“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Echoes Of Silence & Me

Hey.. Peeps.. :) How is life going?? Hi to all my readers :) Its great to know that peoples are reading my blog, commenting on my posts n following this blog :) Whenever I see a new comment I go like yay.. :) I got a comment.. its great to get appreciated for the work you have done.. ain't it?? I love it :) Everybody loves it, c'mon..!!

Well, yesterday while strolling on my roof around 11:45 p.m. I saw a "shooting star" it was green in colour.. I was like: "Oh shooting star"!! I was listening songs on my i-pod.. I paused my song, took out the leads from my ear n joined my hands (as a symbol to make a wish) n closed my eyes.. I made a wish n felt great.. :) Then I resumed my song n put the leads back to my ears n began shaking my head along with the rhythm of music closing my eyes.. n got collided with the flower pot.. I got my foot hurt.. I screamed Aww.. Damn.. Who kept that pot here..?? Without telling: that I kept my eyes closed.. lol.. I am stupid, with no chances of improvement.. lol!!

Um.. No, no, no.. am not gonna tell here what I wished for.. but yea I will surely post here once I'll get it fulfilled.. I promise.. :) I don't know if a "shooting star" really fulfills our wish or not?? I just make a wish whenever I see it n I love it every time.. :) I would love to capture a "shooting star" video in my new-new phone.. but "shooting stars" are uncertain.. they don't come scheduled like "sun n moon".. So I leave it. But I'll try someday n upload the video right here.. :)

One common thing between "shooting star" n me is: It also gets break n I also do.. yeah.. apart from that fun-loving, jolly, bubbly side of me; I do have a "soft corner" where I am real me.. n very less people know about this side of me.. I must say 90% of my friends think am that yo, fun-loving, with no signs of sorrow.. its because I don't flaunt what am going through.. "I don't wear my heart on my sleeves". Yeah.. All of my those friends who will read this post will think: Oh.. is this the same Shreya??

I love late night reading, blogging, strolling n what not.. I love it when its dark n all I can hear is "echoes of silence" n am alone to turn out the pages, its the time when I am most of myself without any fake smile n I don't need to be any fake. I don't need to worry about "what they will think of me" types of questions.. n its always nice to be myself.

I do feel bouts of loneliness.. n this proves that I still have a heart that's not that broken 'cuz its working the way it worked before.. Whenever it hurts I write poems, blogs, diary.. An author qouted: "Compare your grieves with other men n they will always seem less".. n its true.. try it!! I always compare n it seems less.. really!! :)

I don't know how my tomorrow will be like.. I donno what am gonna be in this life but I am sure I'll be someone: Optimistic, Philanthropist n Spiritual.. I don't consider myself as alone.. as following an author's quote: "Those are never alone who are accompanied with noble thoughts".. n I thank Lord for giving me loads of "noble thoughts" I owe "Him" everything I have.. :) 

Um.. Am happy.. what if sometimes I feel helpless.. its always welcomed.. 'cuz I believe if Lord has given me so much then it would be a fair deal if "He" takes something back.. yea!! I'll still praise "Him".. with my full belief in "Him" n "He" will always be the one who helps me with whatever I did n do. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Will Power

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Um.. what do y'all think a "will power" is?? I feel.. its the only ingredient we need to fulfil whatever we want.. Yeah!! You know we are alive 'cuz we possess "will power" otherwise we are just dead.. yeah.. a dead doesn't mean to be physical death its mental n psychological as well.. if we lose our will power to live then we are just "walking deads" (not to be confused with vampires.. lol)

The Will Power Symbol
I can explain you with a "real" example: A man was traveling in a train.. he had no ticket, when TT (ticket teller) was approaching towards him to check his ticket; he went down his seat (trying to hide himself) n he saw a piece of paper lying down on the floor.. that piece of paper was blank.. he whispered: Oh God.. I wish this paper would be a ticket.. he was damn optimistic n full of an extra "will power" n he made no expressions of worry or fear.. when the TT came to check his ticket; he showed that "blank piece of paper" (confidence was flowing in his voice) but TT saw it as a ticket.. TT said: you have ticket Sir, why are you lying down? The man replied: Um.. am comfortable here. So this was the game of "will power".

Genius people say: "Will Power" can bring you anything you want.. it can do anything for you. More the will power, more will be its magic. I think "will power" is enough to "elbow out" the odds of your life. n I bet you must have heard about this quote: "Where there is the will; there is the way"

You know, I always wanted to have a great speed in typing the fonts.. I was too slow in typing, but see.. today I have an awesome speed.. n I want a bit more.. all because of blogging I guess.. yea 'cuz I use to write such long posts.. I love writing n blogging as well. :) n today I got a new "samsung galaxy" phone.. its really awesome.. my dad gifted me as a surprise.. n lemme tell you; past few months back this was my long kept will (to own galaxy n today I have it in my pocket).

An author quoted: "its easy to get things you want, all you need to do is to decide: what you want?" yea.. I mean if we don't have a will then what's left there in life to live about.. I bet.. we all don't live to eat n sleep only.. if we do live to eat n sleep only; then where is the difference between us n trees n animals?? I remember a quote by Swami Vivekanand: "Get up! n set your shoulder to the wheel. How long is the life for you? As you have come into this world leave some mark behind otherwise where is the difference between you n the trees n stone? They too come into existence, decay n die."

I wish everybody to be happy, may this Earth prosper.. n sorrows be a miles away.. I wish all my dreams come true.. n I never have to hurt anybody. I believe in: "live n let live". I say enjoy.. do all the things you want to, do all that makes you happy (without hurting anybody) n never regret for what makes you happy. Live life, make mistakes ('cuz we don't have a beginner's guide to use life). 

Love life n it will offer you all the things you wished for.. we get wishes to own them not to make a list of them to stick it on our tables or to save it in our phone's draft or in "to-do-list". Dream it.. make it.. live it.. love it.. share it.. n heaven will be under your feet. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome Risks

Hey.. peeps.. :) Life's all about taking risks.. what y'all say?? We live 'cuz we take risks.. whatever we are today is because of our own risks.. ain't it?? I read it somewhere: "The biggest risk one can take is to not take one." Am I clear to you?? 

When we risk something then it proves our passion towards that thing.. n this "passion" is all what we need to make a living.. yea I spell: P-A-S-S-I-O-N!! In everyday life I meet few examples of risks, we all do.. some learn from it n some snarl over it rejecting to learn what life tries to teach us. 

I saw a line of ants was moving on the wall. There on their way was sitting an ant-eater insect.. those ants were still moving.. some became the dinner of that insect n some reached their destination.. I was wondering why they did not changed their way?? Then after few minutes I saw the group of ants were on the body of that insect. The situation became just opposite. But finally ants conquered insect's body.

Today on a TV show a man was on hot seat n playing for winnng money.. he had to answer the questions to win an awesome amount of money.. he won Rs12 lakhs n after that he was going to win Rs25 lakhs if he answers next question correctly.. if he answers it wrong then he will only win Rs1 lakh.. or he can quit to win Rs12 lakhs.. the host asked him what will he do?? He replied: I won't leave this soon.. I will take risk to answer the question whose answer I do not know. He made a guess work taking "risk", the guess proved right.. the host offered him a cheque of Rs25 lakhs.. he grinned n thanked God!! :)

I feel risk is just a stage before success.. yeah.. it takes risk, courage, passion, to be successful n risk ie equally important!! Earl Nightingale quoted: "You can measure opportunity with the same yardstick that measures the risk involved. They go together." n I love this quote.. :)

I am learning everyday.. I feel: "Its great to keep learning rather than becoming a master".. Ain't it?? Hellen Keller quoted: "Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." 

Risks may not always be on your side.. but even it lets you down then it will give you a "satisfaction" which will help you answer yourself when your soul will ask: any why?? then you can reply I tried.. :)Then you need not to suffer any "if(s), but(s), I wish I did".. yeah!!

Risk separates you from the crowd, makes you feel great after you cross it.. it provides either "best or worst" but it won't leave you in the middle.. if it yields you best: enjoy n tell stories of your success n if it yields you worst: learn from it n start afresh!! Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Choose Positive

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Life teaches everything.. n when it gifts us the wounds then it starts wrapping some antiseptics also (to heal those wounds).. but we keep on complaining for the wounds.. instead for searching out some positivity in it. Everything has two aspects: 1. Positive 2. Negative. n I prefer to choose positive. 

I am optimistic, n being optimistic helps.. yea it doesn't guarantee success but improves its chances.. really. I advise: try it!! An author quoted: "A pessimist is a person who complaints even when opportunity knocks".. n destiny laughs on such jerks!! 

As I said everything has two aspects, n I advised to choose "positive" so here are few positive attitudes to carry:
1. When you fail in exam: Take a deep breath, say to yourself; I got second chance to improve n increase my score. Those who have cleared the exam are bloody losers, they can't increase anymore.
2. When someone says go to hell: Reply them.. oh thanks!! Hell would be a heaven without a jerk like you. Could you please buy me a visa??
3. When someone dumps you: Tell him/her; you don't deserve me, am happy you are out of my life; now I can take-in a much better person.
4. When you get rejected from a job: Thanks Mr.Boss; I can't work with a boss whose "dopamine" never works, who has an "ole brain", whose choice is so low. ('cuz you are rejecting me)
5. When you propose someone n they answer "no": Its ok, I have no issues.. loss is yours, you ain't gonna get a lover like me.
6. When you are cheated: Thanks for proving me right n clearing all my doubts. I am  proud of my brain who always works correctly for me.
7. When you lose something: Now 'am gonna get the new one, that was too out-dated.
8. When you feel rough inside: Oh Lord what you gonna send me now?? I am going through bad phase, the best is about to come. 

Shakespeare quoted: "Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so".. I agree!! We all have positive options around us.. all we need is to see them, n opt them. I feel worst phase teaches us the value of best ones.. n that's why both have same values.. Ain't it??

There are many examples to prove positivity is the best option rather than blaming n regretting.. Even an useless guitar can be used as a book shelf.. You don't believe?? here is the pic.. :) I don't say change opinion, just add positive vision.

I always remember a line: "both shall pass" n it gives me strength every time I remember this line, n that's why I wrote this line on my table; its always in front of my eyes.. :) I remember 5 things n I won't forget 'em:

1. Its only in the destiny of the dark (night) to hold stars.
2. It doesn't matter what name u own, what matters is what you do.
3. Miserable hath no other medicine but; hope.
4. There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.
5. A miser person can never fall in love.

So stay positive n experience the miracles happen. I always say:  "Life is what we take it as" so better take it as "positive"!! Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weird Phobias

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Do you suffer from any phobia?? I know you are listening yourself saying "yes". We all have some kind of phobias.. n when we share them with peoples then they laugh it off.. but I know it happens with every individual.. yeah.. 'cuz we all feel the same for same experiences, 'cuz we all are humans.. we belong to same genus!!

We all have our own feelings, emotions, fantasies, phobias, pleasures, hobbies, interests, dreams, passions, n other such things.. let us take an example: the feeling of fear is same for everybody.. though the reasons of fear may vary.. we all feel "butterflies in stomach" during some result announcements, love proposals, n other such experiences.. ain't it?? 

Some of our phobias are limited to our minds only.. they really don't exist, but still we use to worry about it; thinking: what if it happens?? A human psychology varies from individual to individual.. you must have seen some people pull the lock (many times) to check whether it is locked properly or not (though they locked it with their own hands) so what will you call this?? A psychological disorder?? I guess not!!

We all have "cold feet" on stage.. its natural!! We all have some superstitions.. yea; I do.. 'cuz we all fear failures n troubles.. ain't it?? Now ain't this weird?? Let it be.. An author quoted: "superstition is the religion of feeble minds"..  is it?? May be.. but not till it starts to be a barrier in our success!! I feel: "fear is not bad to have, just don't make it to the extent where it decides to rule you".. Right??

For a girl; hairfall is like a nightmare come true.. some fear tanning.. not only girls boys as well.. we change our lifestyle just to get rid of something we don't want, or we don't like.. some prefer plastic beauty.. Angelina Jolie's usage of "botox" is just a great example.. We forget: "the most beautiful things in this world are the most useless; peacocks n lilies for example".

Some of phobias are: claustrophobia, triskaidekaphobia, acrophobia, tachophobia, hemophobia, phonophobia, xenophobia, pyrophobia, necrophobia, catoptrophobia.. and the phobia list goes from A to Z.

The only remedy to any kinda phobia is to understand that phobia, to understand what is beyond that phobia.. n then finally to overcome the phobia.. I say, have some phobias.. but don't make them to rule you.. 'cuz then they will make your life slavery.. n slavery can be the worst phobia.. Ain't it?? Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Grand Ennui

Hey.. Peeps.. :) How is life going?? I am asking as if am gonna get comments to this post.. lol!! Well "Happy Independence Day" to all my "Indian" readers.. Proud to be an "Indian".. Well I love to be a "cosmopolitan- citizen of the world".. :)

Here am spending my days hoping for job.. my whole day goes in searching jobs on internet..!! But no option is working.. :( I get up around 9 a.m. n before that alarm snoozes so many times.. finally when my mom starts screaming on me; then I get up in one take.. just like sleeping dogs get up when you make a "hush" at them.

Then I grumble on this life for being this way (stretching my arms up n back as a symbol of breaking my sleep) n I whisper a little prayer to Lord for bringing a new day to my life.. n then I pick up my phone to check for new texts.. gazing outside the window/balcony, watching kids going school.. uncles n aunties running to catch their auto-rickshaws to reach office.. Old uncles reading newspapers, some watering the plants, some washing their vehicles.. mornings are always beautiful n I spend them in sleeping (curl like a kitten).. yeah!!

Then I take a shower.. Pray to Lord to make my day.. n take breakfast; actually "brunch" lol.. after that I check out my facebook account, gmail account , n this blogger account.. receiving a number of notifications makes me feel good.. :) Then mostly I watch television for an hour or two.. then back to apply for jobs on internet.. reading biographies, blogs, articles n what not.. :)

I take lunch around 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. n go for a nap!! so whole day goes like this.. reading.. writing.. music.. movie.. n whatever I like to do.. I hope to get job soon.. its really boring to spend whole day at home.. :/ then in evening.. I go for a walk.. or water my plants.. I have a little roof garden; here are some pics of my plants:
I post texts..or something that connects me with my friends.. I donno what my other friends are doing, as after college they hardly reply.. mean world n cut throat competition can be two main reasons for this change.. :/

I love blogging.. really this place is much better rather than hoping n waiting for replies from my ex-pals.. yea I must use this word "ex".. 'cuz it seems to be.. :/ This is the place from where I always receive peace n something I fish for.. yea!! 

My I-Pod
So by 9:30 p.m. I get back to my internet n search for my interests.. yea I got my thumb hennaed: "CARTÉ BLANCHE".. :) n at 10 p.m I leave for dinner.. n then I stroll on my roof.. n this is the best time when I stroll under dark sky with my ipod leads at my ears n listening my favourite songs imagining a guitar in my hand n sing the way I love to.. then I chat or write or read something.. then around 12 a.m. I turn off my computer.. n read few pages of some novel.. these days my current read is: "Chasing Harry Winston" by "Lauren Weisberger" n I turn off the lights n make a prayer to Lord n sleep around 2 a.m. or 3 a.m.!!

So this is how I am living these days.. its really boring.. yea.. :/ I am planning something.. will post here soon as I make it.. Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Great Divide

Hey.. Peeps.. :) We all fear "Death-The Great Divide" philosopher "Jiddu Krishnamurti" Has written in his book- "On Living And Dying": Death is around us, its something so sure.. n we keep on avoiding it taking medicines, routine check-ups, following fitness regimes, praying, n what not..!! J. Krishnamurti Said: we don't fear death, its the fear of the things we are attached to.. Is it??

We live the way we want, n we are comfortable in our own skins.. no matter if other peoples accept it or not.. We all have dreams n wishes to come true before we die.. I too have, I have a list of wishes n dreams.. yea!! It really doesn't matter whatever language we speak, whatever country we live in, or whatever lifestyle we follow.. we all feel the same for same kind of experiences.. "We are common in souls" n this matters alot!!

Dr. Raymond Moody; a psychologist, medical doctor n author of "Life After Life" says: there is life after death, n it is a topic of debate among such great doctors. He coined the term "Near-Death Experiences" (NDE) n took the experiences of near to death peoples of all age groups.. He concluded 9 experiences: 

1.Hearing sounds such as buzzing  
2.A feeling of peace and painlessness  
3.Having an out-of-body experience  
4.A feeling of rising into the heavens  
5.A feeling of traveling through a tunnel  
6.Seeing people, often dead relatives  
7.Meeting a spiritual being such as God  
8.Seeing a review of one's life  
9.Feeling a reluctance to return to life

    I guess there is a life after it.. But we have no proofs.. We don't have proof of God as well but we do believe!! People generally consider "13" as unlucky number.. some people concern it as the "death code".. n in some hospitals room number 13 is made as "morgue".. Some people badly suffer from "Triskaidekaphobia" (i.e.an abnormal fear of number 13). Well in "The Last Supper" there were 13 peoples: 1 Lord Jesus n 12 Apostles!!

    So this is how the mystery of death continues.. I remember few lines written by "Omar Khayyam" (a Persian mathematician, astronomer, philosopher n poet):
    "Strange- is it not?- that of the myriads who;
    Before us passed the door of darkness through,
    No one returns to tell us of the road;
    which to discover we must travel too."

    I think every stage of life has its own value, n we must welcome all stages whole-heartedly.. Remember "7 Ages Of Man" by Shakespeare ?? Shakespeare was "gnomic".. I wonder what a man he was, super intelligent!! Some peoples are always alive in our souls even after their death.. some become "Delebs" like Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley!! 

    Life brings all kind of surprises.. just remember "Both Shall Pass" (either sorrow or happiness). Signing out.. may God bless y'all.. :)

    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    Strangers' Creed

    Hey.. Peeps.. :) World is a mysterious place.. n it is surrounded with mysteries.. We keep on unfolding them.. n this is how we live!! More of it is surrounded with strangers.. yea all around!! Wherever we go; we meet strangers n we try to ignore them giving a "complete blank expression".. some of them are funny, crazy, hard to tolerate.. n the list will go on.. 

    But you ever thought about this kinda relation?? I mean two strangers?? Actually there is a relationship i.e. un-named.. We go to shop, purchase things we need, pay for it n come back.. we never say hello to shopkeeper the way we do it with known(s).. Why?? Any answers?? 'Cuz its none of our business.. I mean.. still world is so mysterious to me!!

    Today I went for a friend's birthday treat.. We went to "Pizza hut".. A guy opened the door.. saying "welcome ma'am" wearing a fake smile.. he pulled out chairs for us.. gave us the "menu cards", received orders n left saying enjoy.. He was a stranger for me.. but I was accepting everything he did, right from opening the doors to pulling out chairs.. Why?? 'cuz I am there for a purpose; purpose to get my treat.. he was doing all that; 'cuz he is paid for all this!! I had not accepted if all this was done by a street passerby!!

    One day I had no change, I was asking all the taxi drivers for change holding a Rs100/- note in my hand.. A guy came from the other side, crossing the road, handed me change n went back.. I thanked him.. He replied: its okay.. What should I call all this?? Ofcourse he was a stranger.. but "sometimes humanity breaks all boundaries".. Ain't it??

    Some of the followers of this blog are strangers.. they use to read, comment.. n I used to "like" every comment they post.. n I have no answers.. Why?? May be I like to come to know that this blog is visited by someone.. I donno!! Sometimes its "better to have a question rather than searching for answers".. Yeah!!

    Whenever someone unknown gives me friend request on "facebook" I just delete it, 'cuz I donno who are they, I never add strangers.. But yea if I like someone's profile via a group, or page then I do leave a text saying "nice profile".. Yea I do.. no matter if they reply back or not.. I praise all the good things.. no matter if done by an enemy.. Luckily I don't have enemies!!

    Another episode involved with a stranger: I was in an auto-rickshaw, the driver adjusted the mirror to position it to my face (it mostly happens, n I hate it every time.. I just try to avoid this shit gazing outside) n I was feeling like.. breaking all his teeth that he was showing while "grinning". A guy sitting next to me was smoking.. I went off the auto-rickshaw.. then he threw the cigarette, n I went in.. he was so irritating, he was asking time (pointing out my watch) every 10 minutes.. n I wish I'd pushed him out of the auto-rickshaw.. :/ 

    So this is how strangers come.. but we can't "label" strangers as good/ bad just meeting few.. or on the basis of previous episodes.. But what about those peoples who act like strangers even being in same "grade" past few years ago?? That's the worst category of strangers!!.. 

    I wish I meet good ones.. though its not possible always.. but what's wrong in wishing?? Yea.. ;) Winding my prose.. may God bless y'all.. :)

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    Perfection Is Boring

    Hey.. Peeps.. :) What y’all think about “perfection”?? Is perfection all about doing same thing perfectly or doing something new innovatively?? But mind innovation is need not to be followed by perfection.. but I bet its better to be innovative rather being perfect.. aint it??

    I had read it somewhere that: “Perfection is boring.. once you reach there; there is no journey ahead.. n you can stand in a museum as a stool sample.” I agree.. :) Yea; I mean how perfection can be so great that people die to reach there?? Sounds crazy?? May be.. no wonders.. I make my readers raise their brows in wonder n shrug off their shoulders, pouting out their lips.. ;)

    For me perfection is a phase where you start limiting yourself.. ain’t it?? Perfection may seem good.. may be you are admired for it.. but it is the starting of the boundary that you start to draw around you; unknowingly .. It is the final beginning of never-ending “pause”.. I spell, P-A-U-S-E!! Yea ‘cuz this is the pause of extending your abilities.. Confused??

    Lemme explain you with an example: “There was a boy, he was fond of paintings.. n his paintings were just marvelous.. but his dad never praised him for his paintings.. He always asked for more improvement.. n the boy always made extra effort to improve.. n he was improving.. One day his uncle came n he wondered watching his paintings.. n said you are “perfect” painter my son.. after listening this, son jumped in happiness.. he thanked for admiring him.. but after all this he never drew a painting better than the last one”.. I guess now I am clear?? :O

    “I’d love to commit mistakes.. but absolutely not the same one”.. I feel mistakes makes you understand the other options; that we would not be able to see if we never committed mistake. Lemme explain: If we use to reach school through the same road then we can be perfect in walking that way ‘cuz we are familiar to that way.. but it will bring monotony after few weeks.. n by mistake if you turned to the way you never been through, then it may seem long n difficult.. but it yields adventure.. for sure!! Ain’t it??

    So mistakes ain’t that bad.. I prefer; do it  but don’t forget to learn from it.. ‘cuz if you never learned from your mistakes then there is no sense in making them!! This post may prove me complete nuts..  some may never click to this blog.. seems like “I am digging my own grave” aint it?? 

    Think twice.. I mean.. search for the reason whatever you do.. :) Options are always there.. but we never search for it.. n nobody can help it, if we don't see it!! Winding my prose.. may God bless y'all.. :)

    Sunday, August 7, 2011


    Hey.. Peeps.. :) Happy Friendship Day to all my never seen, never known readers, n to all those who are known as well.. but is it really a "happy" friendship day?? "People change so fast here.. n act as if nothing happened.. how do they learn to pretend this well??" Those who never even reply to my texts are wishing me "happy friendship day".. I mean how come they are wishing me?? Is there any friendship left?? I guess friendship day lasts for one day only for those peoples.. n that's so outré.. Buzz off!!

    Heart is not like a paying guest room so that you stay n pay for it n leave whenever you wanna go.. but some people don't understand this on how long you try to explain.. n it hurts; no end.. leaving "vacuum" all around..  n this void has no chance to get ever occupied.. So by now I am not gonna make any "decision on if".. why should I??

    Yesterday I went to Isabella Thoburn College to get my "unique ID card".. its good to see new peoples, new routes.. it brings a positivity in you n lands you in the world of comfort n makes you believe that there is still something good left in life to explore.. :)

    I took an auto rickshaw; as I went in, the driver adjusted the mirror.. n positioned it to my face.. n I hate when people "stare me so lasciviously" :/ Well its all a habit now.. n I know how to deal such bastards.. :/ On my whole way; only "one thing conquered my mind".. n I heard myself saying: oh no; how badly it hurts.. :/ Sometimes I sound too stupid.. n it feels like nothing can heal.. :/

    Now it feels like.. "life is at its worst".. yea.. I have heard that "sorry season" is always "ON" but its not necessary that it will always work.. :/ Anyways.. am not always meant to worry.. i would love to sue them either.. :/ So here I come life.. with a "bang"..!!

    So lets talk the happy episodes.. :) Yea while watching one of the contestant on a dance reality show.. I was like "bawl" :O !!  My goodness.. some people shake it so well.. n moon-walk is just "awesome" \m/ "MJ- The King Of Pop" will always be thanked and remembered for this form of dancing.. So here 'am gonna dance now.. c'mon Ke$ha.. Lets play my music.. n forget all odds.. :)

    Life's like this.. a little bored, n little mysterious.. with lots of ups n downs.. n sudden failures.. but it is not that bad.. n it is overcoming out of it as well.. :) Winding my prose.. may God bless y'all.. :)

    Saturday, August 6, 2011

    Miracles Don't Happen Here

    Oh Lord!! Hope everything's fine with this world.. I should drop the idea that "miracles happen here" it never happened!! After many days I wrote in my diary.. right after creating this blog, I took out my diary today.. today when I feel too rough inside; no song, no novel, no friend can heal all this I am going through!!

    Sometimes I hate myself for being so stupid.. I can't believe how can't I act like "emotional fools".. Everything has changed Lord, right from people to my life to even my hand-writing.. it has become more dirty!! only thing that stays the same is "you" Lord!! n this world has become "so foreign to me" I can never understand peoples.. never; as I said it in my previous posts!!

    Just because I am nice to others doesn't mean they will also act the same.. how can I forget people are not the way you are or the way you want them to be?? But it is said in "The Bible"; "As thou sow so shall thou reap".. sometimes I can't understand Bible even!! I donno why all this happens..??

    But I had promised myself that I'll never regret this life.. I accept everything with the same frequency.. so why not sorrows or worries?? I know; to survive in this wicked world "i must slay 3 demons: fear, worries n pain!!"

    "Ela Wheeler Wilson" was right saying: "Laugh n the world laughs with you; cry n you cry alone". Life teaches many things.. so all this is just a lesson..but mistakes are not that bad, it proves that we still fall in the category of "Homo Sapiens" i.e. humans, only humans can make mistakes n learn from them.. others those who say they haven't committed mistake; either they are lying or they are no more humans.. I must say.. So drop your idea dear Shreya of trusting everyone.. :/

    Why do I am still expecting some miracle to happen?? It will never happen, some things once happened can never change.. it is just like once you scored "second position" in your graduation then after calculating your score hundred of times on your calculator won't bring you to "position  one" Your calculator ain't gonna change your score.. So instead of calculating your scores n wasting your time in regreting n blaming the circumstances, plan what to do next n move on.. n so will I do.. Help me Lord!! May Lord bless y'all.. :)

    Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    Decision Making In Salad Days

    Hey.. Peeps.. :) Decision-making time is really tough, specially for a "naïve" like me.. yeah!! My "salad days" are ON n I have to go through the agony n ecstasy of decision-making.. Decisions are the parts of life which comes totally unannounced.. that's the worst part of decisions.. n we are always so desperate to grab the life; no matter what.. ain't it??

    B.Tech is over.. so I have to make a decision about what to do next?? As my parents, friends n now teachers are "sort" of forcing me to go for M.Tech.. C'mon what's there in M.Tech if I am not willing to do it.. but who cares.. Life's like this: unexpected, entangled, n God knows what not!!

    So this Mr. Fate (my destiny) is not helping me to guide how to go for my career.. Life's fleeting so fast, with no signs of improvement.. but I know its just a phase, n it will pass on.. so putting my fingers crossed, murmuring prayers for getting everything back to normal n taking "baby steps" to begin my new journey (believing my Lord will catch me whenever I'll fall) I have always dreamed of.. though it seems to be a "pipe-dream" but I don't give-up!!

    I had read somewhere that decision making is something uncertain n spontaneous not planned calculation. Let me explain the difference between "decision n calculation": If a girl decides to marry a boy who is tall, fair, handsome, n sole to hire his "father's fortune" then she is making calculation keeping her needs in mind.. it would be a decision if she decides to marry a boy she feels for.. but in this materialistic era still; computers can't make decisions.. they can do but they can't tell you which employee to hire or to fire.. ain't it??

    But in my case "I can't make decisions tossing a coin" I have made a decision n I know I won't regret it.. I don't suffer from "who will take care of me syndrome??" like others do, I can do it on my own.. no matter if its a matter of career, life or even "eve-teasers" yea.. I have answers to all questions, but I donno how much correct I am..?? But I am happy that I am blessed with "self-help" so I need not to beg others to lend me their shoulder to cry on.. or someone to pass on the tissue papers to wipe out my tears!! n I owe Lord everything I have.. :)

    I do believe.. these "rainy days" will be over soon n I will be the one I wanna be.. so great it feels to imagine what you wanna be.. ;) Do I sound stupid?? yea may be.. sometimes I do.. lol :P Hoping.. everything gets back to normal.. winding my prose.. may God bless y'all.. :)