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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Gray Matter

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Our gray matter is the best weapon in every situation. You agree? Whatever we do, gray matter (brain) plays the lead role in it. Life is easy with brain, imagine a life without brain. Its just like imagining a company without CEO, an electric bulb without circuit, and a pen without ink.

Our brain many times shows us illusion: showing same color different on different surfaces, mirage for example. While reading about mysteries of brain I came to know about all this. God is genius, God is great!! He has gifted us this organ. We generally don't use whole brain, people use only that much is required. It has more to deal with- many spiritual persons have said this.

What is the color of the tiles?
We people use 4% of brain only, while Einstein used 16% to give E=MC^2. He was genius. Here is a picture, in this picture two colors are visible: top surface is dark gray, lower surface is dull gray. Now this is an illusion by brain. Everyone will say there are two different colors, but there is one single color. Confused? Now lets solve this mystery: Put your hand (to hide) on the middle section of this picture (from where it is joined). What you see? (You'll see same color on both surfaces). No this is not a miracle, all this is the game of the gray matter. (I saw this on NAT Geo, TV show: Test Your Brain). 

We have power of brain, that's why we are at top in food chain. We rule the ecosystem. Size doesn't matter; but thinking, logic does. When an interviewer asked a candidate in IAS (Indian Administrative Service) interview: What if your mother is being a prostitute? Here is the answer of the candidate who got selected: If my mother is being a prostitute, then my father will be the only costumer. What a great answer. We have brains, we can do whatever we want to. Life is easy, we are gifted with whatever we need; so use it, live it, love it 'cause its now or never. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. That's a beautiful answer.. and your post is too good.. Loved it.. Visit my blog when free..

    Someone is Special

  2. If only we knew how to take advantage of all that power in our brains...and yes, God knew what He was doing!

  3. What an informative and interesting post, Shreya! WoW @ us only using 4% of our brains! I'm always fascinated by the illusions that our brain creates and you presented such a great example of this with the color tiles! You rock, girl :)) x0x Have a great weekend!!

  4. Shreya, A great post indeed with such details in a compact manner.It was like an invigorating capsule.. :). The backdrop music is something I wished played on and on...am following your lovely blog

  5. Shreya, this was a fun post. It's hard to imagine that we only use 4% of our brains. Imagine what we could accomplish if we used 75% or 100% WOW!!
    Inspiring post Miss Shreya!

  6. you read a lot these days,it seems..gud post...

    btw i loved the ias interview part

  7. @Someone is Special: Thanks :)

    @Miss Lego: Yea, true.

    @Fiona: Thanks, glad you liked. :) *hugs* :D

    @Rahul Sir: Thanks, and a big thanks for following :D

    @Leah: Yea true, if we could use 75% of our brain then we can achieve the impossible.

    @Nikhi: Yea I love to read, IAS part is too inspiring.

    @Janu: Thanks :) xx

  8. The power of thought has always been an intereting subject..the fact that we only use 4% is astounding. Even at this amount we often feel overloaded....yet we continue to be inspired within our thoughts and power of the brain...great post Shreya...

  9. what an answer
    father the customer.

  10. Interesting perspective! Sometime over power is not good for health as well as earth. I think the percentage is not important than what we do with it.

  11. lovely post...but the pic....i still see two colours even after hiding the mid-portion...what gives???? :-(

  12. @Ravenmyth: Yea, we feel exhausted using this much only. Thanks for stopping by. :)

    @Sm: Yea, nice one.. ain't it? ;)

    @Jeevan: Yea very true, too much of anything can cause curse.

    @Rahul: Try again, hide the middle portion. You will see same color on both tiles.

  13. yaa, I saw a prog. on Discover, the same thing was there too!


  14. great presence of mind by the candidate....

  15. its actually super that we have brain but then what amuses me is how to use more then 4% of our brain.... can we teach ourselves to do that????????

    Just pondering over the statements you have made :) :)

  16. @AS: Yea, I love to watch such episodes:)

    @Rohit: Yea, that's why he/she got selected.

    @Purvi: Um.. I donno how to increase efficiency of brain.

  17. Hello Shreya, What a great pleasure to meet you. Yes the brain is so much more than we realise.

    You may like to read what I wrote on this a while back....Men and women have different brains.


  18. a brain-storming post it was :P

    Awesome read Shreya !!!

  19. dats really a very nice post...
    i 2 have heard abot dat interview question..
    Thanks 4 sharing buddy...

  20. @Crystal Mary: Yea, I'll be back to your post ASAP :)

    @Jerly: Thanks :)

    @Jyoti: Lol, thanks ;)

    @Kalai: Hmm.. thanks dear :)

  21. yeah in second para you said god is genius yeah he is and we need to thanks to him.
    In middle para, I saw this pic lots of times on facebook but didn't understand its you clarify here
    In last paragraph, about gr8 answer bcoz canditate !thinks positive!

    post is great

  22. @Vaibhav: Try, you'll find out.


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