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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Venus ♀ Vs Mars ♂

Hey.. Peeps.. :) We all belong to same genus then why the hell people differentiate so much between a male and a female? Being in a same group i.e. Homo Sapiens is not enough to chuck these stupid differences? I mean why all these ole brains don't get this?

All around the world males are dominating. I know many readers will disagree, its just my opinion. I think (especially) India is a male dominating country. We girls do same things like boys, we study same, we act same, we do all those things a boy does. I can't figure out why still so many differences? Why a girl has to fulfill all the requirements a boy wants? Why girls are supposed to offer dowry? No answers!!

A boy comes late: doesn't matter; a girl comes late: jaws drop. Why? Keep searching answers. If a boy changes partner for sex means his girl is not satisfying him, but if a girl changes her partner for sex then she is labeled a slut. Wow!! Argh!! These things are so annoying. Eve-teasing is common in metro cities, I can't stand those guys who participate in these kinda activities, I wonder how these bastards derive fun in molesting a girl? I would love to teach them a lesson, I must say I have taught many. I love to pay my own bills, I love to be self dependent. So why should I fear guys? This life is God's gift, they have no right to rule on us.

Few days ago, mom asked me to oil my hair. I just don't like putting oil in my hairs, ew!! She shouted on me saying: look at your hairs, they are turning so dry, so rough. You will suffer hair fall. She added, if you won't look good then who will marry you? That was more than enough. I said, mom I love rough hairs, okay. I love looking like a garbage. And I am happy single if a guy is marrying me for my hairs or features. I donno why all moms are so much concerned about their daughter's marriage? Don't they have other things to think about? Blergh!!

I am me, I will dress the way I like not the way that guy who will marry me, I am not a mannequin after all,I have feelings. I am not a thing to flaunt. I will make this thing clear to "that" guy. I don't wanna marry ever. No, I love my freedom. Ah!!

It is said that females are from Venus ♀ and men are from Mars ♂. Venus: The Goddess of Love & Beauty. Mars: The God of War. As also mentioned in the book: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray. They are from different planets, is this the main reason to differentiate? I guess not. Still the reason is unexplained. 

I wish a world without these differences, a world where both the sexes are respected and honored. A place where gender equality is the religion and every single girl and guy is glad to be its citizen. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. Lol.. take some water and couple of deep breaths..
    World ain't that bad a place :P
    I don't know. I mean the rules are changing, especially if you see contemporary relationships. Girls assume equal importance and the male dominating thingy is subsiding. But yes, it still exists but then customs take their own time to die, but die they shall for the good.
    On guys being different from girls, it's a fact that can't be helped. We both have a different way of brain functioning and that's basically what helps complimenting in a good relationship. Way of looking at the differences, I find them good. :)


  2. Shreya, it is unfortunate that women despite better multi-taskers, better drivers, better managers in many cases,still are denied the basic rights in their own home! I totally agree with your view point! If you stand firm on your principles, am sure someone who deserves you will appear in your life! A very good read!

  3. Shreya, I've learned to just be myself, regardless. What the culture propagates matters little. Like Aakash says, the times they are a'changing. Here is the US woman are esteemed more highly than men, it seems. Except in politics :-(

  4. I am so glad you feel this way. Every woman should. Our society is slowly changing too. The important word being "slowly". I am sure when you become a mother someday you will not bother your daughter with oiling hair and stuff. See, thats how changes happen.

    Just for the record, I do tell my daughter to oil her messy hair but not because I am worried about a prospective groom in the future. But because how we look is also a part of our personality and confidence. So its good to look well groomed. :D

  5. i agree with u buddy... but we can't say all men are dominating... some were trying to adjust with their family & trying 2 reduce d work burden for their wives....

    Nowadays, both of them were working.. So they were sharing their works (include taking care of kids)... the thing is getting a rite partner with such character is important...

    am sure u will get a partner who understands u well in all situations than others...

  6. Things are changing for the better...but its a slow change.

  7. @Aakash: Lol, comment is funny. Yea, rules are changing. But its not enough. Yea, both are different but they should not be treated different.

    @Rahul Sir: Yea, this is sad. Annoying. Glad you agree with this.

    @Debra: Yea, I agree with your comment, but life in India is so different from US. I hope for better India.

    @Jyothi: Yea, this reason is acceptable to oil. I just dislike oiling for getting a guy. Huh! Agree with your comment.

    @Kalai: Yea, right.. but still examples of such differences are a part of normal life. It will take time to change.

    @Ashok: Yea, so slow.

  8. Agree on most terms...but, somethings take time to change. But, we women are better at adapting.:-)

  9. @Janu: Yea, true.. we are masters at adapting. :)

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog and dropping by... :)

    Keep visiting my blog--> Stay Blessed

  11. I agree. Enjoy differences. Enjoy best of it and reject worst, as simple as that.

  12. No matter what, everyone has their right to live there life how they want, but one can’t think about themselves alone and no matter what we are dependent via sharing this life and if not for someone inevitable at least for our dear once. I quite agree with you on what we have developed to differentiate but I hope we are back to future where these things begin to disappear.

    A change is not possible all of sudden, but I hope we are in a better stage now to lead to drew away the differences in gender and equally sharing this life of many ups and downs by give and taking it from either. It’s impossible and hard to change the past and inhabitant and for sure men and women are different lot in mind but we have come a lot in sharing the difference to lead an understanding of self-respect and individual honor and dependence.

    More than cities, the men dominance is a lot in other areas and only latter generation has come to oppose this and I’m sure this mind-set we develop a lot in future will erase the difference from society as well as from men inheritance.

  13. @Asma: You are welcome :)

    @Anon: Yea, right :)

    @Jeevan: Yea, I do completely agree with your comment. Thanks :)

  14. Most women I know could kick my ass at just about anything. Although I think I have an edge in Mario Kart 64 (oh, yes, ladies a challenge!).

    I do really detest the double standards for women though. And I commend you for wearing your hair the way you want and not the way someone else does. Natural beauty is by far the best beauty.

  15. You sound sad... and you have a right to feel like that. Man have always been allowed to get away with more than women, and yes we do have differnt brains, we women are more tolerant!

    Unfortunatly your mum has been programed to the culture of dominance... About your hair...it is a known fact that in India there are problems with the lack of iodine in the diet and the result is there are Thyroid and Goiter conditions. Have a blood test done to see if you need help with this.
    Laughter is good medicine, rent a funny movie and have a good laugh, it will make you feel much better. God Bless your day.
    Sr Crystal Mary from Oz

  16. Oh, I don't know if you have ever seen the movie, 'She Devil' its about 20yrs old, but sooo funny. Its the story of a woman who's husband is carrying on with another woman and how the wife retaliates// it will make you feel good.. When you do look for a hubby, look in the cultures that revere the woman. My first husband was Italian and always put me down. My second one is American and always puts me up..so there is a difference. xx

  17. @Ben: Aww..!! (@_@) Yea.. Natural beauty is by far the best beauty. Thanks for stopping by. :)

    @Crystal Mary: Nice comment, I will try downloading that movie :) I wish you a happy married life, God bless :) xx

  18. Hello Shreya,

    Thanks fr visiting me. You have a great creative blog there..About your post.Dont think I'm criticizing you. I think you will understand more about what your mum told later.
    More of your regular visits anticipated..


  19. @Tomz: Yea, I know. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  20. What a wonderful spirit you have! Yes, we are all individuals and should be treated as individuals, not as members of any gender, religion, nationality, race or class. Just keep being the wonderful, dynamic, independent person you are.

  21. @Nothingprofound: Thanks :) Yea, I will always be me :)

  22. This is one of those age-old conversations, the differences between the sexes, and those societal demands that are placed on all of us. In America, we still have imbalance in women being paid the same wages for the same job that a man does. If you're a single female past your mid-30's, then you're often pitied. I tend to not to embrace those stereotypes or internalize them. Life is too short to worry about things that are designed to tear us down! Good for you for having such a strong sense of identity, sweetheart!

    - Dawn

  23. @Dawn: Yea, I agree with your comment, "Life is too short to worry about things that are designed to tear us down!" -Very true. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  24. Cool down, attitudes are in for a change.

  25. @P.N. Subramanian Sir: Yea.. that's what am doing. yea change is going on.

  26. missed some of your posts.
    hmmm.. this one reminds me of typical Indian society.I can only say that good and bad people exist both among boys and girls...but ya girls are still facing discrimination,hopefully times would change.
    on dowry->a culture gone wrong and misused.
    Lets respect talent/caliber/qualities from whomsoever it comes(male/female)...A 'performer', a'winner' has no gender!!

  27. nice msg from your post it is learn-able.

  28. @Rohit: Yea, true.

    @Vaibhav: Thanks :)


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