“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Flashback

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Life was just so easy few months back.. Around 3 n a half months passed n my college days gone. I enjoyed my college life n am gonna remember it forever.. When I was in college I never realized it, "those were the best days". But now it feels my heaven was there in benches n lectures.

Writing this post I went in a "flashback", four years ago.. I remember how I took admission in an engineering college n how I came to know that I have cleared the entrance exam. It was the first week of June 2007, the phone rang.. dad was online.. mom received the call. Hello (to dad): n she jumped.. as if I have topped the entrance (Moms are strange creatures, they over-react in every situation). Mom called me: Shreya Shreya.. I was sleeping (but listening loud voices of my mom &sister) (I used to live in my own world n I guess still have my own world). I opened my one eye and tried to listen to mom. Mom: wake up.. I said: lemme sleep 5 minutes more please (as I always do). She switched off the fan.. turn on the lights, removed the curtains (so that all these disturbances wake me up). I woke up screaming.. What?? She screamed in happiness.. you are going to join engineering college.. I was happy n screamed in return.. Yeah!!

I didn't scored great, it was an average (enough to get me enrolled in a good college). I never had interest in studies.. I never wanted to study, I love writing since God knows when.. I started composing "poems" when I was in grade 6. Yea but then it was like so kiddish.. People use to laugh at it; so I decided never to show my poems to anyone.. n since then I write secretly!! Till date I have written 18 poems.. excluding those kiddish ones. 2 published in newspaper- The Times Of India (dated february 24' 03 & march 08' 04) when I was in grade 8&9. I still have saved those newspapers n never show it to anybody.. (To be continued.. -yea I'll continue the story of my write-ups in some other post).

Then next step to get admission in an engineering college was to join counselling. I attended counselling, long queue, lots of documents, registration fee, me and dad waiting for my turn. Ah.. so hectic!! Finally got admission in a college.. I never wanted to go for engineering but still I was happy.. (I donno why- sounds stupid, I know).

First day.. ah!! New place, no friends, boring lectures, blood-sucking teachers. Whole day was hectic, I returned home half dead (tired). Semesters came, gave exams, experienced shocking results. Lengthy assignments, presentations, projects- all this kept going on for next 4 years. Made few friends, enjoyed with them, bunked lectures with them, n these 4 years passed so fast. This post is not enough to explain all that, not even a novel will be enough.. yea I have to write novels in many volumes to describe all this college saga.. lol.

Finally this year I have completed engineering with 73% (mom-dad still complain for scoring this much only). I spent 4 best years of my life hoping for something good.. but it yielded me nothing; no job yet.. n it hurts; no end. Life has kicked me out so many times.. Still I manage to hope for best.. n people wonder how I manage to bring hope. I follow Robert Harold Schuller.

Sometimes I pretend to have hope, n it helps sometimes.. yea. So lets see when opportunity knocks my door. I love posting here because people who read my blog; appreciate it, they understand it. But if I'll say same thing to my friends then many of them will laugh it off or draw some other meaning. 

I have learned so much in these 4 years, life has brought me almost everything- stress, anger, happiness, sorrow, regret, bluff n all. Experienced great professionalism & cut- throat competition. People go mean, cheat, back-stab, hurt, misuse n label all this as professionalism. I got some fair weather friends n pretending friends as well, they don't use to reply my texts now, they text me back when they want some help n I donno why I still help those hypocrites. Its ok. n I know everything is gonna be ok. Cheers life girl!! Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. Nice blog! Glad to visit an Indian's blog. You write well. Keep up the good work! :) Take care!


  2. Thanks for commenting, I'll visit your blog in return. :)

  3. Somehow the days gone by are the most beautiful and memorable esply those in the college/school..however while on the campus there, I for many reasons wanted to get out of it somehow… but now…. Oops
    Niways, you seem to have had a great time…nice :P

  4. @Deeps: yea.. I had both kinda phases nice as well as bad.. that's life. I welcome both. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  5. Its time for some real business.. Good luck with your life...

  6. @Raj: Thanks for stopping by. :)

  7. hi!!!
    nice blog!happy to meet another mj fan:)so college days are the most memorable one hmmm i dont know:)should wait:)
    and btw keep writing:)

  8. @Haritha: Yea college days are nice, you will find it out. Good luck. n MJ is always my favourite. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  9. Hi Shreya (I love this name)...

    I'm your new fan...read few of your blogs and loved them especially "Echos of Silence and Me" and the other about 'Desire behind desire'. You are a wonderful writer I must say and fail to understand how to you pursued engineering and not creative writing...God bless you for writing such beautiful and heart filling posts...and I hope you will keep showering smiles on your readers...
    Thank you so much:)

  10. The school and the college days are the most remembered and most missed. You have a long long way to go and need to experience a lot....all the best.

  11. @Ranju: Welcome.. :) Loved your comment. Thanks for visiting & encouraging. :)

    @Janu: Thanks for commenting. :) n all the best to you too for your future life. :)


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