“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ennui Accompanied With Enigmatic Smile

Hello.. reader.. :) Life continues to be mysterious.. with no signs of improvement.. I must say after long days of my ennui I felt signs of change in my mood.. n this change feels pretty awesome.. :)

Sessional exams are going on.. n I must say I don’t like sitting for 3 hours n write those non-sense 40 pages in exams.. anyways: I was mugging up few topics in taxi in morning today n I saw a cute baby sitting next to me.. holding my fingers.. n I must say that was an awesome n a pleasant beginning of the day.. :) Although my today’s exam went worst, pathetic.. n add some more synonyms like this.. :/

While I was returning home in a taxi.. a crazy funny episode crept into my mind.. n I began to smile (enigmatically).. but before people sitting around me start thinking me a fool; I just took out my cell-phone n opened my inbox just to pretend that I am smiling reading some funny texts.. n I must say I am too bad at acting. ;) LOL !! :D

But here I can tell what I was smiling at?? Well going into flashback 2 months ago.. it was the first week of march 2011.. when I bunked one of my sessional exam n sneaked out with my friends on a huge treat.. I really enjoyed that day.. :)

But 2-3 days before that treat I was quite upset n I desperately needed something to make up my mood.. but that day I was really happy.. I just got no idea to express my happiness.. As usual all my other friends were busy with their own lives.. n I bet you people can’t imagine what I did to express my happiness.. :O

So I just went to my room.. locked it from inside, got myself on my bed n jumped many times on my bed.. just like monkeys.. LOL :D sounds crazy?? N today all this came to my mind.. n I still feel life is not that bad.. :)

Ah!! Another sessional tomorrow.. n I have to study; though I know I won’t.. :P Winding up my prose.. may God bless ya all..:)

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