I have to drop her.
Jane: (laughs)
Mike: Come lets go..
Jane: No.. Thanks.. I..
Mike: Come, sit.
Jane: (thinks: no option, sits at the back of his bike)
Mike: (feels like he is on cloud 9) I never wanted to leave my job but, things changed and I left. But I don’t regret my decision.
Jane: Mike! Slow down.. am afraid of speed.
Mike: Sorry!
Jane: Mike don’t talk, shut up and drive. Am scared.
Mike: (Hold me –he whispers) (chuckles)
Jane: What, why are you laughing?
Mike: If I’ll answer you then you’ll say don’t talk.
Jane: (Smiles, pause) I wonder how people can be so passionate about something that they can leave their job?
Mike: (Shrugs)
Jane: Yea.. Yea.. Stop! stop! stop!
Mike: Okay!
Jane: Thanks, bye. (leaves)
Mike: Bye. (returns back to his room)

Mike plops himself on bed, its 9:38 p.m.. He thinks about all the episodes of Jane.
He feels hungry, looks for something to eat. He prepares some noodles and eats.
He is lying on bed now, thinking so today’s day is over, I am left with 11 days for practice. He takes out his guitar and tries for different rhythms.

Its 4:43 a.m. still Mike is on.. trying to compose rhythms for “Favorite Mistake”.
Now he is tired enough to sleep. He goes to sleep with the flashback of all the time he had with Jane.

He gets busy with his practice with his band Euterpe. 10 days later: Tomorrow is his competition. Mike is going to perform as lead vocalist for the first time and he will be playing guitarist as well, for the song “Favorite Mistake” he has composed for Jane. His band members have advised him to dedicate his song to Jane on stage and propose her live. He is agreed to do this. So tomorrow he is gonna propose Jane. He calls Jane to check whether she is coming?

Mike: Hey!
Jane: Hi Mike, how is your practice going?
Mike: Its going good.
Jane: Okay. All the best.
Mike: You are coming tomorrow, right?
Jane: Yea.. I’ll try to leave office soon.
Mike: Okay, bye. (feels butterflies, what if she won’t come?)

Scene#17(Performance day, its 4:00 p.m. Camera pans over audience, bands, and panel of judges. Stage is all set to start performance, Euterpe- Mike’s band is on 4th number to perform): Competition starts, Mike still looking for Jane. He calls Jane.
Mike: Hi, where are you.
Jane: I am just leaving now, your Philip “Bastard” Watson was not allowing me to leave. Now he agreed. Gimme 30 minutes I am reaching. Sorry..  I am already late.
Mike: Its okay, come fast. My performance is on number 4.
Jane: Okay bye.

Now its time for second performance.. Mike feeling butterflies, it is gonna be  the biggest event of his life. His band members are encouraging him.. C’mon man, we’ll rock.. Lets do it!

Now its turn for third performance.. Mike waiting for Jane.. Jane calling.
Jane: Hi Mike! Sorry to disturb you, I have reached.
Mike: (Moves out from backstage and looks for her.)
Jane: (Says I am in purple dress center third last row).
Mike: Tries to find her.
Jane: (Waves)
Mike: Yea, got you (Oh she looks beautiful). (Next is his performance)

Now Mike’s band- Euterpe is gonna perform. Audience is crazy for the R&B song they are gonna perform. Mike on guitar, Chris on drums, Jake on bass and Kevin as lead vocalist. (every band has to perform two songs). They start their performance with their introduction. Jane is enjoying their performance.

Now it’s the time for Mike to perform his composition. He introduces himself: Hey all.. I am Mike, I am gonna perform a song called “Favorite Mistake” dedicated to someone special. (Jane still screaming Meg’s name) No its not Meg, its someone else I’ll tell after this performance – Mike announces. Ooh -Audience hoots in chorus.

The song goes like:
You donno what I feel;
I know its something real,
I don’t believe it when I look back;
I know its my favourite mistake.

He ends his song and audience claps, Jane tries to take pictures of Mike. Girls going crazy for him. Judges give their comments, they ask him to tell who is that girl behind this beautiful composition?

He takes a look at his band members. Chris, Jake and Kevin and they ask him to speak it out. He finally makes his words: Hi.. I donno what will be her answer, I am gonna say what I was trying to say to her from past 7 months. I left my job for this performance and I don’t regret for it ‘cause I have her as friend. I know either I’ll lose a friend or I’ll get a lover today and I just can’t afford to lose a friend like her. And if I lose her then I’ll have all the reasons to regret.

The girl who has conquered my mind, heart and sole is Jane, I mean “Janelle Griffith” (gulps his breath) Yes Jane its you. I know you must be wondering but its you.. and its true that I love you. (He feels numb, still he can hear audience hooting and cheering and asking Jane to say yes.)

All the eyes are on Jane, every one wanna know who is Jane? He asks Jane to come on stage. Please Jane. Jane moves small small steps and she is wondering what is happening? She reaches the stage and Mike offers her his hand, she gives her hand to him and he pulls her on stage.

She takes mic and speaks, you people may sketch me as a negative character of Mike’s love story but I never felt that way. Mike is a good friend of mine. And mike you ain’t gonna lose a friend today, neither you are gonna get a lover. And I won’t let you regret. We are friend and will be friends till 12 th of never.

Mike: Thank you all.. my band members for giving me strength to fulfil my dream to perform live. Thanks Jane for being a great friend of mine..  and.. and an inspiration for my first composition: “Favorite Mistake”.

Applause! Next band is ready to perform.

2 months later: Mikes’ band: Euterpe was the winner of “Rhythms”. Mike and his band members are Jr. Recording Artist with a music company called “Erato”. Jane is still working with same company and still single and still friend with Mike. Philip is fed up of the person who was hired at the place of Mike ‘cause he takes a leave every week. Still Mike’s inspiration for song is Jane.

“There is always an option better than we think of”.
                                                               ~♥The End♥~


  1. Shreya,

    Just too good. And you have so wisely left it to reader's imagination whether Mike and Jane got married or not.

    Take care

  2. a novel in making???

    (plse change my blog url in your list, i got a new one now)

  3. I read the whole thing :) After your lovely poems, comes this. Great :) You should write more stories :)

  4. @All: Thank you all for stopping by. :)


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