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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Death's Complaint

Eftsoons* at my door someone came;
I eagerly asked the name,
I listened the name as death;
I feared and paused my breath.

She quoth* don't fear;
oh my innocent dear,
I am not thy* foe;
I have a great woe.

I asked but what thou* woe is?
replied she; just guess,
I was unable to know;
she wanted something to show.

She quoth please tell me why;
when I am near; people cry,
she quoth please tell me why;
people pray when I am nigh*.

I quoth they fear of thou;
but they don't know,
that thou are just a phase of life;
but they don't want to strife.

 ~Shreya ♥
P.S. My creation, please do not copy!!
P.P.S. I have used old english words like eftsoons= once upon a time, quoth= said, thou= you, thy= your, nigh= near in time. This was written by me in grade 10. 


  1. Wow!

    I loved the rhyming and story you weaved beautifully :)

    Nice read!

  2. I was taught to never wipe my mouth on the table quoth...

  3. Lovely...the conversation was wonderfully weaved and the touch of old English added to its beauty! :)

    Nice poem and a lovely blog!

    Take Care

  4. Shreya, lovely poem once again. And you wrote it when you were in class 10!!!Amazing

  5. Excellent compostition Sherya! Very true conflic related to death.

  6. Shreya! Am amazed at your skill, in poetry! Looks like an artist's handiwork and not a composition of a tenth grade, sweet sixteen!

  7. Profound...way to serious and brilliant to have written at that age.

  8. Good one....The standards/ talent of ur poetry are deeply rooted it seems.......

    keep goin......

  9. "I quoth they fear of thou;
    but they don't know,
    that thou are just a phase of life;
    but they don't want to strife"

    so true buddy... nice one...

  10. Loved your reference to old English words.. :)
    Its was beautiful :)

  11. @Simran: Thanks :) xx

    @Ben: :)

    @Fatima: Thanks, welcome to my blog. :)

    @Sulekkha: Thanks :) glad you liked :)

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  12. So lovely and I enjoyed learning what 'eftsoons' translated to! As I came across the time of when this was penned ~ WoW! Awesome writing :) Great images too :) ♥

  13. Its awesome..
    loved the concept of "Death's complaint"

    n it was fun to read those old words.

  14. very nice Shreya ji ...... thanks. i invite u on my blog .

  15. magical poetry Shreya ,at grade 10 !very deep and profound thinking to relate to a conversation with death at that age.u'r poems have a nice balance of imagery and real-life situations.keep evolving !

  16. @Fiona: Thanks :) Yea sometimes playing with old words is fun. :) xx

    @Jyoti: Yeah.. Thanks :) xx

    @Naveen Mani Tripathi: Thanks for stopping by, I have visited your blog and commented. :)

    @Rohit: Thanks, you are yourself a nice writer. :)

  17. Conversation with death!! Well that's something unique!
    Well done :)

  18. Shreya,

    Very well composed to convey fear of death felt by each one. And written at such an young age.

    Take care

  19. Ph_: Thanks :) xx

    @Sir Jack: Thanks, glad you liked :)

  20. Hi, I llike this, it is very original showing great imagination.

  21. wow..wonderful... and thanks for the P.S. or else i had totally misunderstood the meaning of these words :)

  22. and serusly in class 10? i did not even know english poetry existed when i was in 10th grade... thats awesome :)

  23. @Rch: Thanks :)

    @Muhammad Israr: Yea, I wrote this in grade 10, I have been writing since grade 6. :) Thanks. :)

  24. Such a young age. Thank you for sharing poetry!

    I am the 100th subscriber! :D
    Erick Flores

  25. @Eflores: Thanks :) you are welcome here. :)

    @Pawan: Thanks :)


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