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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Decision Making In Salad Days

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Decision-making time is really tough, specially for a "naïve" like me.. yeah!! My "salad days" are ON n I have to go through the agony n ecstasy of decision-making.. Decisions are the parts of life which comes totally unannounced.. that's the worst part of decisions.. n we are always so desperate to grab the life; no matter what.. ain't it??

B.Tech is over.. so I have to make a decision about what to do next?? As my parents, friends n now teachers are "sort" of forcing me to go for M.Tech.. C'mon what's there in M.Tech if I am not willing to do it.. but who cares.. Life's like this: unexpected, entangled, n God knows what not!!

So this Mr. Fate (my destiny) is not helping me to guide how to go for my career.. Life's fleeting so fast, with no signs of improvement.. but I know its just a phase, n it will pass on.. so putting my fingers crossed, murmuring prayers for getting everything back to normal n taking "baby steps" to begin my new journey (believing my Lord will catch me whenever I'll fall) I have always dreamed of.. though it seems to be a "pipe-dream" but I don't give-up!!

I had read somewhere that decision making is something uncertain n spontaneous not planned calculation. Let me explain the difference between "decision n calculation": If a girl decides to marry a boy who is tall, fair, handsome, n sole to hire his "father's fortune" then she is making calculation keeping her needs in mind.. it would be a decision if she decides to marry a boy she feels for.. but in this materialistic era still; computers can't make decisions.. they can do but they can't tell you which employee to hire or to fire.. ain't it??

But in my case "I can't make decisions tossing a coin" I have made a decision n I know I won't regret it.. I don't suffer from "who will take care of me syndrome??" like others do, I can do it on my own.. no matter if its a matter of career, life or even "eve-teasers" yea.. I have answers to all questions, but I donno how much correct I am..?? But I am happy that I am blessed with "self-help" so I need not to beg others to lend me their shoulder to cry on.. or someone to pass on the tissue papers to wipe out my tears!! n I owe Lord everything I have.. :)

I do believe.. these "rainy days" will be over soon n I will be the one I wanna be.. so great it feels to imagine what you wanna be.. ;) Do I sound stupid?? yea may be.. sometimes I do.. lol :P Hoping.. everything gets back to normal.. winding my prose.. may God bless y'all.. :)

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