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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

E Re Nata

Hey.. Peeps.. :) After so many days I am writing here, got many things to share. E Re Nata is a Latin phase which means: according to the present circumstances. Before that I must thank all my dear readers who kept on commenting, reading and asking me to get back to my posts. Thanks Fiona, Philo, and all my regular readers. How you people are doing? Will get back to your blog soon. 

Homesick: Yea I just relocated to Bangalore for job, its been just 11 days and am badly homesick. On this 23 January was my sister's b'day and for the first time I was not there with her, it was like oh.. life can bring you anything. She kept on telling me the menu for that day just to tease me, aww.. I miss north  Indian food, and mom made everything I used to complain about. Love you mom. *sob sob* :(

My First Job: Yea finally after few months of job search I got one. I love my job, though I know I am naive at it. I am so new to this world of job and all, but I have got a great environment, good people and a cool office. I feel lucky. *tee hee*

The Interview Day: When I reached for the interview in the company I work now, it was around 10:00 a.m. and I guess I was the first candidate for that day, I had to search for the address of the company also (as it had been just 5 days in Bangalore). I am so stupid, I was asking address from a beggar saying: "Bhaiya: you know this place (reading the address from my mobile notes)". People thereby started laughing, oh! it was so embarrassing. Finally I reached the venue after calling the contact person for venue (who is now my Team Leader). I was called in. Oh, I felt butterflies in my stomach, and felt like my heart is racing and attempting to leave my body. I was stammering too. Finally interview was over, I was like Oh God! I kept my fingers crossed, and I was tossed between yes and no for the selection. In interview they can test you for anything, but mind you have to clear the test for patience, yeah.. I waited so long for my offer letter after it. 

My First Joining: Yea, I  joined next day. I am surrounded with so many professionals and I feel like am a baby in my office. Everyone has done MBA, they hold pretty good experience and I am B.Tech dumbo. I am so naive, but somewhere I love this raw part of mine, yes! I love to be a learner rather being a master.

Words Of Wisdom: Yea a senior in my office asked me to keep asking things that quests in your mind. Clear your doubts, don't feel bad for having doubts. He said: "Doubt is a doubt, no matter if its dumbest or super talented". I got these words copied and pasted in the most active part of my mind. I like people who inspire me through these kinda things and make me feel comfortable, I mutely thank them with all my heart for letting me know what I never been through. Many people inspire me with just one appearance, while I was rushing towards my office in morning I was grumbling for not getting taxi, there I saw a sweeper with one hand and I was like: Oh Geez! How come people have so many guts, I was touched. 

Alone In City: Yeah this is the most saddest thing I am going through. I have no friends, no relatives, no one to talk about the things I have saved in my core. I use to talk to mom dad ever day but its not enough. I wish I could go home and have those cozy days. When I was in my home town and desperately waiting for job then I used to be upset and frustrated for having nothing to do, and now finally I have something to do so I feel like going back to those days when all I used to do was sleeping, eating and writing. I am a confused dumbo, the day I'll find out what I actually want; I'll be happy. 

My Honesty Is Not On Sale: Since Lord has been so kind to me and I feel like I am His favorite child I have promised myself never to sell my honesty for few bucks. "My honesty is priceless, I won't sell it for few bucks"- this was my facebook status a couple of days back. Lord has given me so much, if He takes something back then it would be a fair deal. I know my Lord will be standing next to me even if my own shadow leaves. So am gonna do all my work with honesty without any shortcuts, yea I may make mistakes, c'mon I am not perfect right. But I can assure I will learn from my mistakes and won't repeat them again. 

Dreaming Is On: I am working these days but all my dreams are still in my to do list, I think of all the stuffs I want, yea I am gonna make it. This city looks boring, I can't even sleep properly here. If I'll say same thing to others then they will die laughing. Bangalore is a great place, but I find it boring may be because am new to this place. I am gonna leave no stone unturned to make all that I want. 

Oops! This post has become ridiculously long, bear with my boring prose puhlease. Hmm.. currently listening to Taylor Swift's song: A Place In This World, yea this song suits to my present situation. Dear readers and followers: am sorry for not reading your blog posts, I don't have internet here, I either go to some cyber cafe or my room mate lends me her laptop for sometime. I am gonna get my laptop and internet by february. *yay* *grin* Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. wow yu got job..congrats....hope yur depression mode s over now

  2. Any fun things to do in B'lore?

    I've been to Delhi and found it pretty exciting :)

  3. congrats on the job... job searches can be tiring at times...

    it happens in new cities, bt u'll make new friends... have fun :D

  4. Shreya, heartiest congratulations on getting a job! I am very happy for you and wish you success in every pursuit! It is difficult to leave home but with your positive outlook I am sure you will do proud to yourself as well as to your family!Best wishes once again and keep writing:)

  5. Yay! A post from Shreya! SO happy to see one and WoW! I'm ecstatic that you found a job! CONGRATULATIONS!

    I know it's hard to move to a place where you don't know anyone and sometimes our emotions can blind us from seeing what this new territory really has to offer us :) I have no doubt that you'll start to discover new things there and make it a second home for yourself!

    Best Wishes to you, Shreya! :) ♥

    P.S. Thumbs up to "your honesty not being for sale"!

  6. Congrats on the job.Bangalore is a fun place.Have a wonderful time.

  7. WOW, looks like you have a lot going on!
    Congrats on getting your first job :D
    And good luck with everything :)

  8. congrats onthe job and all the best with the new place tooo..
    you will soon get used to it ..

    Bangalore is a good place and soon you will have new friends and people around

    Take care and all the best


  9. Shreya,

    Congratulations on getting job which you like. Never feel that you are any less as you do have a sound qualification but at the same time do not get over confident. Best in initial stages is to observe and learn without talking much. You will overcome homesickness once job pressure builds up, of course you will remember home. You are not alone there as there are many more bloggers from that place you could get in touch with. If you wish you may contact me at my id given in profile so I could give you some introductions. There is another girl from our residential complex who has joined job in that place after completing engineering in computer science.

    Take care

  10. :-) Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Wish u all the success....

  11. @All: Thanks a lot. Feels great. XD

  12. nice to see you back on blogspot.congrats for your job!I'm experiencing similar situation,now..homesickness,missing north indian food here in kerela..Your interview exp is really funny :)..alone in city really kills!I too have got buddies but who aren't my type..but its's all about adjusting as per need of the hour!keep learning,keep evolving..all the best in your career..and bangalore is a nice place once one gets a feel of it.I went there once for ssb and I remember visiting garuda mall..I'm badly missing my Delhi too!!


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