“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

One Goal: Many Reasons & Many Ways

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Merry Christmas to all my fellow bloggers. :) I was thinking about Death: The Great Divide. For me this topic has always been a matter to think and write about and read about as well. 
While reading about Sigmund Freud I read his quote: "The goal of all life is death". I was lost in deep thoughts of death. I kinda agree with this quote. We take birth, live life the way we want, after all we die or I must say we travel the same journey to death. So I must say we all have same goal, which we achieve in many ways with many reasons, right? I am bound to think over this and inspired to write this post. Albert Camus said: "Life is meaningless". I agree, yea I do and I know this thought is debatable and always will. 

But I don't consider death as the end. I believe in the life after death. I kinda agree with Dr. Raymond Moody and his Near- Death Experiences (NDE). I had written about it in my post: The Great Divide months ago.

What are your views on this? Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. Death is not the end, it just the start of a new beginning...
    Wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas too:)

  2. Freud was a pervert, u cant take that guys word for anything...

    and i agree with what death said in the book thief, "do not be afraid", "I am nothing if not fair"

  3. Shreya, the final destination is known but it is the journey that we need to enjoy to new destinations;)! Merry Christmas!

  4. Hmm..so here's my Shreya in deep deep thoughts!
    Me too keep thinking on the same matter but when I share my thoughts with my friends or others they use to say.. Here's miss philosophy again starting!

    So unwillingly I get bound to stop there n then :(

    I'm agree with you!
    We all moves towards the same goal..''death''
    Thanks for sharing!

    Khushi ke mauke pe ye sab nahi sochte ..
    Merry Christmas :)

  5. Merry Xmas to you and all your friends, family members Shreya....

  6. These words sent me into a deep tizzy!-and deeper thoughts..I have a strange feeling that death is more beautiful than life is..maybe dark pessimistic thoughts..but I am very curious to unravel this mystery,maybe its a door to the third world!.....maybe my next post will be on this theme..

  7. Death is inevitable in this earthly world, but I believe and hope that life after this is eternal :)

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas, dear Shreya :) ♥

  8. I agree with your views on life being a journey towards death. Yet, death is something that we can experience each moment in the present too. We die (we can choose to die) to our past each moment. Our inhalations and exhalations are reflections of the process of life and death. A large part of Buddhist training is to learn how to die happily. It is because we resist the infinite deaths that life offers us that we suffer, holding on to things that cannot be changed, cannot be undone. Nice and thought provoking post, mate, keep blogging! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  9. @Arti: Yea right, death is not the end. I agree. :)

    @quartertoinsane: I donno how Sigmund freud was, I accept best of a people and ignore the worst of them. Some of Sigmund's work and thoughts inspire me, and that what I look for.

    @Rahul Sir: Right sir, Merry Christmas :)

    @Simran: I agree with you, I too when discuss all this with my friends they start calling me philosopher n all, very few of them understand. Yea, on this happy moment I should give up these kinda thoughts. :) xx

    @naimishika: Welcome to my blog, Merry Christmas :)

    @Rohit: I agree with you. I'll read your post. :)

    @Fiona: I too believe so. Merry Christmas :) xx

    @Subho: I am nodding my head in yes with every line you wrote, I agree. Thanks for this nice comment. :)

  10. Like death every end has a beginning shreya...
    Though the mystery of birth n death yet aint revealed but nonthless to ponder upon the same requires lot f thoughtfulness and it was a nice attempt from you.

    Merry christmas.


  11. Shreya,

    Thanks for wishes. Navigated to linked post and read. We all are aware that time will be up some day but instead of accepting this truth we all try to evade or close our eyes to. What is after death, who knows? The couplet of Omar Khayyam quoted by you says it so clearly. We only leave behind our deeds which are remembered by all as good or bad.

    Take care

  12. hey sherya - just think another life after death - we are here for a test - good and bad deeds - this world is not even eternal - death is start ov new beginning - don`t think too much about it.

    cheer up

    love x

  13. oh, this is very heavy for me!I just want to be in the present, celebrating each moment!
    -Autumn Eliza

  14. Hello my best wishes for these dates as indicated
    and for the new year arrives that your wishes are met
    Happy New Year 2012!.
    A hug.

  15. @Mani: Yea I agree with you, mystery of life and death is still to unfold. Thanks for stopping by. :)

    @Jack Sir: Thanks for reading linked post too, yea no one knows what's after death?

    @Shama: Yea right, this world is not eternal.

    @Autumn Eliza: That's the right thing you decided, present is everything we have, it matters a lot. :)

    @Ricardo Miñana: Happy new year to you too. I visited your blog, you write in espanol I guess, I donno espanol so couldn't understand your posts. :O

  16. So true, death comes to us all, just have to live the best we can until then.

  17. As per Hindu religion our aim in life is to attain Nirvana.A person reaches the state of nirvana only when moksha is attained. Moksha is the liberation from the cycle of birth and death and one's worldly conception of self. The Union with the supreme being and this experience of blissful ego-lessness is termed nirvana.
    Merry Christmas

  18. It's the body that dies. The soul survives :) Freud's theories are interesting to read :)

  19. hi,
    nice thought, merry christmas :)

  20. @Pat Hatt: Yea, right.

    @R.Ramakrishnan Sir: I agree with you, I have read about nirvana n moksha. This was a nice comment. :)

    @Philo: Yea, soul cahnges bodies. It never dies.

    @Evanna: Thanks :)


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