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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weird Phobias

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Do you suffer from any phobia?? I know you are listening yourself saying "yes". We all have some kind of phobias.. n when we share them with peoples then they laugh it off.. but I know it happens with every individual.. yeah.. 'cuz we all feel the same for same experiences, 'cuz we all are humans.. we belong to same genus!!

We all have our own feelings, emotions, fantasies, phobias, pleasures, hobbies, interests, dreams, passions, n other such things.. let us take an example: the feeling of fear is same for everybody.. though the reasons of fear may vary.. we all feel "butterflies in stomach" during some result announcements, love proposals, n other such experiences.. ain't it?? 

Some of our phobias are limited to our minds only.. they really don't exist, but still we use to worry about it; thinking: what if it happens?? A human psychology varies from individual to individual.. you must have seen some people pull the lock (many times) to check whether it is locked properly or not (though they locked it with their own hands) so what will you call this?? A psychological disorder?? I guess not!!

We all have "cold feet" on stage.. its natural!! We all have some superstitions.. yea; I do.. 'cuz we all fear failures n troubles.. ain't it?? Now ain't this weird?? Let it be.. An author quoted: "superstition is the religion of feeble minds"..  is it?? May be.. but not till it starts to be a barrier in our success!! I feel: "fear is not bad to have, just don't make it to the extent where it decides to rule you".. Right??

For a girl; hairfall is like a nightmare come true.. some fear tanning.. not only girls boys as well.. we change our lifestyle just to get rid of something we don't want, or we don't like.. some prefer plastic beauty.. Angelina Jolie's usage of "botox" is just a great example.. We forget: "the most beautiful things in this world are the most useless; peacocks n lilies for example".

Some of phobias are: claustrophobia, triskaidekaphobia, acrophobia, tachophobia, hemophobia, phonophobia, xenophobia, pyrophobia, necrophobia, catoptrophobia.. and the phobia list goes from A to Z.

The only remedy to any kinda phobia is to understand that phobia, to understand what is beyond that phobia.. n then finally to overcome the phobia.. I say, have some phobias.. but don't make them to rule you.. 'cuz then they will make your life slavery.. n slavery can be the worst phobia.. Ain't it?? Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. If not out of proportion, certain amount of fear and worry and anxiety is good I guess…
    Niways, this is an informative one…

  2. Thanks for the comment Deeps.. :)Yea some kind of fears are good to have.. like having a fear of being scolded on not doing homework.. lol :P

  3. nice thought...we truly need to get rid of our phobias...i have phobia of getting drowned someday :P :P
    Nice finishing to ur blog... :) Keep it up...I follow you :)

  4. Thanx for your comment Raj :)n a big thanx for following :)

  5. I'm deathly afraid of ants. People laugh, but it's a rational fear.

  6. @Jenny: Yea.. people laugh it off.. making it more worse.. ain't it?? Thanks for your comment :)


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