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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Freaky Humanoid

Hey.. Peeps.. :) I woke up in morning like frozen chicken, tied my hair in a messy ponytail, made a morning prayer to Lord for making my day great, managed my bed, checked my cellphone if I got any texts- 4 texts received, 2 of my friends and 2 of some mobile recharge schemes. Ugh.. I don't even open these kinda scheme promotion texts. I consider them as spams and delete as I see them. My phone was screaming battery low.. damn! it turned off. I plugged in the charger. I gazed outside my balcony, foggy morning so lovely, deadly cold.

Took bath, got ready. Ah.. I need coffee! I had to go to the bank. I asked dad: where are the keys of my scooty? Dad: Scooty? No, its foggy. You will go by taxi. Damn. Why they think am a kid? I can drive in this fog, I can see. Dad: No! Okay I'll drive and you'll sit back. I: no I can go by taxi. So I left for bank. Grr! Oh its cold outside, I need a scarf. 

Taxi! Taxi! Yea.. I got one. Ah! Its cold: asked a guy sitting next to me rubbing his hands. I said: Hmm.. yea! I don't like strangers talking to me unless they need some help. I just get away and put all my efforts to ignore them. He: so. I: So what? He: Where are you going? I: no reply! I was wishing some other people to come and sit around me as only we two were there in taxi. He: Okay, what's your name? I ignored him. He: hello am talking to you. I am vegetarian, I won't eat you. This time I said: Look, I don't wanna talk to you, don't you get this? Please! or I'll leave this taxi. 

He: Okay, get off the taxi. Excuse me! why should I leave taxi? I roared at him. 'Cause I am getting bore- he said and winked. Argh! You winked? Yes you winked. I hate it. Don't you have cellphone? If you are getting bore then talk to your friends but spare me, I advised and roared. I was grumbling to myself that I should have come with my dad. I thought to listen some songs on my phone. I checked my pockets. Oh crap! I left it at home, it was charging. Oh Geez! 

Finally, few people came and taxi was full. I took a deep breath. He was sitting next to me and no space, I just hated it. His shoulder touched mine at turns. He was looking lasciviously. I wished I could have pushed him out of the taxi. Okay, just 2-3 minutes more and I'll reach bank. I heard myself saying: Shreya just 2-3 minutes, don't create a scene. Yes! I reached, I stopped the taxi and felt fine. 

After few minutes, I heard someone screaming. He was running back to me, screaming: hey. Hey! You! Yes you. I ignored and walked fast. He screamed his voice out, you in blue jeans and gray jacket. You with brown hand bag. God! why all embarrassing things happens with me. I stopped, turned! What the f.. I paused in wonder. He was holding a white envelope and said: you left this in taxi. I was like: oh.. thanks. It was bank's envelope with some important papers. I donno how that envelope slipped, may be when I was paying to the taxi driver. He was breathing hard, and said: Finally you talked, and broke into a laugh. You started again, I said. He said, nice meeting you. I said, I won't say same here. He said: I know. We left. 

While I was returning, I thought and thanked him for returning me that envelope. I felt may be all strangers are not bad. I told this to mom. She said, you are stupid. Yea I am. I wonder, how life bring all these kinda unexpected episode to our lives. May be I'll remember it someday out of the blues and smile on this bitter sweet episode. Oops.. this post has become ridiculously long. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. Better be safe than sorry...what you did was right and what he did was right too.

  2. sweet anecdote :)
    yeah its true sometimes we become too weary strangers that even good ones spook us :P

    it will stay wid u as a sweet memory !!

  3. please explain cause I am really dnt get... isnt taxi suppose to be a one person affair, lyk u hire it nw only u ride it?

  4. Shreya,

    LOL. What an experience on a cold and foggy morning with that warm hearted person! Of course, all strangers are not villains. But still it is better to take precautions than repent.

    Take care

  5. Wow Shreya!
    This time with story type..love it! :)

    Me too fear of talking strangers!
    But here I see, not all of them are dangerous.. but finally most of them!

    Blue jeans ,grey jacket~

    Nice one :)

  6. Sweet Shreya, It's a good thing to be cautious... the world is full of predators looking to take advantage of pretty young women.
    In the USA we don't share our taxi unless we mutually agree ahead of time. We Americans really love our personal space;)
    I have a ton of scarves Shreya, although I rarely wear them living in Florida, but if I lived closer to you I'd give you one;) LOL!!

  7. We often have misconceptions about people. Not all people are stalkers :P
    I hate coming out of the bath in winters :P

  8. Shreya

    hahahahhahah - cute post :)
    fone - foggy morning and bath - ohhh God damn :D hahahaha - you must say - i would eat you because em non veg :D

    Love x

  9. @Janu: Yea, right.

    @Jyoti: Yea.. and an example also.

    @quartertoinsane: In my city 8-10 people can sit in taxi. If we have to hire it alone then it costs much.

    @Jack Sir: Yea, right. Its hard to trust strangers.

    @Simarn: All strangers are not devils, but its hard to figure them out.

    @Leah: Lol, I wish blogs have courier facility. :P xx

    @Philo: yeah! ;) xx

    @Shama: Lol, but then he must have given me some other stupid comment. :P xx

  10. Hahaha Well I agree to the fact that strangers aren't bad, all of them but still they are strangers after all and it is very annoying when they go all 'friendly' LOL :P If I get to suffer talkative taxi drivers (taxi being medium of transport to and from Uni) I start praying to Lord to shut the drivers mouth LOL :D
    Well lucky of you with the envelope!

  11. @Ph_: Yea, we cannot just trust strangers. I thanked him for that envelope.

  12. Honestly, I liked the guy. I mean its true about not talking to strangers and all, but even then, "I am a vegetarian, I won't eat you", he he....Quite a sense of humour. Who knows, maybe you might meet him again at some point somewhere! :)

  13. nice thing... v dnt share taxis, even if u do u have to pay the full fare...

    PS: whn it comes to talking strangers never take risks, in any part of the world...

  14. really interesting incident..I wonder how that stranger kept talking to you inspite of you ignoring him....maybe he was overly frank but why don't people appreciate different personalities.but a nice gesture from him to return that envelope,I think that's when he realized how stupid he was asking and was trying to make ammends :) :)...you did the right thing and he shouldn't mind(if he has realized anything at all!!)

  15. Oo I might be considered one of the creepy strangers :/

  16. very interesting ... and I loved coming to your blog ...

  17. shreya, wonderful!

    lovely cute winter morning. we often misinterpret strangers. being introvert is safe. but along with it we need to be good observers too before behaving the right way.

    blue jeans, grey jacket, hope you have read this post :)

  18. @Jyothi: Yea, in some way you are right.

    @quartertoinsane: Hmm.. that's what I did.

    @Rohit: Yea, I take time to mix up, and strangers are a big 'no'. But he was great with envelope. :)

    @Ben: Lol, no ;)

    @Baishali: Thanks, welcome to my blog. :)

    @fantacy in practicality: Yea before any kinda decision, we must be a good observer. :)

  19. well i think all are not bad but who knows who is bad and who is good so its better to be safe than sorry... it was good of him to help you but it should not be like filmi... :)

  20. @Muhammad Israr: Yea, right. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  21. Hello.
    Sometimes, you just can't be too careful. Some men will try to take advantage of you any opportunity they get. Thankfully, this stranger was not one of them, although he seemed to have noticed exactly what you were wearing...kind of creepy if you ask me! At least you reached your destination safely & that's all that matters.
    Nice post Shreya.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    For ref:
    An Inscription Of Love

  22. @Andy Sir: I am thankful to him for envelope, and yea he was creepy. I try to be careful and strict with strangers. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  23. Aah, even I m like u shreya, bt trust due to a lot f travelling in past few years, i have been meeting strangers, they iniiated talk n all n it ws really fine, coz they helped me also. Though few f them later tried to cross the limit but nonthless who cares i shoo them off..:P

    So kabhi kabhi stranger jarori hota hai...:P


  24. @Mani: I agree with you, talking to strangers is common during traveling. But I am still like a kid, I don't adjust with them. I mean how to deal with it. But I know I should learn to deal with all this.

  25. Oh this is a true story :) It's funny how unexpected things do happen. Hmmm, has it left you wondering why most of the time, we become so paranoid? Anyhow, I hope more surprises are in store for you these coming days ;)

  26. is this a true story....if yes then quite a experience huh......

  27. @Melissa: Yea, life's all about unexpected events. Paranoid feeling comes when we are brought up with something new, something we already have heard negative about.

    @A guilty conscience: Yeah, its true fortunately or unfortunately.

  28. I hate your behavior with the taxi driver.

  29. @Latha Vijayakumar: I had no issues with taxi driver. You misunderstood the conversation, I guess.

  30. nice one buddy... very interesting... i couldn't stop reading, dat much fun...

    hope u had a very nice experience.. surely u will get laugh when u think of dis..

    God bless u...

  31. @Kalai: Thanks :) God bless you too :) xx

  32. I was bit confused from where i getting start, finely I picked this one, by the way I'm going to visit ur blog post first time, and I enjoyed that throughout. And must say boy seemed to have noticed what u were wearing, like the most, will keep u continues.


  33. @Mahi: Thanks for stopping by. :)


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