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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happiness Vs Sadness

Hey.. Peeps.. :) First of all Happy Diwali to all my Indian readers :) Play safe!! So these days my scooty training is on. Am learning how to drive. Now I can drive, and it feels great!! :) I drive after 10 p.m. 'cuz there is less rush at this time. And its a great time for a learner like me. You know, when we drive in this season, then cool breezes makes you feel alive every single moment. Empty streets, nice weather now what else do I need?? Its amazing!! :)

Life is a tough combo of okay & not okay kinda phases. Yesterday I was lying down on my bed, it was around 2:30 a.m. I was bore, thinking of the series of things happening and these boring days I am living. I picked up my phone, scrolled my phonebook searching a single name I can talk to. I knew Duplicate (my only dear friend, we share same name so I call her duplicate) will be sleeping. So I didn't called her. And its really annoying when you wanna sleep and you can't sleep properly. It gives headache. Finally, I had to take 2 pills of disprin to sleep.

Music has always been like a great companion for me. I just played Judas by Lady Gaga on my phone and set it on loop. I love this song; it makes me feel good. I donno when I slept after that. I forgot to make my prayer (that I use to make everyday before I go to sleep). Sorry Lord!! I feel: "Life is a game, happiness Vs sadness I just have to cheer for my team (i.e. happiness)".

Now I know I always had complaints with my life, but here are many reasons to live. I have friends, loving parents who buy me everything I point my finger at, I have hopes. Now I donno what the hell I am fishing for? I have little happiness around me, and now I can see it. :) So no more complaints from now!! Life offers us many things, we just have to accept or reject it. Decision matters, right? Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. Nice, nice. I'm glad you had a nice week. Great post. xx

  2. Duplicate...I love it!! I'm excited for you learning how to drive. Be careful and have fun. You have a great attitude about life!

  3. Congrats on the driving!!! Thank you for sharing...Blessings, Janet xo

  4. We need to see the gifts that God has blessed us with.We need to be thankful.

  5. @Divgun: Thanks for stopping by :)

    @TheChronicR: Yea, thanks :)

    @Leah: Thanks, yea I'll be careful :)

    @Janet: Thanks :) xx ♥

    @Mattias: Yea, true. Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Duplicate name is cute :)
    Nicely written :)

    Love, ~Moonlight~ :)

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind words!

    I wish you joy, always!
    So much to be thankful for!

    Margie :)

  8. @Margie: Thanks for visiting back my page :)

  9. Most of the time we just have to accept what life offers us. We can be happy or sad about it that is a different matter.

  10. Nice post :) The joy of being alive to meet another day with open arms is a happy place to be...Cheers!

  11. You got a reason to live? Then nothing wrong in complaining either (just that know your boundaries)....
    Happy Diwali


  12. Often I find myself deciding whether to be sad or happy..and I'm glad you decided to be happy...have a happy day

  13. @Ashok: Thanks :)

    @Ashank: Yea, right!! :)

    @SpringBlossoms: Thanks :)

    @Deeps: Yea, Happy Diwali to you too :)

    @The Jadedoughnut: Thanks. Have a great day, God bless :)

  14. Enjoyed this post . . . Yes, you're so right in many comments! Happiness and joy truly are within . . . Ciao!

  15. hie shreya when i went to sleep i like to hear songs bcoz same here Mujhe nind nahi aati sometimes.
    post is gr8 life is beautiful we look happiness or sadness. i think in life its ratio and its must need!


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