“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dimensions Of Life

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Life is on new track.. yeah!! These days too many things are mixing up.. Sometimes I hate everybody around me for putting me into all this.. n sometimes I thank them for being with me with whatever I am.. I believe, stay the way you are rather than wearing the mask of what you are not.. 'cuz pretending is not always easy.. ain't it?? Be pure, whoever you are!!

I may sound sometime like an "odd duck" but I assure whatever I do, n whatever I am is the real part of me.. I don't pretend, I must say 'am very poor at acting.. yeah!! ;)

Belief is something that does not actually exist, but it has power to turn impossible to possible.. eg: God is like a belief, we have never seen but we do believe that "He" is omnipresent n we always remember 'Him" at tough times..

My Codes
Life has many dimensions which we are not able to figure out, but we can try atleast.. yea!! According to hindu mythology: "Human birth comes after 84 lakh births" it means, we take birth as plants, animals, etc.. for 84 lakh times to get a human birth.. So precious is human life.. n I promise to myself I'll never waste it doing something unwelcomed.

Love-hate, friend-foe, success-failure are also dimensions of life.. Well, I define love as: "a critical disease in which a person bears maximum loss, still incurable"!! For me dream is the best dimension of life, I strongly believe in dreams.. Some call me stupid for this but I won't change my belief even if the world goes into two!!

Now I can figure out what 'am gonna do with rest of my life.. Now I don't waste time regretting n blaming destiny n circumstances.. I prefer to redeem either.. n its the best option I can opt for!! I am on my way to explore life, n its new dimensions.. I love exploring.. 'cuz it maintains the charm of life.. that's why I made my own codes of alphabets to write what I don't want others to read or understand.. n my journey is "ON".. yeah!!

Lord has gifted me loads of optimism n that's why I don't lose hope this soon.. n all this makes me feel like 'am Lord's "favourite child" yeah..!! :) Lord has given me many things.. n if "He" takes something back then it will be a fair deal.. n I owe "Him" everything I have.. :) Winding my prose.. may God bless y'all.. :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Life Is Not Static

Hey.. Peeps.. :) Today my so long awaited result is out.. I mean updated.. yea.. its good :) so it summed up total 73.54% just 2% less to make it to 75% :( but its ok.. :) yay :D \m/ ♪ ♫

Well, life has so much changed in these two months (after final sem).. No more early morning college going, no more bunk plans, no more finger-breaking lengthy-boring assignments, no more lectures to tolerate, n no more fun.. yea.. I miss all these things.. n sitting at home waiting for job is like as stupid as it is to wait for pizza to come home without placing an order.. ain't it?? Need to leave this city as soon as I can; to hunt for job.. :O

Life's not like a book so that we can just turn it back to read out the pages we have missed or forgot.. life has no U-turn.. neither straight.. it has mysterious zig-zags which you can't figure out.. not even "GPS".. yeah!!

Sitting at home, n writing the blog, updating facebook, listening music are not the things I am meant to do.. I have many more things in the list to start.. but again I donno how?? :(

And these days these fuckin' "wisdom teeth" are aching so much.. damn!! :/ n yea, I just tried few steps of belly dance watching "Shakira's video Loca" few days ago.. which left me with so much belly pain.. :/ aww.. now it aches so hard.. :( Gonna be ok soon.. :O winding my prose, may God bless y'all.. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Crystals Of Sugar

Hello.. reader.. :) I usually use to say: "life is what you take it as" n I feel its true.. but still I donno how to take it to the way we want it to be?? 

I feel, life is like a "cup of coffee in which sugar crystals are settled down.. n these crystals are the only thing that adds flavour to it.. n we have to drink the whole coffee (in eagerness) to get that last sip with those sugar crystals".. yea.. that's how I can define life.. :O

Life becomes boring once we get out of something we were used to be.. but we forget to cherish the new things that are waiting with open arms to welcome us.. we get so long attached to the past episodes that we don't even wanna read the script of the new play/ drama God has chosen to direct.. no matter if this new drama is gonna be a smash-hit.. n then later on, we regret for missing the chance to be a part of it.. ain't it??

Well.. Last night I was feeling like so bored n I just took up my mobile n scrolled the phonebook to search a single name I can talk with.. to kill my monotony.. but I found no such contact.. I mean having numbers of contacts in the list.. the list wasn't enough.. :O

I kept on checking my mobile if I've received any new text.. but see how life changes, how people changes.. it was the same number I used to receive number of texts n now I just have single digit text whole day.. n I bet if I turned out to be someone great.. my inbox will always demand to remove old texts to get new ones.. that's how here life goes to be.. yeah!!

I wish to get the right path I wanna walk on.. n I am ready to travel miles.. I just want the road I wanna travel.. n I bet Lord will guide me.. as "He" always did.. n I thank Lord for always being there: to catch me whenever I fell, to mend my heart whenever it got broken, to find my lost hope.. n I owe "Him" everything I have.. :) Winding my prose.. may Lord bless y'all.. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Best Dream

Hello.. Reader.. :) Yesterday I saw a dream.. it was so strange n I never wanna forget this dream ever.. It was like a conversation.. between me n Lord.. here is the whole story:

(Dreaming: It was nearly 1:30 a.m ticking in my clock when I was reading a novel, n felt like somebody is there in the balcony)

Me: Yea, who is there?? (in a scary voice, gazing outside)

Unknown: Guess who??

Me: I donno, please go from here; whoever you are.

Unknown: I wanna talk to you.

Me: But I don't.. get the hell off here (closing my windows n switching ON the balcony lights)

Unknown: You believe in Jesus?? 

Me: None of your business!! 

Unknown: What if Jesus comes here to meet you??

Me: (After a pause) You just came to ask this?? You are sick!!

Unknown: Hello.. Can I come in?? 

Me: Ah!! C'mon, you can't, I have locked the door!! You sound nuts (in anger)

Unknown: Yea?? (n He comes in, I donno how)

Me: (Saw "Him".. surrounded with a bright white light all around)

Unknown: (Introduced himself as "Lord Jesus")

Me: (Breathing so hard)

Lord: (Made me calm)

Me: Its you.. Lord?? (I was speechless.. then after a pause) Um.. You look like "Chad Kroeger"; no no.. "Chad Kroeger" looks like you (I corrected)

Lord: Yea.. You can make a wish, n I promise to fulfill that.

Me: (Made a wish)

Lord: Okay.. (n Left)

Me: (After this I woke up wondering)

I donno what it was, but it was something very pleasant; I never wanna forget.. sort of filmy.. ain't it?? ;) You people must be thinking.. huh; what a story.. but that's how it was.. Yeah!! :O Winding my prose.. may God bless y'all.. :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The World I Don't Belong To

Hello.. reader.. :) We only know about the world we live in.. but what about the world we dream of?? I must say there is a world I don't belong to.. n that's the world I use to dream about everyday.. n I still donno whether it exits or not.. if not then will I ever make it right?? Sounds weird?? It may.. but that's how it is.. 

Um.. I feel like something is missing.. n tragedy is I can't name it.. I can't figure out what's it?? crazy?? Hmm.. lets name it as "unknown syndrome" in which person misses something he actually donno.. :P lolz.. a worst PJ.. laugh it off.. ;) but I guess it is with many of us.. some spill it out n some bury it in their hearts.. ain't it?? 

Sometimes I love doing monology.. yeah.. especially when I stroll at night after dinner.. n music accompanies me sometimes.. I guess, some people consider me completely dumb, stupid.. a nincompoop.. yeah!! But now I don't give a damn about what people think of me.. I let them bark on.. n welcome whole-heartedly such jerks.. :P

Well.. I think this world is meant for everybody.. everyone on this earth holds some purpose.. n all I need to figure out is what's my purpose.. sounds too philosophical?? a passé one.. hmm.. I want my dream world to exist.. n I donno how to make it?? 

Robert Harold Schuller says: every dream we see is a dream of God first; n then God selects us to give that dream.. n then helps us to fulfill that dream.. n I again wonder on this statement by Mr. Schuller.. :O he is always right.. n his every statement brings a positivity in me.. Thanks Mr. Schuller.. :)
Well.. 'am so much bored.. sitting at home like this.. ah.. Gawd.. help it out.. winding my prose.. may God bless y'all.. :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

7 Again

Hello.. reader.. :) These days its raining so much.. the whole day weather becomes rainy, cloudy n stormy.. just love rains n this weather.. yeah.. I love to be a kid again.. n doing all those things which makes me feel like 7 again.. yea.. it sounds weird.. but its real.. :P 

I love to turn a paper into a boat n leave it in rain water to float n watching it till it gets sink.. n then again I tear another paper n do the same.. I love to be 7 again.. those were the days.. when doing school homework was the only matter of tension.. :) n the whole day was a new episode to explore things like new games, new dolls n teddies, new dresses, lots of ice-creams n chocolates.. n a tear was the only weapon to make my parents give whatever I point my finger at.. the eagerness to watch the fairs on the shoulder of my dad was the matter of joy n satisfy my hunger for happiness.. watching cartoons, drawing roughly anything I want to n showing it to mom dad was another activity I have done at 7.. :O

I used to be too shy in childhood.. n I used to hide in curtains or at my mom's back when guests come n ask me to say hello.. yeah.. that was how I used to be at 7.. :P I loved to give excuses to miss the school.. but always failed 'cuz my mom always figures out when I am lying.. ;) yea.. she can even look at my face n figure out what I am up to.. n I wonder :O n the most stupid thing was when I used to hide my "report card" at my back n mom asks what's at your back n I used to reply: nothing.. but it was always a bad attempt to hide.. n the another stupid thing was, whenever I used to watch mom-dad's wedding album then I used to complain my mom why you had not taken me to your wedding?? Oh gawd.. how stupid I was.. :P actually innocent.. :O N yea another stupid thing I use to laugh at: whenever I gulped a seed then mom used to tease me saying it will sprout now.. LOL.. those were the days.. :D

Now those days are gone.. n I am 22.. a big girl.. n I wonder how I have grown this big.. n I am supposed to earn now.. but I must say.. my heaven was there in schools n colleges.. when I had nothing to worry about.. but now many problems are waiting for their solution.. n life seems to get entangled.. :/ but still I love to do all that sends me in a flashback to feel like am 7.. don't wonder if I say that I still sleep with my "teddy".. yeah i do.. n I love to be 7 :)

I know when you people will read this page then you'll pout your lips out n shrug your shoulder in wonder on my stupidity.. :P n this post has become ridiculously long.. yeah.. who has time to read my boring prose am not good at.. :( n you must have done another stuffs instead of reading these boring lines.. but I thank to all the readers who wasted their time to read this page.. :) I wish everybody to be happy always.. n may God bless y'all.. :)