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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Last Salute

Imagine a soldier dying at combat zone;
lying in a pool of blood holding flag so high,
crawling in pain to reach his gun;
'cause he don't wanna give up before he says goodbye.

Bullets are crossing his heart;
as he tries to get up; pain breaks his spine,
he falls again with his arm up in air, thinking;
if we weren't at combat zone, we must be sharing glasses of wine. 

The flashback runs him through;
he says goodbye to the world; so brute,
and he goes down on knees;
in front of the flag, he makes the last salute.

Sound of gun fire echoes in the sky;
patches of blood are covering every inch of his skin,
he now sleeps in the arms of Gaia;
with lots and lots of wishes buried within.

He never wanted to fight like every mother's son;
and now he lies speechless in despair,
like a hero, he rests in peace;
and people box him up with 21 gun-shots in air.

The flashback runs them through;
they say don't be back to this world; so brute,
and they go down on their knees;
in front of his body, they make the last salute.

~Shreya ♥
P.S. My creation, please do not copy!!
P.P.S. People fight for a piece of land, they sacrifice their lives. They fight for belonging to different community, religion, creed and all these shit things. Is it not enough that we belong to same group Homo Sapiens Sapiens and share the same world? Think!!


  1. Oh wow, this is amazing. So meaningful.
    You're really talented!

  2. The bitter selfishness and lack of trust in each other has led this world into the misery and sufferings of wars and destruction. I view mother earth as our planet and we the intelligent surviving specie who's just too much intelligent to destroy its own existence.

    This post with the pictures by its side took me to the place where our soldiers stand and help us be safe. Wish I,we could help us and own coveting insatiable minds.

  3. A very bitter truth Shreya!fighting for a petty piece of land at the cost of human lives is simple foolishness.God made mother earth and humans made separating borders on it..disheartening to think..the emotions of the fighting soldier nicely narrated..

  4. This was very thought provoking. Great job!

  5. Patton said something like, "You don't win a war by dying for your country. You win it by making the other guy die for his country."
    (not a direct quote.."

  6. Good to see people realize the sacrifice of a soldier!

  7. Shreya,

    Tribute to a soldier penned with so much feelings at heart. PPS is really very thought provoking.

    Take care

  8. They give up everything for others and for their country. They are indeed very brave.
    Nice post :)

  9. It is the machine and men who go for the war but only men are those who bring glory o the nation. Salute them.....

    a perfect last salute any writer can give to a soldier .....

    i bow my head low twice......one for the soldiers for being what they are.....and for this poem...which understands them and their sacrifice and their feelings.....

  10. really it feels disgusting to think that such brave souls loose their lives for pointless and shit reasons..

    I usually wonder that how those soldiers be thinking when they see that the real spoil is within the country
    I wrote abt it few days bck..

  11. that is how humans are... logically we are all the same species and there is no need to fight..but then logic is the rarest commodity available these days... we have more than 100 soldiers hit by avalanche in Siachin and 3 days passed and no news...may God have mercy upon us...

  12. @All: Thank you all for stopping by, glad you people liked. :)


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