“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Echoes Of Silence & Me

Hey.. Peeps.. :) How is life going?? Hi to all my readers :) Its great to know that peoples are reading my blog, commenting on my posts n following this blog :) Whenever I see a new comment I go like yay.. :) I got a comment.. its great to get appreciated for the work you have done.. ain't it?? I love it :) Everybody loves it, c'mon..!!

Well, yesterday while strolling on my roof around 11:45 p.m. I saw a "shooting star" it was green in colour.. I was like: "Oh shooting star"!! I was listening songs on my i-pod.. I paused my song, took out the leads from my ear n joined my hands (as a symbol to make a wish) n closed my eyes.. I made a wish n felt great.. :) Then I resumed my song n put the leads back to my ears n began shaking my head along with the rhythm of music closing my eyes.. n got collided with the flower pot.. I got my foot hurt.. I screamed Aww.. Damn.. Who kept that pot here..?? Without telling: that I kept my eyes closed.. lol.. I am stupid, with no chances of improvement.. lol!!

Um.. No, no, no.. am not gonna tell here what I wished for.. but yea I will surely post here once I'll get it fulfilled.. I promise.. :) I don't know if a "shooting star" really fulfills our wish or not?? I just make a wish whenever I see it n I love it every time.. :) I would love to capture a "shooting star" video in my new-new phone.. but "shooting stars" are uncertain.. they don't come scheduled like "sun n moon".. So I leave it. But I'll try someday n upload the video right here.. :)

One common thing between "shooting star" n me is: It also gets break n I also do.. yeah.. apart from that fun-loving, jolly, bubbly side of me; I do have a "soft corner" where I am real me.. n very less people know about this side of me.. I must say 90% of my friends think am that yo, fun-loving, with no signs of sorrow.. its because I don't flaunt what am going through.. "I don't wear my heart on my sleeves". Yeah.. All of my those friends who will read this post will think: Oh.. is this the same Shreya??

I love late night reading, blogging, strolling n what not.. I love it when its dark n all I can hear is "echoes of silence" n am alone to turn out the pages, its the time when I am most of myself without any fake smile n I don't need to be any fake. I don't need to worry about "what they will think of me" types of questions.. n its always nice to be myself.

I do feel bouts of loneliness.. n this proves that I still have a heart that's not that broken 'cuz its working the way it worked before.. Whenever it hurts I write poems, blogs, diary.. An author qouted: "Compare your grieves with other men n they will always seem less".. n its true.. try it!! I always compare n it seems less.. really!! :)

I don't know how my tomorrow will be like.. I donno what am gonna be in this life but I am sure I'll be someone: Optimistic, Philanthropist n Spiritual.. I don't consider myself as alone.. as following an author's quote: "Those are never alone who are accompanied with noble thoughts".. n I thank Lord for giving me loads of "noble thoughts" I owe "Him" everything I have.. :) 

Um.. Am happy.. what if sometimes I feel helpless.. its always welcomed.. 'cuz I believe if Lord has given me so much then it would be a fair deal if "He" takes something back.. yea!! I'll still praise "Him".. with my full belief in "Him" n "He" will always be the one who helps me with whatever I did n do. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)


  1. Comparing your grieves with other men certainly helps sometimes !!
    But one should also be aware of the reverse possibility, which may happen, sometimes.

    Nice read! Keep posting..

  2. A simple read... I liked it... Honest yet not revealing too much..look forward to more of you!

  3. @Pawan: yea you are right.. comparing hurts sometimes.. anyways, thanks for commenting and appreciating :)

    @Savira: thanks for appreciating my post and commenting :)

  4. This was a very charming and sweet post. When you make people smile you will never be alone. And your way of expressing yourself made me smile.


  5. Shööting stär döesnt fulfills ur wish. Its just a säying...
    Nthng gets fulfill by just asking may b frm God or whatever...
    Wë hav to wörk for it..

  6. @Tameka: Thanks for commenting :) Loved your comment :)

    @Firdaus Sir: Oh!! :(


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