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Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Life, Old Me

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Hmm.. so am on the new way, new life but old me. So it was holiday today and tomorrow is sunday, so another holiday *yay*. Now I feel what a holiday is. I desperately wanted a job and what not. Read my post The Day When Er. Added Before My Name. Click HereToday I (with my both room mates) went for shopping; again the thing I don't like but I had to. Holidays are boring when you have nothing to do, last saturday was half day and sunday was horrible. This saturday is good and sunday is gonna be the laundry day (when I am gonna wash all my clothes) aww.. Mom!! :(

So it was Pantaloons where we found something good, my first reaction on the things I picked was: searching for a tag mentioning 50% flat off up and down the columns, second reaction was checking the price tag (raising my eyebrows in wonder as a symbol of big NO) and third one was again searching for the tag saying some % off around my right and left. Gosh, things are so costly still I got few.

Um.. from past two days something is missing donno what, may be.. um.. I donno. Yea, mom-dad has given me a list of instructions: Don't use phone while crossing the road, cross road carefully, don't skip meals, wear glasses while working in front of screen in office, daily a glass of milk that too with 2 spoons of bournvita, oil hairs every saturday, i-pod not more than half an hour, sleep on time (no late night work, internet, novel, songs), no driving (if got the vehicle of any friend then speed should not exceed 40 km/hr) and what not. Mom-dad always treat me like a 6 year old. C'mon am a big girl.

And what's new, yea I was lost yesterday while returning from office. Oh, it was so stupid of me. Hmm.. Aa.. Aa.. Aakchhoo, excuse me! Got cough and cold. Grr..! Mom dad will be here in bangalore the day they will figure out I am having cough. Lol. And I wanna drive Blue Avenger so desperately. Yeah \m/ Okay gotta go now, its 11:35 p.m. now my room mate wants her laptop back. Will keep writing no matter what, yea composed 2 new poems in past two days of feeling emptiness. Will post them next. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. I get lost all the time. In fact... I'm lost now ;-)

  2. So you got a job! Congrats. Bangalore is my hometome...enjoy.

  3. Shreya,

    How are you feeling now? Hope you are taking due precautions and medicines for cough. Parents will always feel concerned about children even when they are married and have their own children.

    Take care

  4. Wondering what happen to you these days. Congrats on New life, place and work. Parents are still parents however faster we grow.
    Take care and follow the rules. :d

  5. @Ben: Lol, as expected. XD

    @Janu: Thanks, okay so am gonna take all the B'lore info from you, no need to google anything. ;)

    @Jack Sir: Am fine now, yea parents always care no matter what.

    @Jeevan: Thanks, but what are you wondering about? ;)

  6. hmm..its great u'r able to take out time for writing these posts and 2 new poems,even on work.I'm feeling cramped for time!!and missing those free days of blogging

  7. Congratulations on the new job. And Bangalore is a lovely city. Give yourself some time and I am sure you will like it. It was the joining place for my 1st job(and so far the only one! :P) as well and is one of my favorite cities. Good Luck and All the best. :)

    P.S - 23rd Jan is the bday of my brother. So yay!! :D
    - I liked your 'Forever never comes' poem very much :)

  8. Congrats to you for your job. :) I wish you would be enjoying working. :)

  9. @Rohit: Time is a matter of preference, you have to figure out what comes first. Yea with job its kinda difficult to take out time to write, but I some how make time for my write ups, cause its something I can't stop.

    @Kunal: Thanks, yea am gonna settle. Glad you liked my post. :) Big thanks for following :)

    @Anshul: Thanks, yea I like what I am doing. :)

  10. Oh it's a new you for a new life couldn't fit old views :)

    I just love how you share yourself in your blog. It's like entering your mind :)


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