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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not Gonna Fix It

Everyday I sleep with a broken heart,
hoping for next day to be better;
but days keep passing on like always,
and I keep on posting Lord, my prayer letter(s).
Morning comes with dawn chorus and sunshine,
reminding me there is a chance to mend it;
but it hurts when I try to put broken pieces together,
and again pieces of my heart goes to split.

So am not gonna fix it again,
'cause I know the result is gonna be same;
better learn to live with a broken heart,
rather fixing it and getting it broken apart.

Evening comes with beautiful sunset(s),
teaching me the sun also goes down;
but again I get drowned in the streams of regret,
looking at the broken pieces around.
Night comes with silence and darkness,
telling me everything comes to the end;
I put my hands back-head curling back to loneliness,
again thinking of the chances of my heart to mend.

So am not gonna fix it again,
'cause I know the result is gonna be same;
better learn to live with a broken heart,
rather fixing it and getting it broken apart.

~Shreya ♥
P.S. My creation, please do not copy!!


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    Thanks :)

  2. Shreya You brought out the hurt and melancholy so well! :( Very well written..

  3. Fantastic!!!!!!I said it once...I say it again...You are one damn fine poetess...:-)

  4. Hi Shreya!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment!
    Lovely poem, extremely heartfelt.
    Will be here more often now!! Take care!

  5. This is my first visit to your blog. I enjoyed your poem. I too like poetry, and the emotions of life. Keep writing :)

  6. melancholy..


  7. @Janu: Thanks :)

    @Sampath Cool:Yea will check yours soon. :)

    @Rahul Sir: Thanks :)

    @Rahul: Thanks, am flying ;)

    @Sakshi: Thanks for stopping by. :)

    @Elise: Thanks, glad you liked :)

    @Ashok: yea, right.

    @Saru: Thanks :)

  8. So beautifully penned, Shreya. I felt the agony and this is something all of us have or will feel at some point in our lives.

    Regardless of the promises we make to ourselves to not love again, it happens. I guess we don't have control over that BUT one day you will find the person who mends the cracks with an eternal love that won't ever shatter it again :) ♥

  9. Broken hearts have a way of healing when you least expect them to.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog.

  10. Beautiful expression. Broken hearts are likely o heal but its a matter of time.

  11. beautiful! I love it. Following you now! :-)

  12. Don't be like that. Everything gets better in time. Be like me; be an optimist with a little bit of realism kicked in. Wishing you much strength and best of luck.

  13. Shreya,

    First visit. Read all current posts. We all have hidden dreams and some of us make efforts to make those come true. Thanks for information on handwriting and brain. Good poems. True faith makes the wounds heal faster. How come broken heart is in almost all poems? Hope not personal experience.

    Take care

  14. @Fiona: Yea, very true. Inspiring comment. Loved it :) Thanks :)

    @Hilary: Yea, right.

    @P.N. Subramanian: Thanks for stopping by. :)

    @Sneha Sunny: Thanks :)

    @Thechronicr: I am optimistic, it just a mood swing, its okay, thanks :)

    @Sir Jack: Thanks for reading latest posts. Broken heart is just a theme I am putting in my current poems. I donno why. :O

  15. sad to hear .. welcome ot my world .. but live we must even if the heart is broken ..

    hopefully maybe one day fingers crossed ..

    You take care


  16. @Bikramjit: Yea.. putting my fingers crossed. Thanks :)

  17. One day. You will find someone. And he will fix it for you. :-)

  18. @Zeba: Yea, I wish :)

    @Oh To Be A Muse: Thanks for stopping by. :)

  19. nice feel buddy... am sure dat u will learn to live with broken heart dat 2 very happily...

    May God bless u... tc...

  20. @Kalai: Yea, hopefully. :) God bless :)

  21. nice rhymes...but a little dark I would say...

    Would definitely revisit :)

  22. @Gopinath: Yea.. agree ;) Thanks :)


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