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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh! Love

                                                                me that you'll
                                                         never leave me alone;
                                                     but I know you are leaving
                                               me without letting me know, oh!
                                       And what about the things that you swore.
                                everything was fine, where all those days are gone?
                         When I asked about it, then at my face you slammed the door.
                So am not gonna ask about it, no matter if its gonna hurt me to the core.
                          But I'll miss you forever, I donno how will I live without you;
                                I don't want you to go, 'cause you are my world.. oh!
                                       So what can I do for you, to make you stay?
                                             Oh boy you are the only one I love;
                                                  gimme a chance and we can
                                                      make our life like the
                                                            heaven above.
                                                              so stay, my

~Shreya ♥
P.S. My creation, please do not copy!!
P.P.S. Inspired by Fibonacci of Princesa Fiona


  1. " never leave me alone; but I know you are leaving me without letting me know"

    penned well buddy... ur fibonacci is so pretty...
    like d picture...
    God bless u...

  2. Wonderfully penned down. Loved it. The emotions flowed well throughout the poem.
    My first visit to your blog, came via Rahul Bhatia ji's blog.

  3. Great use of form, truly brought your verse out that much more, nicely done!

  4. Shreya,

    Relationship turning sour told so well and eagerness to keep it going also. However in any relationship mutual respect and trust are a must.

    Take care

  5. Very well written. Also, I love the new design of your website. Easy to browse through and really charming. Merry Christmas Shreya. <3

  6. wow... u integrated the fibonacci sequence in a poem!!!

  7. ahhh well......u re one talent powerhouse....I am running out of adjectives to describe your poetic prowess...:-) mmm....very very well done...keep em coming...

  8. Aww.. great poem but sad :(

    There should be respect and understanding.

  9. Super Like..
    its like m out of word :P
    Fibonacci-English-Emotion. Most unrelated things blended so fantastically :)

    Awesome job Shreya !!

  10. Another beautiful Fibonacci! I love the way you wrote this sad story, the feeling are there, the heart can feel the pain.
    Very well painted and I have to agree the new design is awesome.

  11. Wow! Lovely :) Everyone is writing Fibonaccis. And I just can't write it :P

  12. It looks so pretty, Shreya! You used different word counts per line which created a flawless shape! I have this image in my personal files and adore it's beauty! Was hoping to use it with a poem someday but you beat me to it lol! :D

    Great work! :) x0x

  13. @Kalai: Thanks, glad you liked. :)

    @Arti: Thanks for stopping by, you are welcome here. :)

    @Pat: Thanks :)

    @Jack Sir: Yea right, mutual respect and trust are 2 important elements.

    @TheChronicR: Glad you liked the new look and enjoyed my fibonacci, Merry Christmas to you too. :)

    @quartertoinsane: Yea, I tried and managed to make it. :)

    @Rahul: Thanks, so much words of praise. Am flying. ;) XD

    @Megha: Yea, I used a sad theme. Thanks. :)

    @Jyoti: Thanks, glad you liked. :)

    @MarieHarmony: Thanks :)

    @Philo: Lol, I left this Fibonacci incomplete, it was just not happening and then out of the blues it happened. :P

    @Fiona: Lol, thanks. Glad you liked, nice to read words of praise from a great writer like you. :) xx

  14. Hi ,this is incredibly beautiful fib sonnet Shreya..your best poem as per me, has changed from 'beautiful nights' to 'this one'...The image is awesome...and ur diamond-symmetry of fib sonnet is lot better than mine:):)must have put in loads of time arranging the spaces!!

  15. Oh this is beautiful, I know it's melancholic too but it is so fine, so well done and it has so much sensitivity in it. Amazing.

  16. O! This is beautiful but life it happens!!

    Hope he listens to the voice of ur soul.


  17. Oh! Sad but really beautiful. Kind of like a movie scene you just described so well :)

  18. Intense feeling and creativity delight
    Made myself moving; touched the note right...
    I haven't ever had any good experience about love, so I wont mention anything about that...
    But the work here is just awesome. :)

  19. love, love, love the fairy picture!

    thought-provoking ideas about love ...

    i admire the way you form the poem so that it fits into that shape.

    thank you for sharing!!!

  20. Superlike...
    Beautifully penned and presented....

    keep goin!!!

  21. @Rohit: Glad you liked :) Yay!! :D

    @Miss Lego: Thanks :)

    @Mani: This is a work of fiction. ;) :P

    @Ph_: Hmm.. Thanks :)

    @Anshul: Thanks :)

    @Linda: :) Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked. :)

    @Prakash: Thanks :D

  22. A very visually appealing and touching poetry! Beautifully written , Shreya...

  23. Hello Shreya.
    Some heartfelt words here.
    Love the form & the imagery is stunning...I've seen her work before.
    Thanks for sharing & commenting. I appreciate the comment.

    A Woman's Poverty

  24. @Rahul Sir: Thanks :)

    @Andy Sir: Thanks, glad you liked. :)

    @P.N. Subramanian Sir: Thanks :)

  25. Beautiful form poetry... heart felt words, form is so lovely developed. I enjoyed it and could relate to the pain in your heart... so evocative.

    Thanks for sharing...

    Wish you have a great new year ahead.... May you have peace, love and prosperity ...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  26. @Shashi: Thanks :) Happy new year :)

  27. Beautiful... and only u can make it Shreya. Even the sorrow to feel so good :)

    Nicely written the poem. Congrats!

  28. @jeevan: :) thanks alot, nice comment :D

  29. veera ranganath sagarJanuary 10, 2012 at 7:39 PM

    beautiful poetry,excellent

  30. @veera ranganath sagar: Thanks :)


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