“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome Winters

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Aakchhooo!! Suffering from cough. Aww.. :( Happy winters :) I love this season.. yea. I love all that all day long curling inside the blanket, coffee, cold breezes, and rubbing hands to escape cold. I wake up like a curled chicken. These days mornings are just beautiful, little mist, cool weather, less crowd on streets, birds too wake up late these days.

These days Taylor Swift's song "back to december" ♪ wake me up (as its my current alarm tone; nice song). Birds sing making life more beautiful. If you are upset then try waking up early around 5:30 a.m. and go for a walk, it feels great, really!! I shiver from cold still I love it. All those empty streets, makes me feel good. I walk same path every day still it is new for me everyday.. new faces, new pets, and my new hopes guide me back to life. It makes me feel am not alone. I never was.

These days I wake up late, laziness is having crush on me and it don't allow me to leave bed and I switch off the alarm and sleep again. Zzzzz.. But no, not from tomorrow. Aakchhooo!! Again I sneezed (Oh God bless me!!). Its been fifth day I am suffering from cold, but this is an awesome season and minute cold is not a big reason to dislike winters.

Heaven seems to be in front of me whenever I hold a cup of steaming coffee and take a sip in chilled hours. Life's good, I am living it. Currently reading about human expressions & feelings. From past 8 days (to be precise) I am reading about it, its great to know about human feelings. I love it. :) Have you ever tried reading Paul Ekman's: Emotion's Revealed, Telling Lies? Try, its nice. Okay.. take care, signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. Everyone has started riting abt winter suddenly.Some days back viya had also written something abt winter.
    No,I haven't read Paul Ekman's: Emotion's Revealed, Telling Lies? yet.Shud try t some day.
    and the cold,get well soon

  2. oh yea this is winter. No wonders winters are awesome and many people do love it. I enjoyed my winter during my last stay in delhi and few other places..loved it. I am waking up late these days..thanks to the awesome weather ;)

  3. Shreya, Whenever I come here you make me smile. I love your intimate chats with us. I felt snuggled up too, hiding from the cold, but enjoying the tea and the birds.
    I love how you write from the heart with such purity. Never lose this.
    Happy Winter!

  4. @Nikhi: Okay, try it once. :)

    @The Solitary Writer: Yea everyone likes winter, I guess. Thanks for stopping by. :)

    @Leah: Thanks for these kind words, I am happy I manage to make you smile. *hugs* :)

  5. I want snow now. (:

  6. I love winters too. It gets cold here too, but not as much as I want it too. :(
    But reading this make me feel as though I had a perfect cool morning walk too. :) Nice blog you have here.

  7. Bless You! As they say each time you sneeze...
    Welcome to winters... sweet post

  8. Its my favorite season too, and as I love tea, there is just awesomeness in drinking tea/coffee in winter season :)

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)
    sharan's thoughts

  9. Mhmm.. December songs are always awesome. And taylor's this one is the best, loving it these days. It is my ring tone :D
    Get well soon!

  10. @My 2 Pesos: Yea for that you have to go kashmir. :)

    @Jyothi: Thanks for stopping by, wait for few weeks you will get cold days.

    @Rahul Sir: Thanks :)

    @Jayendra: Yea true. Coffee is best in this season.

    @Ph_: Oh.. same pinch for same ringtone, lol ;)

    @Ruchi: Yeah.. winters.. oooo!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  11. tc of ur health Shreya... enjoy winter...
    "Heaven seems to be in front of me whenever I hold a cup of steaming coffee and take a sip in chilled hours."
    nice one buddy...

  12. @Ashok: Thanks :)

    @Kalai: Thanks :)

    @Janu: Welcome back :) xx

  13. Still not feeling the winter here in Bengaluru, may be another 15 days :) And my alarm tune is a russian song, mooooooooooooyy Aaaaangel !! :D Anyway, happy winter :)

  14. I hardly read such a cute post from anyone.. Truly an amazing way to welcome winters.. AAkchoo.. oops plz god bless me too.. hehe.. :D
    Loved ur blog dear Shreya.. :)


  15. you've got an awesome blog here :D
    Thanx for stopping by at my blog. :D

  16. Welcome to winter. :D
    Nice post shreya... :)

  17. @Chethan: Thanks for stopping by. :) I will try this russian song ♪ :)

    @Monu: Thanks :) Its kinda honor for me :)

    @Ateeq: Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Anshul: Thanks :)

  18. @Maryam: Thanks for stopping by :)

  19. It is funny and cute post. i will try to wake up at 5 am for wlakign :P And i like winter as well rainy, I like ridind bike at night in cold wind :)

  20. @Vaibhav: Yea.. winters are beautiful.


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