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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Orpheus & Eurydice

Eurydice & Orpheus
Eurydice in her efforts to escape the satyr;
fell into a nest of vipers; suffered serpent bite,
Her body was discovered by Orpheus who played;
mournful songs when he saw her turning white.

All the Gods and Nymphs wept at his songs;
and they advised Orpheus to travel the underworld,
his music softened the hearts of Hades& Persephone;
who allowed Eurydice to return with him to upper world.

They kept a condition: he should walk in front of her;
and not look back until they both had reached the earth,
Orpheus accepted the condition and made his way;
Eurydice followed him, and continued to the girth.

In anxiety Orpheus turned back before they reached;
forgetting that both needed to be in the upper world,
Eurydice vanished and never came back;
Orpheus cried as he left her in the underworld.

At the end of his life, he disdained the worship of Gods;
A morning he went to the oracle to salute his God at dawn,
he was ripped to pieces by Maenads for not honoring Gods;
A woman killed him and his songs still played on and on.

Helicon sank underground when the women who killed Orpheus;
Orpheus Head on his Lyre
tried to wash her blood-stained hands in its waters,
After the death of Eurydice few threw sticks & stones at him;
music was so soulful, rocks & branches refused to be attackers.

His head and lyre, still singing mournful songs;
Lyre was carried to heaven by the Muses; placed among stars,
The Muses gathered up fragments of his body and buried them;
the Nightingale sang over his grave and ended love wars.

After river Sys flooded, his soul returned to the underworld;
where he was reunited at last with his beloved Eurydice,
but Eurydice was dead, and this grieved him so much that;
Orpheus committed suicide from his grief unable to find Eurydice.

~Shreya ♥
P.S. My creation, please do not copy!!
P.P.S. Poem is based on Orpheus & Eurydice, according to Greek mythology.


  1. I am into mythology as well but the way you put it up there is great.

  2. A lovely peep into Greek Mythology in your poetic words with lovely images!

  3. your blog is enchanting! Effect of Orpheus' music?

  4. Shreya,

    Totally engrossing till end.

    Take care

    PS : The little birdie comes and sits on lines at time which are yet to be read thus blocking some words. Please train him to be careful. Thanks

  5. wow,lovely poem with a story...and heavy on vocabulary,had to really concentrate to grasp.seems like reading about a old mythology!greek?

  6. ops,didn't read last line,you had mentioned it.I was right:)

  7. God help me....what I write is child's play in comparison to this..exquisite.

  8. @Izdiher: :)

    @Miss Lego: Thanks :)

    @quartertoinsane: Thanks :)

    @Rahul Sir: :D Thanks :)

    @Anshul: Thanks :)

    @Autumn: That was a nice comment, yea may be Orpheus' effect ;)

    @Jack Sir: Thanks, oops that bird loves being there where our eyes roll to read. :O

    @Janu: Thanks :) xx

    @Rohit: Thanks, yea you are right everything of this post is related to Greek mythology. :)

    @Alpana: Oh thanks, this comment is more than enough for me. You are a great writer, glad to get this comment from you. :D

    @Sm: Thanks :)

  9. Shreya ~ you are AMAZING! You wrote an entire story (based on a true story) and included all those rhymes! It is so beautiful and my eyes were drawn to the first image like a magnet! I do enjoy art such as that and Greek mythology!

    Much time and effort has been invested in this post. I see this on a regular basis from you and just wanted you to know how much I appreciate that and YOU, of course :D

    FANTASTIC post! :-) x0x

  10. This creation deserves an applaud! Its a spectacular piece ...Well done!!


  11. fantastic... story in ryhmes :) i was thinking about shreya goshal and then i read this :)

  12. @Fiona: Thanks for this lovely comment, yea it took deep thoughts but writing is all about thoughts. Its a work I love to do. :) xx

    @Mani: Thanks a tonne :) xx

    @Muhammad Israr: Oh Shreya Ghoshal! :O

  13. It's so interesting to study the Greek Mythology! :)
    Missed your writing :D

  14. So deep. Great post.

  15. CHeck out my blog...an award is waiting for you..

  16. @Philo: Thanks, missed yours as well :O :D

    @Evanna: Thanks :)

    @Rahul: Okay, thanks :) :D

  17. Shreya
    A mythological story conveyed so creatively in exquisite verse. Simply Superb !

  18. @Kalai: Thanks :) xx

    @R.Ramakrishnan: Thanks for your lovely words sir. :)

  19. I'm smiling in reminiscence! I had read this story long ago in my school book, 'Insights'. I loved it then and I loved it now! just a warm thanks Shreya for writing this.

    I'm surely gonna read it again! :D


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