“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Wanna Know

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Including this post I have completed 100 posts :) Yay.. \m/ Whoa!! Lol ;) I'll write no matter wherever I'll be, I'll write in happiness and sorrow as well and I would love to be connected to all my fellow bloggers. So I decided to ask all my dear regular readers something about me. Yea.. So here is the list of few things I wanna know about. Kindly temme about these things via comments. ;)
  • Post by me you loved the most:
  • Post by me you hated the most and felt like killing the author:
  • Any kinda suggestion to improve my blog:
  • Any kinda topic you wanna read about, written by me:
  • And yes who is interested to join me to convert my lyrics into a song? ♪ 
I'd love to add music to my poems and form a music band. I always wanted to own a band and write songs for it. May be this is aiming too much but yes, everything has beginning so I have to begin. Give your views on this as well. :)

P.S. Whatever you write here, write from your core. Criticize my write ups if you think they are not that good and I can make them more good, 'cause I feel criticism brings improvement if taken in positive way. I don't want any of my reader to just praise my posts, they have right to criticize it and suggest me their ideas. I'll welcome their criticism, views and ideas with open arms and I will surely try to meet their expectations. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post...I wish I knew you better to answer to your questions..maybe with time.

  2. Congratulations dear and keep writing :)
    I have been a recent follower and so far there isn't any post that I disliked, my all time favorite are your poems every time you publish I really found the thoughts quite sensitive and excellently put into words :)
    And one more thing, I love the purple theme of your blog too <3 :D

  3. write write dnt care abt the world... decide the topic, ppl wanna read about so many things...

    i would like to join the band thing, bt i sadly i gts no musical talent... XD

  4. Shreya,

    Congratulations on reaching 100. Hope to see 200 also soon. Now coming to your questions :
    a) Your each post is good and it will be difficult for me to say which is the one I liked most.
    b) None in my view.
    c) Write from your heart without thinking how would readers react.
    d) Write on whatever comes in your mind.
    e) Wish I could, but I am sure one day you will have a band of your own.

    Take care

  5. -touch and go b/w "beautiful night","somewhere on empty streets","death's complaint","oh love"..depends on thoughts and my personal favorite keeps changing among these.
    -there were some that I didn't like as much as the above poems..but I remember only the good ones.
    -just a beginner to give any suggestions/feedback on your blog.
    -would love to read more on theme of 'futility of world'...A theme I can connect to myself.
    -congrats for 100 posts..keep sharing :):)
    -and that lyrics into song thing,I have no idea but if you are professionally serious,you should research in social n/w sites..there are many student-bands group,to make a start.

  6. Congrates gal....since m reading ur posts...i felt honesty in them with no pretence!

    Wish many 100s to come..sky s the limit sweety.


  7. Great going Shreya! I have been following your posts but I cannot find anything that I can really criticize :)It is a pleasure to see your latent talents bloom!

  8. Congratulations on your 100th post

  9. Congrats :) I'm new to your blog and so far I can't really find anything to criticize :) Keep writing :D


  10. Hey, hearty felicitations on your 100th post. I am a regular visitor of your blog, though I am unable to comment all the time since I am unable to carry my lappy everywhere. And your blog doesn't allow my mobile to comment unlike others. You are one of the FINEST bloggers' I have ever met here with immense talent. You can very easily mesmerize your readers and compel them not to budge an inch till the last word of your post by virtue of sorcery of words. Readers can expect the unexpected depth of thought while they are visiting this marvelous blog of yours. Carry on the good work, buddy.

  11. @Alpana: Thanks, yea we are new to each other. :)

    @Ph_: Thanks, for liking my posts and new look of this blog :) xx

    @quartertoinsane: That's a nice suggestion to write n don't care about this world. ;)

    @Jack Sir: Thanks and big thanks for your wishes and this lovely comment. :)

    @Rohit: Thanks for sharing your suggestion, and am glad you don't remember not so good posts of mine. ;)

    @Mani: Yay.. Thanks :) xx

    @Rahul Sir: Thanks :) Glad you like my posts. :D

    @Sm: Thanks :)

    @The Lover: Thanks :)

    @Samrat: Thanks, this was a lovely comment and more than enough praise for my write ups. Makes me feel great. :)

  12. Well done girl, you are doing great. My advice to you is to conserve your style and be true to you. It's important that you do care for your readers but it is also vital that you write as your heart and mind tells you too.

  13. 100th post!OMG!! Congrats! I've just started blogging, so dunno what to say, but I value content more than numbers and that way you are very good. Please keep on writing so nicely!
    -Autumn Eliza

  14. love reading your blog, keep going :)

  15. Congrats! You write so well that you don't need suggestions and when you are writing for yourself, straight from the heart...the words will have feelings and always will be sincere and touch others too....keep writing.

  16. @Miss Lego: Yea, right. Thanks :)

    @Autumn: Hmm.. thanks :)

    @Anon: Thanks :)

    @Jerly: Thanks :)

    @Janu: Thanks, so much!! :) xx


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