“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

Random Posts

Monday, October 31, 2011

Beautiful Night

Its 2 a.m. and the world is sleeping; so quiet,
I can even hear and count my heartbeats;
I am still awake; watching the stars dazzling light,
moon is peeping inside my window like everyday it greets;
Its a beautiful night telling me I am not alone,
and these are the beautiful moments I own.

I am lying on my bed; holding a pillow so tight,
empty streets and dancing trees are beautiful to see;
it lands me in the realm of delight,
and its the best place I’d rather be;
Its a beautiful night telling me I am not alone,
and these are the beautiful moments I own.

Fireflies are dancing like stars in the sky,
and trees are playing the background music;
making me feel alive with every moment passes by,
gifting wonderful scenes to click;
Its a beautiful night telling me I am not alone,
and these are the beautiful moments I own.

Cold wind kisses my face and I sigh,
it blows off my candles like it is asking me to sleep;
trees dance for me and sing me a lullaby,
taking away all the reasons to weep;
Its a beautiful night telling me I am not alone,
and these are the beautiful moments I own.

It takes all the bad memories away,
making me feel life is not that bad;
I will thank Lord for gifting me this day,
and for taking away all the reasons to be sad;
Its a beautiful night telling me I am not alone,
and these are the beautiful moments I own.

Moon is sitting by my window in a silver dress,
like it is going to tell me a fairytale;
all about those 7 dwarfs and pirate ships and princess,
till I sleep and forget reasons to wail,
Its a beautiful night telling me I am not alone,
and these are the beautiful moments I own. 

~Shreya ♥
P.S. My creation, please do not copy!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Life Is..

Life is a mixture of happiness and sorrow,
its right here right now, no tomorrow;
it can become full of pleasure and joy,
if we stop telling a lie.

Life is a hard battle,
which starts from cradle;
which ends in the grave,
who wins it, is titled brave.

Life is just a game,
Which has no particular name;
in which we can win,
if we stop doing sin.

Life is like a leaf,
some are alone, some are in heap;
when it will fall; no one knows,
but when one falls the other one grows.

Life is like a test,
people remember the one who performs best;
no place for the one who will fail,
no matter how much he burnt midnight oil.

Enjoy it before you die,
this is a stage, don’t shy;
complete your wishes before you depart,
for there is no other start.

~Shreya ♥
P.S. My creation, please do not copy!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happiness Vs Sadness

Hey.. Peeps.. :) First of all Happy Diwali to all my Indian readers :) Play safe!! So these days my scooty training is on. Am learning how to drive. Now I can drive, and it feels great!! :) I drive after 10 p.m. 'cuz there is less rush at this time. And its a great time for a learner like me. You know, when we drive in this season, then cool breezes makes you feel alive every single moment. Empty streets, nice weather now what else do I need?? Its amazing!! :)

Life is a tough combo of okay & not okay kinda phases. Yesterday I was lying down on my bed, it was around 2:30 a.m. I was bore, thinking of the series of things happening and these boring days I am living. I picked up my phone, scrolled my phonebook searching a single name I can talk to. I knew Duplicate (my only dear friend, we share same name so I call her duplicate) will be sleeping. So I didn't called her. And its really annoying when you wanna sleep and you can't sleep properly. It gives headache. Finally, I had to take 2 pills of disprin to sleep.

Music has always been like a great companion for me. I just played Judas by Lady Gaga on my phone and set it on loop. I love this song; it makes me feel good. I donno when I slept after that. I forgot to make my prayer (that I use to make everyday before I go to sleep). Sorry Lord!! I feel: "Life is a game, happiness Vs sadness I just have to cheer for my team (i.e. happiness)".

Now I know I always had complaints with my life, but here are many reasons to live. I have friends, loving parents who buy me everything I point my finger at, I have hopes. Now I donno what the hell I am fishing for? I have little happiness around me, and now I can see it. :) So no more complaints from now!! Life offers us many things, we just have to accept or reject it. Decision matters, right? Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Somewhat Freedom

Hey.. Peeps.. :) These days mom-dad are out of the town. As a result of this am free, I got my speakers loud with full woofers.. ♪ Whole day loud music, fun, favourite food, and what not!! *Woohoo* I must tell you I always wanted this kinda freedom. Mom-dad call me minimum 7 times a day for asking if everything is okay (without forgetting to tell the instructions to use electronic appliances like: Mixer, washing machine and pressure cooker is also in the same list).. lol!! Love them ♥!!
I skipped today's morning walk, sleeping 4 hours extra. My fridge is going to be empty by tomorrow, as I cook less and am disgusting at cooking. Living on cold-drinks and some random food. Thanks Maggi for always being there. It touches my taste bud every time. Evey time I try cooking, I go through an irritating experience. I must put a tag on my food saying: Caution- eat on your own risk!! Lol!! C'mon I am not Sanjeev Kapoor, Right? *Argh*

And yes I can watch T.V. whole night, I can use internet after 1 a.m., yay!! Mom is not gonna scream at me for all this till this sunday. But I can't go out and this is the worst condition  mom has asked for (feels like incomplete freedom). I am not a kid, right? But she treats me as a three-year-old.  Mom am a big girl: I explained her on phone today (in a soft, smooth voice) like I was attempting to explain "mechanics" to a grade 5 kid!! Gosh, moms are moms.. *Ah*!!

So.. no outing, it makes me feel sick. *Sheesh*. Searching few recipes, am gonna try tomorrow. I put my fingers crossed, I wish they taste good. Will post a pic of it here if it will taste good. I once tried making some frankies, I donno how they were yum at taste. And mom screamed listening about it as if she has seen a saw scaled viper or rattlesnake.. lol!!

And what's new: Um.. Diwali is near. I don't light crackers, it causes pollution. I love nature and I can't spoil it. I don't like the noise they produce. I donno how people derive fun from it. I rather buy some novel or some dress or some other stuff from that money, or I simply save money. *Yawns*.. now feeling sleepy. Its 3:25 a.m. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What If I Die?

What if I die? They will box me singing a sad song;
I know I won't say in their hearts for any long.
They will pray for me saying rest in peace,
and my soul in the hands of Lord will be set to release.

What if I die? Candles will be lighted around me;
there will be no pain, no fear and I will be free.
Lord will submit me in His arms;
and I will be saved from hurts and harms.

What if I die? I will be framed on the wall;
no one will miss me for whatever befall.
I know I won't be in their talks anymore,
for no one will think of me to adore.

What if I die? For all it will never matter;
for some it would be sad, for some it would be better.
People will forget me within a day or two,
will my friends miss me like the way I do?

What if I die? They will forget my name;
and it will be okay for me, no lame.
I will be only in photographs and pages;
for nobody is gonna turn them for ages.

~Shreya ♥
P.S. My creation, please do not copy!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

When You Come Around

When you come around;
I can hear myself sigh,
You make me lift my feet off the ground;
It shatters me whenever you say good bye,
And my heart beats like 808 drums;
And I can feel the butterflies,
Do you also feel the same when my thought comes?
Or I must live in the world of lies?

When you come around my heart skips a beat;
And I guess now you have the clue,
Why then you don't temme whenever we meet;
No one else can love you the way I do,
Boy you got me crazy whenever you come close;
I turn off my eyes and try to breathe,
I keep on writing about you in poems & prose;
Be mine that's all I need.

~Shreya ♥
P.S. My creation, please don't copy!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Decoding Life

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Today life is almost okay. I am in an on-off kinda relationship with this life. Sometimes I feel, its okay not to be okay and sometimes it leaves me so worried. I donno, how will I make my life absolutely okay. But one thing for sure I must say, I will definitely make it (sooner or later). And yes; life is not that bad, right?? It gives heartbreaks, and heals it as well.

My days are bore, life is going dull. Feels like: a little piece of hope is floating on the sea of broken dreams. But I am happy (and I must be) that I still possess hope. Its really great. What if things are not working out, its just a phase going on and it will pass soon. After all dawn comes after few hours of night; and yes the sun also goes down. So I am gonna leave no stone unturned!! My hope is still in pink. :)

I feel: "Tales of struggling life, twist & turns are more interesting to listen than those without struggle and dealing with an easy success. I am the author of my life and I am making it my way". Struggle is an important (still un-welcomed) element of life. I am having it, and it proves I am on right way. So, here can be a reason to be happy, right?? I keep on narrating myself: It will be fine baby, have hopes.

I think: Dreams are like a map that guides you to follow the journey of life. So dreams are important, and yes there are no shortcuts in the journey of life. "You can't cheat life; as there are no answers (to the questions of life) at the back of the book"- quoted an author. I agree!! I dream, I live, I enjoy, I get hurt as well- all this is life. I am gonna make mistakes; I am not perfect. I don't have an user guide on how to live life. And I am gonna learn from my every mistake as well. Life is mysterious, I am decoding it.

Mom says you are still a baby; you have tantrums and you are endlessly obstinate. Yea I am, I don't talk to anybody when I don't get something of my wish. I turn my phone, facebook account off when I don't feel good or harshly scolded by mom-dad. I still search for biggest piece of bread (even when all slices are of same size), I still sleep with my teddy bear.. yea; stop laughing!! And, I still love to watch Tom & Jerry. I know I am a big girl, I just love to do these things. An author quoted: "No man is really old till his mother stops worrying about him". True!!

I now feel: I have many reasons to live, to laugh, to enjoy. I just need to find them out. Lord has always helped me, and that's why I owe Him everything I have. I know He will help me (as He always did)!! So here I come life; to make you the way I want, the way I dreamed of. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Like Splinter In My Skin

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Um.. lets start with the definition of splinter. So splinter is a tiny piece of some wood or glass that is broken from the main body. As these are very tiny, so we generally don't see it. But when this tiny splinter gets into our skin then it keeps on making its presence. It keeps on hurting till you take it out.

Same way is my life going these days. I mean I am not that broken, but yea something is there that keeps on hurting. I can bear this pain. Splinters don't make you bleed, people sometimes can't see it in your skin, but yes you can feel it hurting making it as nucleus of pain, and you keep on trying to take it out as soon as you can. Sometimes in such conditions we feel we are in hot soup. We loose grip on life forgetting God is watching like the fly on the wall.

I am jobless, I know all my readers must have bored reading my posts about my joblessness. So I wish this could be the last one. I know am gonna make it, am optimistic, right?? And yes I am Lord's favorite child so definitely He will shower His blessings on me soon. But this time of not doing anything is so bore, its taking all my hope away. I mean I don't wanna take it anymore now. These days I run to open the door every time the bell rings 'cuz only I am free, damn!! Again its ringing.. argh!! It was post man. Huh, am so bored. So I have decided to leave this city I am living in, and make my own chance to get a job, the job I want. Or may be something I dream about. I mean this is the only time to make it, right??

Pieces of broken dreams hurt you every time you look at them and try to pick them up and begin again. But we humans manage to make another dream soon, we manage to mend those pieces; and so am gonna do. I am not broken, I am fine. I just want me to be perfectly fine, or the way I want to be or the way I can keep myself & others happy. So I won't stop dreaming. Lets see who stops first: my dreams or me?? So now its a game me Vs my dreams. Umpire is Lord. I have to win few bouts n game will be mine. :) Lord must have planned something good for me; after all I have never done wrong to anyone, never ever been into some crime so its sure nothing bad can happen with me. I must be happy for this. But like super dumbo I look recap of unhappy episodes of my life forgetting there is something good in present as well. And that's why I call myself stupid. *Argh*

I should not ignore little happiness in search of a big one. And yes here I got one; I got a scooty a couple of days back. Dad bought it for me & my sis (out of the blues). Dad is master in planning surprises, I must say. Lol!! So go on your way girl, and get it. :) God will take you under His wings. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tears Roll Down On Your Photograph

There is not a day when I don't think of you;
its the only thing I’ll forever do,
I remember when the first time you held my hand;
you were standing close to me; it was a november end,
and my tears roll down on your photograph;
when I remember the moments you made me laugh.

Boy you said you will never leave me alone;
there were the days when you used to walk me home,
I remember those bikes that we enjoyed and rode;
do you remember those beautiful paths; together we trod?
and my tears roll down on your photograph;
and just a single thought is enough to turn my mood off.

Those days are gone when we were together?
you said this love will last forever,
and now every time it makes me go shatter;
I know; for you all this doesn't matter,
and my tears roll down on your photograph;
when all your thoughts scratches my core so rough.
All the roses you gave me have turned pale;
they now sing the story of my ail,
you have got your own world, I haven't got mine;
I donno how long it will take me to feel fine,
and my tears roll down on your photograph;
when all your memories divide my heart into half.

With bloodshot eyes I search for you everywhere;
I close my eyes and I see you; I open them and you disappear,
You are the one who has conquered my mind;
I donno how and why I got so blind,
and my tears roll down on your photograph;
when it reminds me of your bluff.

~Shreya ♥
P.S. My creation, please do not copy!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Than A Friend, Less Than A Lover

Boy I close my eyes and dream 'bout you everyday,
when I open my eyes they shatter and tears flow 'em away,
all these things I wanna letcha know,
but am afraid of your answer and I just can't letcha go,
I never wanna all these things get over,
'cuz you are more than a friend, less than a lover.

When I strum the guitar; I wish you could hear,
I write only about you; no one else, I swear.
Boy you cut me to the core;
and its only you; I adore.
I can't breathe when you come closer;
'cuz you are more than a friend, less than a lover.

I donno why I fall for you every time?
me a jerk and you a sublime.
I know you ain't after me;
my heart is the only place you'd rather be.
All day long your thoughts hover;
'cuz you are more than a friend, less than a lover.

You gimme butterflies every time I see you come;
your every touch makes me go so numb.
Now people call me crazy,
and all your thoughts make me go dizzy.
I have kept all these feelings under cover;
'cuz you are more than a friend, less than a lover.

I go into pieces whenever you try me swerve;
even a single girl around you gets me on my nerve.
You are on my mind 24x7,
and it makes me feel like heaven.
I want you to be mine forever;
'cuz you are more than a friend, less than a lover. 

P.S. My creation, do not copy!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Of Blood, Sweat & Tears

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Life revolves around the three fluids i.e. Blood, Sweat & Tears. No this post is not about that American music band (BS&T). Its about the life we all live. We dream, work to achieve it, make living, wish for even more, again we run for it, still we hunt for that special happiness (some people don't even know what they are fishing for and sometimes I feel I am one of them.. yea sometimes). Very few are satisfied with their lives on this earth; and I congratulate them all.. for leading a life they want.

I have started waking up early in morning, lately by 6 a.m. as per my promise to myself. Yea.. am keeping that promise. And yes, I have left morning tea. I am on my way to improve. Soon people will meet a new version of me. Now morning walks are like a routine for me. I walk around 3 kilometers; I guess (of course in my morning walk). And now I clean my room on my own, now it looks better. I never leave my room in mess. I hate stuffs around my bed. I manage things in my own way, if someone else uses my stuffs then I can figure it out that it has been used or touched. 

So I sweat hard these days. I don't cry. So no more tears. I am a big girl after all. My fingers are always sore when I try cooking. I tried it few days back and now I can see its scar on my finger. So I bleed whenever I try cooking. I feel: "it takes a great deal to own success, you must be the owner of patience, hard work & passion first". So am trying to control my anger, I don't show anger. But I wish I could kill all that silent anger as well. I don't use to cry, no matter what. Sometimes unexpectedly tears roll down my eyes and I hate such situations.

I wish I could make a happy living, fulfill all my dreams, help others as well. I have promised myself: "I will donate" a handsome amount to CRY (child relief & you). All this is my dream. I am living, but I wanna love living. I know am gonna make it someday. Now I won't let myself down. I wish I never have to hurt anybody in any way. And am sorry for all those guys who proposed me and I said no to them (I know it hurts; no end). I wish I could bring everyone a smile. So now am gonna make it. Bless me Lord!! Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random Scribblings

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Life continues to be mysterious. But I am learning to unfold it. In past two days I have enjoyed my days fullest. Went out; enjoyed the evening. Shopping with sister was a complete bore (as I mentioned in my last post: I hate shopping). Life is unexpected. It can bring you anything.

I love to see this big city crowd. I love to see from a bridge; all people running to get their needs, they have no time, and there you can find a story. So many episodes are there in a day. Different places, different peoples keeps me away from those "not okay" kinda phases. I love travelling, gazing outside the window at the things passing by. I love it. I click it all, right from a street vendor to a gentleman in car, from a stray dog to a big bus, truck and all I see on road. People sitting next to me in taxi stare at me. I mean they wonder, and I can hear them grumbling: what the hell she is doing??

I come here, because this blog allows me to write whatever I want to. I write everything, I love it. I need not to think what they will say kinda questions. I am "me" here. This place don't ask me not to use slangs n all. I write all those slangs as well. Its like my personal e-diary. And it gets more value when people read it, comment on it and follow it. And moreover they understand it.

I donno those who don't blog their feelings, how do they express it?? They must have maintained a diary, or may be some close friend to hear all their story. Lucky peoples. Well I feel blog is a best medium to express. Those things that tongues can't do, word do them better. Ain't it?? That's why I regularly write here. :)

A friend of mine asked me (in a chat) to go to attend some college fest, to enjoy (as these days are so boring). I don't wanna go, so I said no. He said there you will get high profile guys, earning handsome amount of salary (though I know he was kidding). I was like c'mon I don't need a guy for money and all. I guess I don't need an ATM machine. And we laughed it off. Yea really, I don't need a guy to buy me all those material things. I can make all these on my own. I rather need a guy who has more understanding than I do. 'Cuz I know I can make money, I can buy things I want, but I can't make love alone. And I don't fish for guys here & there. I am happily single and enjoying my freedom.
Aww.. XOXO!!

And what's new?? Yea I got my gums hurt while brushing my teeth. Aww.. it aches so much. :( I can't even laugh properly. These days I am having wisdom tooth as well so, this is a combo offer of injuries. Lol!! And yes I have got a new dress. Yay. :)

And I desperately want a white kitten. But I don't have a permission to bring a kitten home. :( But its me; am so obstinate, I will bring it home someday. :) I want a puppy, a rabbit, a parrot, a pigeon as well. And when I told it to one of my friend then he laughed it off, saying open a mini zoo. Lol. I laughed back listening it. :) Life's like this, sweet, salty, unexpected and what not. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)