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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Your Handwriting Tells?

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Have you ever noticed what your handwriting tells about you? If yes; then what do you know about your handwriting? If no; then do you wanna know? Um.. I can hear you saying "yes" (in whisper). Okay, Sure? Handwriting can figure out basic nature and psychological state of a person. Yea but it doesn't guarantee about future predictions. To analyse your handwriting you must be above 15. You don't believe? But its true.

I have been reading about handwriting these days, I am loving it. Few months ago I read about "micro-expressions" and works of Paul Ekman, after reading it I kept on staring at people. Its weird, yea people found me insane but its amazing knowing all this. They think am sick. I can spend hours on staring for these changing micro-expressions which lasts few seconds only. I keep on reading my slam book, I try to analyse the handwriting of my friends, and match the behaviour about them. Now I am reading about handwriting analysis and graphology.

Here are few facts about handwriting analysis:

1. If you write on a plane A4 sheet and your sentence goes slightly upward then it indicates the optimistic approach. If it goes down then it indicates your pessimistic side.

2. If you write round fonts then it shows you have a soft behaviour. It includes humble, soft-spoken, sweet-tempered kinda nature.

3. If you write pointed fonts then it shows aggressive nature, mature thinking, short-tempered side.

4. If you write a word with separated letters or with big space then it tells about the loneliness you are going through.

5. If you write open letters like the dot of "i" with an open circle, open P or open R then it shows the angry side.

6. If you place the dot of letter "I" (i) exactly over "I" or you cut the letter "T" (t) with nice position (not away from main body) then it tell about your good concentration, your good attention

7. If you write fonts of approximately same size then it tells about your intelligence, it tells about good power of thinking.

8. If you overwrite then it shows the lazy side of you.

9. If you write straight (not inclined towards right or left) fonts then it shows your stoic nature.

10. If you write fonts inclined towards left then it tells about your logic, it tells that you possess a good logic thinking. If you write fonts inclined towards right then it tells about your creative side.

P.S. This is a part of whatever I have read or analyzed. There is much to explore. Our fonts change slightly when we are happy or sad, handwriting can tell about our mental state. May be some people find it boring but its just an analysis, a study. Big decisions can't be taken on this. All this is to get a rough idea. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. Sounds like an experiment.I wouldn´t believe in all that.

  2. This is really interesting. I have always noticed in writing addresses or numbers where there is alpha "pause" between numbers that the first "2" I'll write looks like a "Z" but the next "2" has a loop in the bottom left... What's up with that?

  3. Graphology is one of my passions, the 1st person I would analyse the writing is myself in a moment of rush, I happened to find some notes in my bag recently the writing was going up and down with a tendency towards up, when you learn more I'l like to read more;) Thanks for this post!

  4. oh ho...nice one.....in fact i could relate myself writing pointed letters.....

  5. Hmmm this is interesting...very nice, never thought about it...

  6. This was fun! I know that some courts recognize the science of handwriting. On another note I found an online site that reads your palm and I found that interesting too. It's fun to explore different theories and such.
    I don't need to read your writing to know that you're a sweetie pie!

  7. I have a bad handwriting..but so do the doctors..

  8. I have always found this to be a fascinating and fun topic, Shreya! You have presented it wonderfully in this post and I enjoyed reading the 10 analysis you included here. Numbers 6,7 & 10 apply to my handwriting :) x0x

    P.S. ~ I agree with Leah's analysis of Y♥U!!

  9. @Mattias: Yea, it depends.. some believe it some not. Its okay.. Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Carolina: I am still studying about it, as I'll come to know I'll let you know :)

    @Patricia: Thanks for stopping by, glad to know that you too read about it :)

    @Sogyel: Its okay.. pointed letters are beautiful :)

    @Miss Lego: Yea it is interesting, its fun knowing all this. :)

    @Leah: Aww.. that's really so sweet of you. xoxo :) Yea palm reading is also interesting :)

    @Alfandi: Oh.. everyone is not good in everything, bad handwriting is okay. Only doctors can read their own handwriting.

    @Fiona: Thanks for this wonderful comment :) xx And I too agree with Leah's this comment, lol ;)

  10. Shreya, that was a telling post!! :)A very nice read!

  11. @Rahul Sir: Glad you liked it :)

  12. Very interesting!
    I'll analyze my handwriting :)

  13. dats really wonderful post Shreya... i startd to analyse my handwriting with ur points..

    thanks 4 sharing such nice info...

  14. such refreshing knowledge.. Its interesting. thank you for sharing your reading's summary. Enjoyed.

  15. @Lina: Thanks :)

    @Kalai: Glad you liked :)

    @Sibt-e-Hussain: Thanks for stopping by :)

  16. Interesting article, I came out nice and intelligent and also creative, according to your post and handwriting analysis. Enjoyed reading it, thanks for sharing.

  17. I’m like Alfandi… not such good handwriting. In fact, I think I missed my calling; I should have been a medical doctor!

  18. Hi I just happened to land here through Deep's. Very interesting post on hand writing and what it tells us.Are you qualified/practicing graphologist?

  19. @Sulekkha: Thanks for stopping by. :)

    @Debra: Aww.. bad handwriting is okay, we hardly write now, we usually type on PC or mobile, lol :)

    @R.Ramakrishnan: Welcome, no am not a qualified/practicing graphologist, its just a hobby. I love to know about things like this. :)

  20. i belong to group 1..nice header btw....

    had been a bit busy for the last few days

  21. @Nikhi: Glad you liked the header :)

  22. Hi Sherya. nice article.
    I've been into graphology while at college. It was my OBG teacher who introduced me into it. The first few months we sat and analysed every bit of samples we got. It was so much fun. These days I hardly get to see a good sample. I wish there was a techniq to analyse prints too.

  23. @LeoPaw: Hi.. Yea, true.. print is difficult to analyse. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  24. its been ages since I have written anything, all thanks to the laptops and phones... got to figure out my handwriting now :)

  25. @Purvi: Yea, we use to type now, writing is less preferred. But writing has its own joy. ;)

  26. Found this post very interesting...

  27. And its not boring, some of points matched to me
    4 and 8 and I like to live alone and im lazy too. :)

  28. @Vaibhav: Yeah.. every handwriting has some quality.

  29. Handwriting analysis is an effective and reliable indicator of personality and behavior, and so is a useful tool for many organizational processes, for example: recruitment, interviewing and selection, team-building, counseling, and career-planning. I as personal use such analysis before recruiting and making business deals

  30. @Techology Beyond Horizon: Agree with your comment. Handwriting tells many things about an individual. Thanks for stopping by. :)


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