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Thursday, December 29, 2011

I ♥ Music ♪ ♫

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Those who love music raise your hands, those who don't: c'mon people raise your interests. Okay, now lemme count how many of you don't love music? Um.. 0? So, everyone likes music I guess. I guess everybody has music as a field of interest, right? Okay then, great!! \m/

I am a big lover of music. I love music, no end. I am a kinda jerk when it comes to singing and dancing, yeah, I am. I love dancing, though I know I am a bad dancer. When I dance I kinda forget if people are noticing me or not, I forget the music. Yea, sometimes it doesn't matter for me which song is playing; I just keep shaking it on. When I am happy I jump, I dance and I donno what kinda dance I do. I enjoy it. lol!! I can even dance on news reading, lol. Can you believe this? You have to, I can I mean I just do it. I am a bathroom dancer and singer as well since my childhood. Great honor, ain't it? Lol. I shower and sing and dance and kick all my odds outta my life.

I remember the day when I got "Hips Don't Lie".. ♪ ♫ stuck in my head and I started following steps of Shakira and did those belly dancing steps wrong and got pain in my belly for 3 days. Few months ago I again tried Shakira's "Loca" steps and repeated same episode. Lol. I know I am a bad singer but I still sing my voice out when no body is at home, I get my woofers on and sing like nuts, I sing even if I forget the lyrics or rhythm, I manage to sing wrong lyrics. And I do follow my favorite bands and singers, with my hairs in air and I act the way they sing playing with mic, I consider my comb as mic sing till someone shouts: shut the hell up and warns me to kill me. Lol.

I love music from my core and can create music even with two pieces of paper or pen or anything I hold in my hand. I tap table to make a tune though it doesn't comes in dining etiquettes. So am gonna get a guitar, learn to play it and just play it till I get my fingers sore. I would love to own a band, as I mentioned in my last post. May be someday I'll. Putting my fingers crossed, Oh God! please let this work. So this is my love for music, yeah. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. "Songs breathe inside of us and our heart SINGS them. They are like SECRET love letters to our soul."

    NEVER STOP singing and dancing!!! ;)

    LIFT your VOICE and LIFT your HANDS!!!

  2. Nice @farfalla dreams comment...

    I remember once my frnd gt injured trying to do that belly dance shake... n u should try to stop copying shakira for nw, maybe do beyoncé first :D

  3. Hi Shreya,
    Same pinch!
    Me too a music lover!
    My best friend ever..music!

    I wish your dream of making your own band come true soon :)

    Love ya ..
    Gn tc and ks

  4. Shreya, who does not like music? Shakira,Michael Jackson, and many legends have brought more happiness in our lives than most others.. Keep dancing and singing thro' the New Year!

  5. I LOVE this post and all the ideas. Can't wait to hear you play guitar and start a band. Please post videos/music! I want to play the ocarina myself :)

  6. Music is universal and I love music.

  7. music inspires me to write...thanks for sharing. thanks for your comments and for dropping by my blog. happy new year!

  8. You'll never know until you try. So I say go for it!



  9. @Farfalla Dreams: Yea right, thanks for stopping by. :)

    @quartertoinsane: Lol! Yea, I must start with Beyoncé ;)

    @Simran: Thanks dear :) xx

    @Rahul Sir: Yea, such legends bring happiness. :)

    @Ben: Thanks, lemme start my music n all. I'll surely share my music here. :) I wish you could learn to play ocarina soon. :)

    @Janu: Yea, everyone loves music, its universal. :)

    @Jeannette: Yea music is inspiration for me too. :) Happy new year.

    @Elliot MacLeod-Michael: Yea, I will. :) Thanks.

  10. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  11. Ilove music also and cannot imagine anyone not. Can you imagine a world without it? and when Christ was born the angels sang.. Heavenly. xx

  12. We share some similarities there.Music is universal language and without music life is colourless.Keep your Bathroom dreams alive girl...you can do it. :)

    The Invisible Art

  13. keep the musical passion going!I love listening guitar but I am attracted to playing violin.

  14. Shreya,

    Enjoy singing and dancing as you wish. It is your choice and no one can stop you. Hope to hear you playing guitar soon.

    Take care

  15. 'Give me some music; music,moody food
    Of us that trade in love'.
    -Shakespeare(Antony and Cleopatra)

  16. Hello Shreya.
    You had me smiling all the way through reading this. Like you, I love music. I start & end my days with it. I'm a happy man & am always singing & dancing. Music & poetry go hand-in-hand...both are fuel for the soul. Never stop doing what you love & always be you.
    Lovely post!
    Thanks for sharing. Appreciate the visits too.

    Wishing you all the best for the New Year! May it be filled with much happiness, laughter & of course an abundance of love.

    A Flower And A Tear

  17. @Francesca Giusti: Thanks :)

    @Crystal Mary: Yea right, we can't imagine a world without music.

    @Abhisek: :D Yea, thanks :)

    @Rohit: Yea, violin is cool, I wish you get to play it. :)

    @Jack Sir: Yea.. thanks, I'll give it a try. :)

    @Autumn: Nice lines :)

    @Andy Sir: Thanks for encouraging me to never leave passion. :)

  18. I love music too. good luck with ur music passion :)

  19. i also love music
    happy new year

  20. @Jeevan: Same to you :)

    @Evanna: Thanks :)

    @Sm: thanks, happy new year :)

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