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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Day When Er. Added Before My Name

Hello.. reader.. :) Today b.tech final result is out.. :O n guess what; its incomplete.. damn!! :/ Its common with my trade.. so no wonders.. :/ well I hope it will update in a week.. n I hope it to be good so that it can yield me an aggregate percentage 70+ so putting my fingers crossed.. Gawd!!

So b.tech over with this.. now no more heart-popping scores, no more abnormal pulse rates before the result.. gonna miss this as well.. :O yeah!! So this newly "student-turned" engineer is waiting desperately to grab a job.. so that I can officially add that "Er." before my name.. yeah.. after all it took 4 years of my life.. :O

Gawd knows, when that day will come when I'll enter my office with my own cabin (with glass walls), n plop myself on a leather chair.. n sit in front of a laptop, surrounded with number of phones, n bundle of files?? Seems to be a dream.. let see when it turns into a reality.. :O

I wish myself n all my friends all the best for their career.. :) I hope we all get job soon.. n lead a life of our dreams.. winding my prose.. may God bless ya all.. :)


  1. Wish u all the best for ur future...
    Be confident u'll get evrythng u desire...
    Praying that soon u enter ur office and step into ur cabin (with glass walls)...

  2. Thank u.. :) may u also get whatever u wish for.. Amen!! :)

  3. I am in second year of my b-tech...And I am so anxious about the 3rd semester result that is about to come. :D
    I know you would be missing your college days now...And now when I am commenting today, it also stands for congratulating you for the job you got. :)

  4. Yea, right. Thanks :) Good luck for your career. :) God bless :)


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