“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nostalgia Knocks

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Yesterday my both room-mates left for their home, so am left completely alone. Imagine, weekend all alone? Ugh.. it sucks. Yesterday was half day in my office, and I was the only one in my PG (paying guest house) who had to go office on saturday. My room-mates used to sleep till 11 a.m. and I have to wake up at 7:30 a.m. and I am kinda jealous of them; why they don't have to go on saturdays.. Grr! Today is sunday, means "laundry day", Argh!! Tomorrow, monday- the day I hate most. Yea! 

Once I reach office, I dedicate myself to work; to what I am paid for. I love working, I can't sit doing nothing for even 10 minutes. When I go to office then my energy level is low, but when I return back then my energy level overflows.. Yeah! I walk fast, as if something is after me. Lol! Yes; the reason is to talk to my family after whole day, to see them on skype and have the best part of my day. Life's not that bad, right?

I talk to them, have my evening tea and tell them everything about my whole day (it includes what dress I wore or what was in lunch and breakfast and everything). I know its stupid but I love sharing all this. When I was at my home then I used to fight with my parents to buy me this and that and the list never ends. But now they ask me to get me all those stuffs and I say no, its okay. Mommy cried, she said aww.. my baby has grown big, and gave me so many flying kisses on skype. I was like.. Oh Gawd.. tears were covering my eyes. I miss those days when I used to play rock metal with my speakers on full volume and mom used to snarl at me like anything and still I never stopped my music.

But I am good at acting, I can make them feel I am okay. I am okay, actually. Yea.. :) I use to travel in past when I played pranks with my dad, when I used to select black cool shirts for him, when I made spikey hairstyles to him and he used to remove them and tried every makeover to him, when we watched cricket matches on telly and all that screaming for every sixes & fours and nail-biting ending, when we used to play chess and I used to win every time and when he used to scold me whenever I reach home late. These nostalgic episodes are set on loop in my mind, they play on and on. 

Mom is a typical Indian mom: honest, spiritual, loving, caring and friendly and strict when it comes to food and health. There is nothing about me that my mom don't know. She is a best cook and always ready to get me anything but puts conditions like: if you want this then score 70%, or you have to come to party/shopping with me (the thing I don't like) or you have to take a big bowl of soup every morning or it can be anything. But now no one is there who stands beside me with a bowl of soup or a big glass of milk, to wake me up when am late, to cook my favorite food, to ask me whether am hungry or want something, to oil my hairs, to tease me for every guy I know and to pat me when I sleep. I miss all this. I miss my sister: all those dirty talks, pranks, having maggi at 2 a.m., commenting each other on dressing sense and how we look like, teasing, and fighting for even a piece of bread, debating mom-dad loves me more not you, and clicking funny pictures and kinda black mailing. lol.. Shit! those days are gone.

Life is unexpected, I feel like going back to my place. The place where my heaven was, where I spent 22 years of my life, my place and my people. She told me your everything is as it was, my teddy, my novels, my study table, my dresses, my favorite songs and everything I used. But its okay, I have settled here, now I can pick myself up whenever I fall, I can see myself growing responsible. I can feel the change: in me, around me. "Falling is not that bad, for a while falling feels like flying.. ain't it??" I can enjoy that flight during fall, I have to. Nostalgia is something that keeps me alive, tells me I was in heaven and had best time, I feel blessed for what I am and I don't miss for what I don't possess 'cause I know imma make it someday. I don't regret for what I have been, and am leaving no stone unturned for every dream I have seen. I am okay and now there is no way to back off. Thank you Lord for always being my side. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. Shreya, lovely post and sentimental one too! I read it out aloud to my wife sharing resemblance with our daughter who too is away from home :)

  2. It is sad....even after staying away from home 22 years, I must have got used to it. But, no. I still am homesick.

  3. Ahhh welll.....i stayed away from home for over 3 yrs too....wat i realized is livin away from home has its pros n cons.....if sum1 is too close to their family it is of course a problem..nostalgia causes so much pain.
    ...try to focus on wat lies ahead of u in stead of the past...it worked for me...:)hope it works for u as well...god bless....

  4. Reading this, I felt or maybe craved for the days when I'll be working and making money on my own. For myself. Drawing pictures and figments of imagination is inevitable. Right Shreya? :)

    And then at the next moment, I am overwhelmed with your lively and boisterous past which brings back all the memories I have ensconced at the back of my mind. Simply very cute and frank post. Loved it Shreya! Nostalgia is one of the bones this world is thriving upon. :D

    Keep Writing. :)

  5. Woah! We just lost touch now, didn't we? :)
    We realise the value of people when we are no longer with them. No matter what, our families will always stick by :)

  6. @Rahul Sir: hmm.. she must be experiencing same situation, feeling, homesickness and all.

    @Janu: Yea.. I understand.

    @Rahul: I wish it works for me as well, putting my fingers crossed. :)

    @Rachit: I wish you start working soon, yea right nostalgia is one of the bones this world is thriving upon.

    @Philo: yea.. :O yea, we realise it when we are not with them, and it becomes the saddest thing when we come to know that how much they meant for us.

  7. Shreya,

    A time comes when one has to leave safe cocoon and find own feet. Fond memories keep one going. I can relate to this as I left home when I was 16.

    Take care

  8. could relate myself....old homely moments are treasured but what's life without exploring new avenues!Take it as a challenge!

  9. ..d best phase of our life was when we wr kids..d reason being..dat was d time wen we wr d ' real ' us..we didn t knw..hw to fake..
    ..we used to spend most of our time wid our parents n ppl who meant d most to us..
    ..we wr miles away frm worries..dat trouble us all d time des days...we wr at our naughtiest best dat time..always into something wicked..we have lived our dreams during our childhood..
    ..' a child is d father of man '..has been rightly said..
    ..i wish i had a time machine..i want to travel back to those days..
    ..but sadly dat is nt possible..n we have to pretend..dat we are happy..
    ..i loved ur post...
    ..its beautifully written...;)

  10. Warning: nostalgia increases with age.... Nice post!

  11. Sometimes, we all have to leave our comfort zones and start exploring life on our own. The good part is, no matter how far we are from our family,they'll always be there for us,checking on us, supporting whatever we do, loving and waiting for us to come home. :)

  12. we never truly fall, we just forget to fly for a while... :)

  13. You reminded me of my god old days too..I m so used to be independent nw that now being back at home I feel like a prisoner though yes all comfort n luxuried around me I still yearn for my freedom n independence...

    Those were the best days of my life...


  14. @Naimishika: Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Jack Sir: yea, very true.

    @Rohit: Motivating words, I'll be fine. :)

    @Rigzin: :) Thanks for stopping by and for such a nice comment. :)

    @Carolina: Yea, I agree.

    @Eprilis: Yea, family is always our side.

    @quartertoinsane: yea.. you modified my words.. ;)

    @Mani: Yea, may of my friends say same thing. TC :)


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