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Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Obsession: Photography

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Photography is kinda new-new obsession for me. I love clicking. I just adjust my pixels and click. I edit and save it. Um.. I want a DSLR, but you know moms. She says your 5 mega pixel camera is enough to click. C'mon, that means those are stupid who click with DSLR. *Grr* Anyways, here am displaying some of my latest clicks. Please bear with my clicks, I know am naive at it. 

Pages & Glasses: Black & White

Natural Photography: Butterfly: I waited long for this butterfly to open its wings, Gosh! Photography is a task of patience.

Natural Photography: Of Greens & Dew Drops

Natural Photography: The Sun, The Sky

Natural Photography: Bird (Can you see a black bird flying? Ah.. I was about to let it go.. I just captured.)

My Experiments In Kitchen: Somehow I cooked, don't ask how it tasted? ;)

Outside Location: Of Bricks & Tiles

My Feet: I love to click my feet more than my face, lol ;)

So these were my pictures. These are not that good, I am improving. There are many more, will post them some other time :) Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)

P.S. My creation, please do not copy!!


  1. Thanks :) Am glad you liked :)

  2. Photos is nice but when i saw cooking stuff my mood turned to eat rite now .... :P

  3. Great Shreya! Good to see new skill on display!BTW my blog has a new look , thanks to your suggestion!

  4. I enjoyed your images, as an amateur photographer myself, I could see lots of things that has inspired me...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  5. I have an interest in photography too, Shreya :) I follow quite a few blogs of people with this passion.

    I totally agree about the DSLR ~ hard to beat but some of the point and shoots are getting very advanced these days. I have a Sony Cybershot that I've had for about three years 7.2 mega pixles. The main reason why I purchased it was because I wanted something that would give me relatively good macro shots while still avoiding the price tag of a DSLR :)

    I must say it does have quite impressive macro abilities and I'm able to take sharp shots of my intricate craft projects. Of course, this was before peeps started purchasing phones that have equally good or better cameras ~ ha!

    Keep on shooting :)) I LOVE the ones of your feet lol! The building with the pink tiles and bricks is awesome!! Thanks for sharing :) x0x

  6. The butterfly will make you wait to spread its wings / Because it knows your time is worth it.

    Felt that line come up :p

  7. @Vaibhav: Lol ;)

    @Jidhu: Thanks :)

    @Magiceye: :)

    @Rahul Sir: Thanks :) Yea, I have seen your new template. Nice :)

    @Shashi: Thanks, glad to know this. :)

    @Fiona: Yea.. Sony Cybershot is good, glad you liked, I was like these are so boring pics but you liked so am glad. :D xx

    @Burhan: Thanks :)

    @Seema: Thanks :)

    @Ben: :D Thanks :)

  8. My 5 mega pixel is busted so I'd say be thankful and satisfied with what you have LOL :P :D
    Lovely shots <3
    Love the butterfly one!

  9. cool pics Shreya, the book 'perfect madness' sounds interesting.The parantha looks delicious and nature pics especially the one of the swooping bird leaves me wanting to fly ! Alas someday I'll have a cam and head straight to the dark,unexplored forests...eww I better come back to reality!
    anyways thanks Shreya for visiting mine !

  10. Shreya,

    Another Raja Deen Dayal or Raghu Raj in the making. You have a keen eye to capture good subjects. Keep at it.

    Take care

  11. It is now difficult to copy your creation....wonderful pictures...keep it up! You are multi-talented.

  12. Absolutely agree on the task of patience! How and what we take signifies a lot than with what we take, but still the DSLR or highly pixel cameras enhances a lot on pictures. I’m using canon 8mp cam and I stared taking photos with 3mp until I bought this 3 year ago.

    I love these pictures taken from u r view point and not with what point and shoot. Lovely photos Sherya :)

  13. @Rohit: Thanks :) FYI, parantha only looks delicious, it was like a dare to digest. Lol ;)

    @Sir Jack: Thanks :) TC :)

    @Janu: Oh.. thanks :) multi-talented? This word is more than enough for me. :) xx

    @Jeevan: Glad you loved my pictures :)

    @Anon: Thanks :)

  14. Oh photography is such a good passion. I love it as well so I encourage you to do it if you like.

  15. I'm also just getting into photography.:) Great photos :D


  16. very nice 2 c ur clicks.. i loved it especially dat pages & glasses, butterfly, sun, ur feet & dat kitchen experiment... keep clicking...

  17. Nice pics for a beginner. I do not see any signs of naivety - only intelligent innovation and creativity!

  18. Shreya: Can you send me the software for downloading little blue birds & fluttering butterflies. Thanks. Have a great weekend.

  19. I love the pictures of the sunlight steaming in :)
    Looks lovely. So does the butterfly :)

  20. By looking at the snaps one can say that you started very recently.It's the same that I used to do when I got my first camera.Clicking anything and everything around me.They are nice....keep clicking and keep improving.I am still improving...LOL. :)

  21. @Miss Lego: Thanks :)

    @The Lover: Great, I would love to see your pics. :)

    @Kalai: Thanks :) Glad you liked. :)

    @R.Ramakrishnan: Thanks :) Have mailed you the bird widget code, enjoy blogging. :)

    @Philo: Thanks :)

    @Abhisek: Right. Lol. Thanks. ;)

  22. good you captured the chapathi/roti for posterity :)

    nice pics Shreya esp of the Sun & Sky

  23. Yah, I'm with you. I'd love a DSLR too!


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