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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Desires Behind Desires

Hey.. Peeps.. :) I haven't slept last night; reason: power cut!! As a result I kept on checking the time n checking my phone if I got any text from my friends..no text.. ah!! When it ticked 5:30 a.m in my watch then I left my bed; dressed n went out for a walk (with my phone).

Oh!! Awesome weather: I heard myself saying. It rained last night n morning was so clean. Trees on roadside were like someone has painted them to new, streets were empty.. few peoples with their pets were strolling, few newspaper hawkers were delivering newspapers, birds singing "dawn chorus" n left their nests to fetch food for their kids.. Ooh.. I love nature!! n few people like me (with sleepy faces) were on road. It was very pleasant to see such a beautiful morning.

I was half-heartedly walking.. I was sleepy but I wanted to walk. So is this my new "desire". Um.. desire?? Really?? I mean desire to walk is the only desire or this desire has some other reason.. Umm.. yes.. it has; 'cuz I wanna lose 7 kgs.. I am 57 kgs in wt. n want get back to 50kgs.. So here is a desire behind a desire.

We people sometimes make our life so complicated.. we ask for something n later we figure out its not the exact thing we want.. then these kinda situations leave us behind with elements like: blame, allegation, frustration, regret, silent anger, self-destruction.We suffer from "poor decision-making", our perception sometimes lands us in the world of "intense confusion" resulting in inaccurate decision-making n later on yields heart-popping results.

When I logged-in my blogger account 2 days back I found few comments on my last post n I went like: yay!! :) I jumped a little on my chair n shook myself as a symbol of happiness.. So was my happiness due to those comments or because of the reason that I came to know: people liked my post, n few people use to read it??

I believe we all have desires behind desires, n we unknowingly know it somewhere but we never accept it or may be we don't reach there to accept it. I too sometimes (I mean 90%.. lol) go so confused, n take a wrong decision, n pay for it later.. but I know life don't offer chances always.. A single chance changes life n we have to pick that single chance without any confusion.. n am gonna make it someday (hopefully)!!

Desires are the things every individual owns.. n it is really an important ingredient to make life better. (Um.. I planned to write a line that I thought few minutes ago.. Ugh.. I forgot that.) Anyways.. have desires.. live them.. share them.. life is all about it!! Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. Your theme is awesome and posts are very nice.Happy Blogging!!!!

  2. Some lines that I liked from this post

    I am 57 kgs in wt. n want get back to 50kgs.-----> super funny :P

    I know life don't offer chances always.. A single chance changes life n we have to pick that single chance without any confusion.----> Very Very Important

    overall a superb fresh post.Liked it a lot.God Bless Ya. :)

  3. Thanks for appreciating :) It feels great :)

  4. @Abhisek: Yea.. I make my readers laugh :) Thanks for commenting and appreciating :)

  5. I would say you need to dig deeper for your desire. You say your desire to walk is spurred by your deeper desire to lose a few kg so you weigh 50 kg.

    But you need to go deeper. What spurs your desire to weigh 50 kg? It doesn't sound like a health issue. It sounds like your desire to have your body appear a certain way.

    What will happen when you weigh 50kg? More self-esteem? More attention? Becoming a sex pot? :)

    Find the desire behind the desire that's behind the desire.

  6. I do enjoy coming to your site to smile and love your writing. :) Thank you for the smiles and the encouragement.

  7. yup...a morning walk everyday wud help yu to get bk to 50 kgs...!

  8. @Ame: Yea.. may be more self-esteem.. nice comment; by the way.. :) Loved this line: "Find the desire behind the desire that's behind the desire."

    @Sonia Rumzi: Thanks for commenting n encouraging me in return.. :)

    @Nikhi: Yea.. n I have to leave eating 'pizzas n burgers' as well.. :(

  9. The thing about desire is realizing that we can't have everything we desire at the same time necessarily. In this fast food nation we must realize that our dreams need patience, but mostly fulfilling our desires means a whole hell of a lotta work.

  10. @Marie: Yea.. patience is a very important element for our dreams. Thanks for commenting :)

  11. Hi Shreya, I wandered into your blog following yout comment on my friend's blog.

    Nice post.. It is very important to have Desire in life. but on the contrary, Buddha said " Desire is the root of evil"

    the context there was Not to have desire just for sake of it, when the desire is not attainable, it becomes needless..

    so what do u think?

  12. @Chibi: Thanks for stopping by.. :) Yea you are right to some extent but its only a desire that keeps us alive.. ain't it?? we dream, we desire, n we work to fulfill it n this is what we call life.


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