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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Captain Of My Heart

I wish I could get a guy who make me smile,
the one who never leave my heart fragile;
the one who make me feel juvenile,
who stay loyal with me right from the start;
and I will call him the captain of my heart.

I wish I could get a guy who could sing me a song,
the one  who make me feel so strong;
the one who accepts me even when I am wrong,
the one who never break me apart;
and I will call him the captain of my heart.

I wish I could get a guy who lend me his shoulder to cry,
the one whose presence make me feel fly so high;
one who save all my roses even when they turn dry,
one who don't count my success on the chart;
and I will call him the captain of my heart.

I wish I could get a guy who don't ask me a change,
the one who perfectly fix my broken heart and arrange;
with whom all my sorrows and happiness I could exchange,
the one who is master in this art;
and I will call him the captain of my heart.

I wish I could get a guy who could buy me happiness;
who is a charming prince and make me his princess,
the one who takes away all my stress;
the one who love me till death do us part,
and I will call him the captain of my heart.

~Shreya ♥
P.S. My creation, please do not copy!!


  1. nice post...i want to add you on facebook..wanna discuss some stuffs related to blog.

  2. @Prakhar: Hey, have sent you a message on facebook, tell me how can I help you?

  3. Pure innocent love...I am sure there's someone out there to be the captain of your heart.Cute blog Shreya. :D

  4. Shreya, You excelled yourself with this rendition with a soulful musical backdrop! I wish the captain of your heart sails the seven seas straight to your heart to sweep you from your feet!

  5. Beautiful...Wishing you get Captain of ur Heart who would justify all ur aspirants in each stanza of this poetry....very soon....

  6. Shreya, Your wish is the sweetest and most sincere one so you will get a captain of your heart for sure. Amazing poem, loved it.

  7. @Rohit: Thanks :)

    @Abhisek: No. I don't have anybody in my mind. Am single. Its just an imagination of how I want my guy to be. Glad you liked :)

    @Rahul Sir: Oh.. that's a nice comment, thanks :)

    @Prakash: Yea, but I am not dying to get any, its ok. This stuff comes by its own.. out of the blues.;)

    @Sulekkha: yea, thanks. Glad you liked :)

  8. Hi Shreya. This poem is awesome - I wish I could get a guy like that too. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and the very encouraging words. Good luck to you too in your quest for a job.

  9. So cute..hope you find the captain of your heart very soon.

  10. @Suzy: Thanks for best wishes and stopping by here :)

    @Janu: Hmm.. yea ;)

    @Jovy: Welcome to my blog, thanks :)

  11. ..i hope you'll find the captain of your heart soon, my dear. nicely written...thanks for sharing.

  12. Lovely composition... Shreya! Hope someone string will play song to your heart, beat to rhyme :)

  13. beautiful poem, but oh so sad. Just glancing at some other things on your blog, I'm guessing that you already found the captain of your heart. His name is Christ, no? Have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  14. Lovely lines , Shreya ! :-) . Hehe I wish you get a guy and get to call him the captain of your heart soon ! Will sure check back to read more from you . Keep posting , Cheers !


  15. Oh my dear God, this is so cute and so from the bottom of your heart...that is you, it's how you feel...nice!

  16. WoW! So *beautiful*, Shreya, and the rhyming pattern is executed brilliantly!

    When the time is right your Captain will appear :) ♥

    Loved Rahul's comment and I totally agree :) x0x

    Have you heard the song called "The Captain of Her Heart"? Your poem brought this great old tune back to my mind :)


  17. the best part of it i guess is, it s a wish :)

  18. @Jeannette: Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Jeevan: hmm.. thanks :)

    @Anitamombanita: Christ is always being someone who has been by my side, no matter what. Thanks for stopping by :)

    @[ sT.dEviL ]: Thanks for stopping by. :) Will visit your blog ASAP :)

    @Miss Lego: Yeah.. just an imagination ;)

    @Fiona: No haven't heard that song, but will check out soon the link you have given. Thanks for your nice comment :)

    @Deeps: yeah, just a wish and an imagination too ;)

  19. Beautiful poem.

    Thank you for the visit.

  20. This is beautiful, Shreya. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Good to see you!

  21. Very well written and perfectly rhymes. Good luck in finding the captain of your heart, if you haven't yet. :D

  22. 1. Wondered how you found my blog? Then realized, had to be Susan Deborah' connections. Good!

    2. VERY attractive blog you have built, lots of stuff, but not too much...

    3. I certainly would not copy your work. If I even thought of it, an angel might come and wipe my HD.

    4. THAT'S not a bad idea. Anyone attempts to copy, they automatically contract a virus on their Hard Drive! You read that here first--grin!

    5. Yessss. The Poem. Really beautiful thoughts, dreams--because I've never met one like that Captain of your Heart, as you SO well describe.I believe you could/would never be really happy with one so perfect.

    6. You said you do not like chauvinist. So I looked it up--although I've always had a idea of the meaning. Well, I found I am NOT one (yet) and so went on with writing a comment here.

    Since my age is 78, it is not a lot of time to become a chauvinist, right?--grin!

    Enjoyed my visit here. thank you! Oh, excuse me, one of my defects--I write L O N G comments!


  23. @Eden: Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Ash: Thanks & welcome:)

    @K7: Hmm.. thanks :)

    @Indrani: Thank you :)

    @Steve Sir: Thanks for such a nice comment, thanks for stopping by :) God bless :)

  24. amen to that and heres wishing you get what you want :)

    all the best


  25. very soon u will find ur captain of ur heart..
    wonderful words buddy....

  26. Hie shreya its amazing.. i wish when will i get the poem from girl for boy. I got today nice words you used there.. Good


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