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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year

New year is on the wings of the wind,
best wishes from dear ones are around;
I wish them too and hope for the best,
looks like last year's episode has rebound.

New resolutions to make; plans to work,
time to learn from old and step in new;
Chuck those odds and kick out the pain,
reasons for joy are big and to be sad are few.

Speakers are on and dance floor is waiting,
new year wishes flashing on my phone;
I'll put my hands up and party all night,
its great to know that I won't be alone.

Its time to say goodbye to this year,
and welcome the new one up next in line;
so welcome it with open arms and smile,
with those moves and glasses of wine.

Hey new year bring happiness with you,
you're gonna be another chapter of my life;
sweep in gently and rock my world,
you're welcome, c'mon gimme a hi five.

~Shreya ♥
P.S. My creation, please do not copy!!
P.P.S. Happy New Year to all my readers, followers & visitors, God bless y'all.. :)
Click on this image and see the birds wishing new year :)


  1. happy New year
    time to say goodbye to this year,
    and welcome the new one up next in line;
    so welcome it with open arms and smile,
    with those moves and glasses of wine.

  2. wow, u wrote a song for new year... nice

    a fun new year to you too...

  3. lovely composition Shreya..it felt like a lyrical conversation!..beautiful poem full of vibrant energy the new year is bringing:)

  4. God bless you too! Hope you have a fantastic 2012 :)

    PS, that bird really likes to land on the paragraphs I'm reading ;)

  5. A fantastic poem and post for the last day of 2011! I couldn't say it any better than Rohit did :) I am laughing at what Ben said, because I always encounter the same thing when I come here ha ha!

    Wishing you a beautiful, 2012, Shreya! I feel very blessed to have met you here this year. You're an *awesome* young woman :)

    ♥ ~*PEACE*~ ♥ ~*LOVE*~ ♥ & ~*HOPE*~ ♥ from my heart to yours . . . x0x

  6. Lovely poetic farewell to 2011! Keep Smiling and Keep writing in 2012!

  7. Shreya
    What a wonderful poem to usher in the New Year. Wishing you a great & rocking New Year 2012. May all your wishes & aspirations be fulfilled and all your dreams come true.
    Warm Regards

  8. A very happy new year my dear...keep writing, keep inspiring, keep living joyously.

  9. Shreya,

    Beautiful way of wishing. Love the lines "Chuck those odds and kick out the pain,
    reasons for joy are big and to be sad are few." May 2012 be just the way you want it to be for you.

    Take care

  10. Very beautifully expressed....Wishing happiness and well being for you always...Happy New Year

  11. @Sm: Thanks, same to you :)

    @quartertoinsane: Thanks, have a great year ahead :)

    @AbhiLaSH RuHeLa: Thanks :)

    @Rohit: Thanks :) :D \m/

    @Ben: lol, thanks :)

    @Fiona: Thanks for this lovely comment, am blessed too, I found you. Thanks to blogger ;) God bless :) xx

    @Rahul Sir: Yea sure sir, I will carry on my writing. :)

    @R.Ramakrishnan: Thanks for warm wishes :)

    @Janu: thanks, God bless :) xx

    @Jack Sir: Thanks, glad you liked :) TC :)

    @Anshul: Thanks :)

  12. Hello Shreya. Happy New Year!
    No better way to close out one year & usher in another.
    Lovely post.

    Wishing you all the very best for this coming year. May it be one filled with much happiness, laughter, music & of course love.
    Thanks for sharing & for taking the time to visit. I really appreciate it.

    A Poet's Immortal Thoughts

  13. I just read greetings to a Happy New You ~ without rebounds lol...

    Wishing you a blissful year :) God bless.

  14. Loved your poem.. Happy New Year to you.. Let this year brings you the magic you wish..

    Someone is Special

  15. Nicely written.
    Happy New Year! :-)

  16. Hey yaar am new to your blog but i loved each and every post of yours :) Happy New Year, hav a great year ahead... tc and yaa am a follower of ur blog... here is mine :)do visit http://timetoseedreamzz.blogspot.com
    keep smiling :)

  17. onho... i was thinking to copy it on my blog but then your P.S. :(

    happy new year and may all your wishes come true... :)

  18. Happy New Year ,Shreya.. :)
    Sorry for the late wishes..
    Love n hugs!

  19. @Andy Sir: Thanks for lovely wishes :)

    @Melissa: Thanks :) xx

    @Someone is Special: Thanks a tonne :)

    @Komal: Thanks :)

    @Evanna: Thanks :)

    @Miss Lego: :) thanks :) xx

    @ANJALI.N.KUMAR: Thanks, I'll visit yours ASAP :)

    @Muhammad Israr: Aww.. thanks :)

    @Simran: Ah.. its okay dear, thanks :) xx


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