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Monday, February 6, 2012

Virtus Post Nummos

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Got my “First Salary” *Yay* \m/ Um.. today I checked my account and it was credited.  If I’d got the “pay slip” then I’d photocopied it and pasted it in my diary and may be tagged it on facebook, yea.. don’t wonder I am stupid, I know.. Lol!!

Well lemme tell you “Virtus Post Nummos” means "money comes first". Hmm.. I just received a call from my friend and she named me few things I have to give her from my first salary, and sister's call was on waiting.. lol. She must be preparing a list, I guess. Am saving money, I walk to my office and no chocolates, no ice-creams. I can spend thousands on these. Now I realize how much my parents love me, they gave me everything I pointed my finger at. Aww.. I miss them. 

And yea yesterday I got my laptop so now regular blogging, downloading songs from my favorite bands, novel writing and what not. Today after coming from office first thing I did was opened the lock of my room, second thing I did was switched on light and fan and third thing I did was turned on my laptop. :) And now am blogging and playing coldplay songs ♫ ♪ \m/

And one thing I wanna confess: I am not good at my work, yea. No, new comer or fresher is no excuse. Losers always have excuses. Its always a game me vs myself. People around me work double of me. Oh why am I comparing? But its true, I have to improve my skills. I know am dumbo but I also know I can work smart. 

Yesterday I did video chatting with my sister on skype, mom-dad were around. Okay, now daddy is calling. Gotta go now. Thank you Lord for everything, I owe you everything I have. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. We got our gift from your first salary in the form of this lively and candid post Shreya! Loved it! Many many congratulations and hope you keep going this way.
    You'll be fine! Just believe in yourself. You have best wishes and blessings. :)

    And by the way Coldplay is one of my favourite bands too. You should try 'Switchfoot', it's amazing too!

  2. @Rachit: Thanks a lot for best wishes, yea I had a collection of switchfoot. I keep on playing it and its amazing. \m/

  3. :-) Congratulations my friend..:-)
    First salary..Awesome feeeling I know....:-) And have faith in urself...You are only as bad as you think you are...Best of luck

  4. Shreya, A proud day in your life as the money rolls in as a first hard earned salary! Keep writing and enjoying all the blessings of life:)

  5. congrats on the first salary... treats for everyone? :P

  6. your owned earned money in ur hands must be a lovely,proud feeling..congrats!!

  7. Is the picture implying you were paid in dollars? ;-)

  8. Congrats, dear Shreya! LoL @ Ben's comment! Sure, you have a lot to learn but you're just starting out and I have faith in you to be successful in whatever you set your mind to do!

    God Bless and Good luck!

    P.S. Glad the lap is operable again!! :-) x0x

  9. Congrats...will send my list over too.

  10. congratulations on getting your first salary... can i prepare a list too? :P

    but at least you can find excuse for not being good at work... people like me are so lazy that they even cannot find excuse :P

    when i get my first salary... (if i ever do) ...sure i will share the feeling :)

  11. Shreya,

    Congratulations. Please do spend whatever you wish to on some good cause. Do not lose heart on being not good at work as this just the beginning and I am sure you will reach good dependability stage soon with your hard work and dedication.

    Take care


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