“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Augmented Insanity

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone. I donno how many times I'll realize this quotation? My today's facebook status: Politics paralysed humanity. For those who agree: Yea, we are in same boat. For those who don't: Walk in my shoes. I can never understand people. I wish I could read minds. They pretend to be good. Be innocent like a flower and be a serpent in it. I remember this line by Shakespeare. The more I read Shakespeare, the more I admire him. 

When you do good people stand next to you, they offer you and welcome you. When you do something wrong, they don't recognize you even your watchman will not salute you. When you are not doing good: no excuse works, no body believes you like unproved theorems. In college I used to organize events, if event went successful no credits to me but if it was not as good as expected, they start comparing and nagging questions were my only option. I hate those people who compare me, no matter if it is for something good or bad. I make a distance of 100 yards from people who compare, who are orthodox, who flaunt their stuffs as their status symbol, who try to rule me, who do me favor. I hate them from all my heart.

I hate people who have attitude. No matter who you are keep your attitude in your pocket, I have mine too. I donno what am learning, but I have learnt one thing for sure: Never ever trust anyone when it comes to professionalism. Cheat, backstab, politics, play tricks, bluff, lie, flaunt: I call it insane, people call it professionalism. Gah! Someone said to me: This world is not a suitable place for you, either leave this place or be like them, but I chose to strife.

I always remember the compliments that I've received, 'cause in tough times they work as catalyst for me that increase the rate of recovering reaction. I remember: One day while chatting to one of my lecturer he said: You know; you are one of my favorite students. I: but I never topped the university sir, and I bunked your lectures so much. He: Yes, I know. I donno what you are gonna be but you'll be someone great one fine day. I remember, I made so many teasing smilies for this along with LOL, ROFL!! But I don't see signs of being someone so great.   

A friend of mine said: One day when you'll be someone great, then I'll say she was my friend (I corrected him, "was" or "is"??) and people won't believe it that's why I want a group photograph so that I can tell those bastards: yes we shared same class room. I laughed and said: That's the ultimate PJ. But I've still saved that message, and whenever I feel like giving up: I just go to my inbox and read it.    

But I met those people also who do back bitching. Who pretend to be great friends but actually they are pests. Again Shakespeare's Friends & Flatterers knocked my mind. I have been so grateful to Lord for having few friends but good ones. I am doing my part of work, am not wrong in any way so I have all the reasons to chuck all this shit. This post won't be enough to write about how people are. People are available in so many versions, you'll never figure out which is their original one. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. Shreya, looks someone has hurt you! When in company of snakes either you become one or else become a mongoose. Choice is yours:)

  2. May god bless all pretty much says what your heart believes. Anger and hurt do not help in any way. We are all given our path to walk, and our circumstances to overcome. This is what the universe brings to us (or God if you wish) and how we respond to it is our choice. That is what destiny is. What we make of what is sent our way. Very well written. Smile now.

  3. Hey Shreya, unfortunately it's the mask that covers every individual in today's damn selfish, stubborn and fast moving world. You might think that this is the person who is good to be with but on the other day, you'll nab him doing something against you. Is it inbuilt or is it the requirement to grow? Well mostly I guess people play politics to sneak out their own benefits. Everyone knows it's bad but who doesn't want to grow? :/

    People will always be like this, people will treat you with a serrated stick but it's you who has to be stern, it's you who has to, yeah, choose happiness and give a damn to every bitching idiot you come around. It's bad to be one of those. Just be yourself. And I can see you are being yourself through this blog. Loved reading this! Keep Writing. :D

    (Sorry! Comment is overflowing :P)

    1. Thanks for this comment, it means a lot. :)

  4. people people... sometimes they can be a real pain in tha a** ;)
    and sometimes they can be as sweet as honey :)

  5. Being yourself come whatever or being the versatile split personality with masks for occasions...??I'm still confused!I feel the 2nd option is more a necessity in today's world but somewhere we do begin loosing ourselves..all muddled!!

  6. sadly the world is filled with hypocrites and no matter how much we deny it... we all hypocrites in one way or the other...

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  8. Shreya,

    May I say - Been there seen that. What you say is so right. World is so full of such persons. So just follow your own conscience and do what feels right to you. Let people say what they wish to, it is your happiness and peace of mind which is more important for you.

    Take care

  9. world is full of such chuckle heads... like they r born with purpose to b mean all their life..
    let them do all the sh~!^^ m sure they r fated to rot in hell :P

  10. hey peeps..
    my sweet dear :D
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